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The Wild Party: Lippa vs. LaChiusa  Aug 6 2020, 11:11:45 AM
LaChiusa. if for only the quality of the lyrics vs Lippa's alone.

The Wild Party: Lippa vs. LaChiusa  Aug 6 2020, 11:11:41 AM
LaChiusa. if for only the quality of the lyrics vs Lippa's alone.

BERNADETTE WAS ROBBED  Aug 4 2020, 11:28:56 PM
The quality of the performances in that production, especially Bernadette, is quite remarkable when you take into account how badly directed this revival was. The Imelda Staunton revival was stunningly directed. And I think with a musical life Follies direction is key. Which is why I enjoying the London Revival so much more.

Plus the American revival was directed by someone who wasn't just a mediocre director, but a terrible, sexual harassing person as well.

The Secret Life of Bees to London  Aug 2 2020, 10:35:49 AM

I would actually guess more YOUNG Vic.  Maybe even the Almeida. Definitely not a commercial West End production.


Greatest Song of All Time From a Musical  Jul 30 2020, 07:29:59 PM
And They're Off from William Finn's A New Brain.

The driving melody, the funny yet devastating lyrics, and most importantly the vocal arrangement.

Passion  Jul 30 2020, 07:21:15 PM

I did not like Passion much when I saw its first preview. The audience absolutely hated it. That was when Donna had the huge mole and bravely played her almost completely unsympathetically. Loving You was not in the score yet. When she shows up on the hill when Giorgio is reading his letter from Clara you could hear the audience groan and then laugh, "Oh, no!" They laughed again when she passes out and applauded when he, at first, decides to walk away and leave her there. I saw it a

No Emmy For Patti  Jul 29 2020, 01:29:10 PM

Pamela Adlon and  Rhea Seehorn didn't get nominations.  Every other nomination is now suspect.

Irish Rep: The Weir  Jul 25 2020, 09:53:39 PM

I have not yet seen the steaming production but saw the original Irish Rep production this is based on and it was easily, on that tiny stage, the best Weir I have ever seen. 

However, Billy Carter (late of Sing Street) is not repeating his role as the bartender (the character name escapes me at the mo' and I loved him so much (he was the therapist in Irish Rep's Mathew Broderick revival of Shin

Questions about the 1999 revival  Jul 19 2020, 02:29:23 PM

Reba was amazingly authentic where Bernadette was...well, Bernadette.

Had lost of problems with the new, mostly unnecessary book I remember...

Applause Revival Due  Jul 19 2020, 02:25:19 PM

Charley Kringas Inc said: "With some hesitations, I do love this score, but the script is just awful and I can’t ever imagine “Something Greater” landing with a modern audience unless the production was conceptually reconfigured or something. I’m glad we have the film of it, at least!"

"Being to your man/what a woman should be."

Just no.

However, I think I fell in love with musical theatre (and definitely All About Eve)

What musical are you listening to/have listened to in quarantine?  Jul 17 2020, 10:02:29 PM
The original British cast recording of Amelie.

Eddie Perfect’s score to Beetlejuice issues  Jul 16 2020, 02:15:35 PM

rattleNwoolypenguin said: "Seriously though why is this Eddie Perfect suddenly the person who's writing these huge shows??"

I was ready to hate his score after hearing and seeing King Kong. But I actually ended up really liking it.


Chad Kimball  Jul 14 2020, 01:52:59 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Uh, now DEFINITELY, Sutton, I just can't.

Owen, how much can you NOT though?


I think this is the third time now.


Chad Kimball  Jul 14 2020, 01:39:58 PM

JBroadway said: "I hear you. That’s one of the great struggles of life, especially right now: trying to understand how and why people who seem to be kind, can support such evil. People are capable of doing both good and bad things. You’re right to remind people of the good things he has done. But let’s not use that to erase the bad things.

For the record, this is the Tweet/thread I saw in which he expresses support for Trump:

Chad Kimball  Jul 13 2020, 10:15:41 PM

.... I just can't....

Chad Kimball  Jul 13 2020, 10:15:39 PM
Having been in love with him since that off Broadway Godspell years ago this is very very very very very disappointing. I don't know what to do with this information. I just can't....

Did Kevin Anderson get fired from Sunset Blvd with Patti Lupone?  Jul 11 2020, 10:59:35 AM
Two words why I prefer the American cast recording. Judy Kuhn. Okay maybe four more words: Every Movie's a Circus.

Cry-Baby (2008)  Jul 11 2020, 10:51:37 AM
I actually think the songs were worse than the book. Except for the finale number which was actually the kind of satire that was missing from the rest of the play. It was great!

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands  Jul 9 2020, 07:34:33 AM

Granted, some of these requests seem a little out there. But it also seems, by the intense, nasty reactions that some people think those making the request are acting a little uppity.

Jason Robert Brown is Working on a Musical Adaptation of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN!  Jul 8 2020, 10:56:32 PM

Navin Johnson said: "Norbert Leo Butz for Jimmy Dugan or what are we even doing here"



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