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UK Government Announces £1.57 Billion Rescue Package For The Arts  Jul 6 2020, 05:51:17 PM

A Director said: "qolbinau said:

Watching Hamilton I couldn’t help but reflect on these lyrics when comparing the USA right now to the UK.

“ You’re on your own
Awesome. Wow
Do you have a clue what happens now?

Oceans rise
Empires fall
It’s much harder when it’s all your call

All alone, across the sea
When your people say they hate you
Don’t come crawling back to me”

OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 6 2020, 05:43:47 PM

I'm glad Hamilton's been a success story for Disney Plus. I waited until Friday to download it because I was hoping there would be a big bump. Maybe Disney and other platforms will consider filming Broadway productions for streaming.

While watching the film, something else that struck me was how much the close-ups added to the character relationships. You could see the way the actors interacted with each other in detail, which added extra character notes in a show

The Book (or Lack there of) in a Sung Through Musical  Jul 6 2020, 02:49:25 PM

I sometimes wonder if the lack of appreciation for book writers keeps a lot of talented playwrights away from musicals. Why bother if your contribution can go completely unrecognised?

As others have said, the specific dialogue is only one part of a book (or indeed a play). Even beyond the storyline, it needs to propel the drama in every scene. Boublil and Schönberg are both credited as the book writers in all their musicals. Schönberg has said it means structuring t

OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 4 2020, 07:20:08 PM

It is glorious. I saw the London production, which was spectacular, but there's something so special about seeing the original cast. I'm so glad we all get to see it.

I cannot get over how overnight Hamilton's gone from being one of the most notoriously exclusive and expensive shows to being one of the most accessible. Surely soon it will be among the most widely seen filmed stage musicals, if it's not that already.

I couldn't help

Best Cast of a movie musical ever, what's your favorite?  Jul 2 2020, 06:45:38 PM

rattleNwoolypenguin said: "For as big of a cast Into the Woods is I was super impressed there were very few weak links. I would maybe say Anna Kendrick was the weakest but her "On the Steps of the Palace" was great"

I thought the casting was pretty spot-on too, apart from Johnny Depp who was awful. I wish they'd been in a movie that captured the spirit of the musical better.

Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 29 2020, 06:51:08 PM

Globefan said: "
The Wicked movie is not gonna be simply the stage production in a film version. They're reworking it."

I'll be nervous for as long as Winnie Holzman's the only credited screenwriter. I wouldn't normally say this, but I hope she's only there for legal reasons.

Old Vic production of LUNGS (on Zoom)  Jun 29 2020, 06:47:05 PM

I'm surprised we haven't seen more big experiments with the productions theatre people are putting out. I'd have thought it would be more adaptable than TV, where viewers tend to expect higher production values, but that's been producing new material. I guess the screen tech expertise is missing? And of course TV doesn't have to change its revenue model.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has already used the NT Live version of Fleabag to raise money for charity, and sh

Why Are Sondheim’s Books So Expensive?  Jun 29 2020, 06:13:50 PM

I want to know if this thread caused a run on the used copies with jacked-up prices.

Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 28 2020, 06:01:37 PM

AEA AGMA SM said: "BCfitasafiddle said: ""Jarethan said:

-- Merrily We Roll Along"

Merrily is happening!

Though you won’t see it for another 20 some years since it’s theoretically being shot in order AND in time

I'm officially super excited about it and I plan to remain excited for the next 20 years. I wonder if they got to film the first/last scene before everyt

Old Vic production of LUNGS (on Zoom)  Jun 28 2020, 07:56:07 AM

I saw this yesterday and it was compelling from start to finish. Even though the camera work was simple, with a camera on each actor in a split screen, it worked with the minimalist approach of everything else. All the play needed were the performances and the script. Theatre's always made limitations into strengths, so of course it can do so with social distancing.

I agree that this points the way forward for fundraisers at the moment. There must be so many plays that would w

THE GRINNING MAN UK musical free stream  Jun 27 2020, 06:00:09 PM

I saw this in London and it was a lot of fun and very unique. I'm looking forward to watching the recording. 

Anyone else rewatching Glee?  Jun 27 2020, 05:53:22 PM

I can't imagine ever rewatching it. I got up to about Season 4, though by then I found complaining about it with friends more enjoyable than actually watching the episodes. It was so wildly uneven, where one minute it would give characters serious problems and ask you to laugh at them, and in another it would suddenly try to be sincere and sentimental. It wanted to have it both ways and never really pulled it off after Season 1.

I always forget how enormous it was at firs

Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 19 2020, 06:59:44 PM

I've never seen the film of Sweet Charity, so maybe I'm doing Bob Fosse no justice here. But I'd be very interested to see one of today's directors take on the material. Now it would be a period piece, but the story could be looked at with a modern sensibility. Imagine it being made by someone like Olivia Wilde, who directed Booksmart.

And I wonder what happened to the screen version of Beautiful they announced ages ago. That could make a good movie.

Also: H

Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 16 2020, 07:26:21 PM

I'd love to see more eccentric directors adapt musicals and do something different. Stage musicals have moved on so much since the big old movie musicals, so I wish their adaptations would reflect that.

I think the book 'On the Line' could be adapted into a screen version of A Chorus Line. It's the story of the making of the musical told through interviews with the original company, going from the tape sessions through the auditions and workshops and productions. Very m

Opinion on cats  Jun 13 2020, 07:07:12 PM

My parents tried playing the cast recording when I was very young but I disliked it enough that they turned it off during the first song. Then when I was about 12, my friend made me watch the filmed version. Even though I love real cats and casually liked musicals at the time, I watched it begrudgingly and was unimpressed by the lightness of the plot.

Fast-forward to the recent touring production, when I finally saw it live. Maybe it was my low expectations, but I found

COMPANY opening number for NYT Offstage  Jun 13 2020, 07:19:36 AM

This is so good! It's the first lockdown performance where you'd believe they'd film it this way out of choice instead of necessity.

And yes, the style is true to the production, where the sets are inside neon-lined boxes that move around the stage. And sometimes Bobbie's in the box while the others are outside, and vice versa.

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 12 2020, 12:02:17 PM

Merrily We Roll Along is one of Sondheim's best shows.

Book writers deserve as much recognition as composers and lyricists. You only have to compare the number of great scores every year with the number of great books to see how hard it is.

I love the serious, dramatic musicals of the 90s and wish more people were trying to make shows like that now.

Booking fees should be replaced with a levy to fund new theatre writing (okay I only just came up with that so I co

Greatest Cast of Characters  Jun 12 2020, 11:12:41 AM

My first thought was Into the Woods too. But when I think of the journeys the characters go through and the brilliant moments the actors get, my pick would be A Little Night Music.

For plays, I have to agree about Angels in America. Though if we left aside depth and were talking about the sheer number of characters who are iconic and unique, A Midsummer Night's Dream would have to be up there.

Amelie - Original London Cast Recording  Jun 8 2020, 06:10:20 PM

I bet lots more people will be interested in putting the show on when they hear this version. That must have been at least one goal of the recording.

Owen22 said: "Amazon has the CD available."

Thanks, but I can only see the Broadway recording, not the London one. I'm hoping they're going to bring out the CD at a later date like they sometimes do.


Amelie - Original London Cast Recording  Jun 7 2020, 10:16:35 AM

The score and orchestrations were so beautiful in this production and I'm so glad they made a recording.

Has there been any word on whether there will be a CD?

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