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THE MUSIC MAN Will Now Start Previews 12/20/21  Oct 21 2020, 12:12:40 PM

AllThatJazz2 said: "We just got our email that our new performance date is Jan. 22nd. We're holding tight as we have front row seats in the center mezz and don't want to mess with that."

If front row seats are the only reason you are keeping them, I would not rule out re-thinking.  The mezzanine the Winter Garden is about as far from the stage as any(?) Broadway theatre in NYC.  I saw something from the second row center, and we could barely se


ShuQ said: "SamIAm....Lewis Stadlen does it amazingly."

I thought that Stadlen was terrible in the role, and I have liked him since I saw him in Minnie's Boys.  At least at the performance that I saw, he put on too much of a Groucho Marks kind of voice (a la Minnie's Boys??), and that it became annoying.  I do not remember who his Leo was, although I did see Steven Weber in the role.  I seem to remember that (excluding Goodman and understudies)

Wicked Movie Seeks New Director  Oct 20 2020, 08:47:47 PM

Tag said: "Wonder if Mantello has ever been a serious contender for this?

But doesn't this film just scream for a woman director? Taymor?

I actually thought that Joe Mantello's direction was the weakest part of the show.  His transitions from big numbers to book scenes are right out of the 60s, and not in a good way.  I can't help thinking that he does not have enough movie credits to direct a big musical...think Harold Prince for A

What The Constitution Means To Me is now on Prime  Oct 19 2020, 04:55:35 PM
I never saw it on Broadway. After the first 5-7 minutes, my wife and I really got into it and ended up loving it. It was just so well conceived and executed. I feared that it might be a dull exercise — friends were underwhelmed — but that was never the case.

I was particularly taken by the young lady who participated in the debate. What charisma!! I assume the entire debate was written by Heidi S., but she came across as sharp as a tack.

Interestingly, both of us felt

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 08:19:12 PM

HenryTDobson said: "MrJNLong said: "Kyle Soller's non-nomination was the only huge surprise for me from these announcements.

So looks like there's a decent chance (even likely?) that Moulin Rouge walks away from this winning all of the awards they are nominated for except 2 (Lead and Featured Actress).

Which means Moulin Rouge could end up being an 11-time Tony winning musical. Same as Hamilton.

That is...uh...kind of inappropriate in

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 08:11:56 PM

Wayman_Wong said: "Paul Alexander Nolan hasn't had much luck at the Tonys. In 2018, there were only 5 eligible candidates for Leading Actor in a Musical. The Tonys nominated 4 of them, and Nolan (for ''Escape to Margaritaville'' ) was the odd man out. ... And now 5 out of the 8 actors in ''Slave Play'' got nominated, but not Nolan."

I hope you are not suggesting that he should haver been nominated for Margarittaville.  I thoug

What Is The Cheapest Broadway Musical Ever?  Oct 15 2020, 08:09:05 PM

AADA81 said: "Maybe 'I Do, I Do' with Mary Martin and Robert Preston. Two actors, minimal scenery or staging, minimal orchestra."

Even when adjusted for inflation, with two superstars and a full orchestra, I can't imagine it would have been that cheap to put on.  Of course, it probably benefitted by opening before trade union insanity exploded, which could have cut costs.  

I have read so many times that the smallest show gets a

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 03:40:11 PM

bdn223 said: "I honestly wonder if voters will solely consider Aaron Tveit’s Performance in Moulin Rougue, or more consider this does he deserve a career achievement award based on his path past performances. If voters think with the former I could see him not winning, just because I’m sure many of them think it’s stupid that only one person is nominated therefore they shouldn’t with an award for being the only person. If they go with the latter which I agree

Broadway League To Announce Further Broadway Closure til May 30th  Oct 9 2020, 05:05:28 PM

sparksatmidnight said: "I assume the May 30th (supposing it actually happens on that date) is already taking rehearsals into account, since it's a date set by the Broadway League. So every production would take into consideration and start casting and rehearsals accordingly to be able to open on whatever date the Broadway League says."

I hate to burst your bubble, but this is just another latest postponement.  It is inconceivable to me that Broadway will be

New Randy Rainbow (with a Special Guest) - Brilliant!  Oct 8 2020, 02:15:43 PM

I enjoyed it immensely...but I do despise Trump, so I am the target audience, per prior comments. 

Best & Worst Best Original Score Tony Winners  Oct 8 2020, 02:07:49 PM

WORST:  Big River or Edwin Drood

BEST:  Much harder.  South Pacific?  The King and I?  My Fair Lady?  Ragtime?  Nine?  Sweeney Todd?  Les Mis?  Follies?  I will go with The King and I

Titanic: A New Musical OBC (...much needed 2020 appreciation thread)  Oct 5 2020, 03:02:22 PM

Jarethan - The two times you saw Titanic, was it the Broadway production or regional? I'll admit, though they try the best they can, many regional productions have landed flat for me due to the set and blocking. Hats off for trying; that set is an intimidating build.

I saw it on Broadway, once right after it won the Tony, the next when it became clear that the show was not going to have an extended run.  Business dropped pretty sudde

The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30  Oct 4 2020, 12:05:04 PM

I saw this show in Boston while I was in college.  I remember it being very powerful, and getting some education (at the time, I did not know anyone who was out, so it was an introduction to what it could mean to be gay in the late sixties / early 70s). 

Seeing the movie, the main thought that I kept returning to much would that apartment cost in 2020.  I wanted to move back to Manhattan if I could live in that apartment.  Of course, ag

Is there any new talk about the future of BEETLEJUICE?  Oct 2 2020, 02:42:02 PM

I can't recall...has there ever been a show that got this much weird attention.  I did not see BJ (hated the movie, so I figured there was no way),but I can't ever remember a flop getting the type of almost desperate attention that this has gotten.  I have to ask why is this?  A lot of shows that many people loved flopped and did not get this much attention.  To those who say that it had clearly turned itself around and was going to turn into a big hit if allo

Titanic: A New Musical OBC (...much needed 2020 appreciation thread)  Oct 1 2020, 12:08:34 PM

I love listening to most of the score, and can still get goosebumps as the beginning 'scene' -- a number of songs -- rise to the crescendo.  

I was disappointed with the show both times I saw it.  I think the reason was that there were too many characters, to the point where you didn't care about any of them as individuals.  Don't know if this was typical, but both performances were greeted with tepid applause at the curtain call...I remember thinkin

Next Sondheim revival?  Sep 27 2020, 09:40:37 PM

IdinaBellFoster said: "I wish the Friedman revival of MERRILY had transferred to Broadway. I recently rewatched it and forgot how perfect it is."

How were you able to watch it?  Is there a version available for rent?

JAGGED LITTLE PILL new logo/ad campaign  Sep 26 2020, 08:40:26 PM

I would expect there is a decent chance this would return, assuming some governmental subsidies are coming at some point (ain't coming from Trump, though).  The question tho me is whether people will want see it.  I have not seen it, but on this board a lot of people said it is very dark, somewhat depressing, dreary, none of which were comments on its quality.

Are enough people going to want to return to see something that some have voiced as being depressing?

The Music Man is up on the Marquee!!  Sep 25 2020, 12:20:36 AM

bwayphreak234 said: "I also love the vintage look."

To me, it a just like the Hello, Dolly design.  Vintage, but not original

MUSIC MAN IN LAB  Sep 24 2020, 03:28:29 PM

briankershawjr said: "Or they can do what Diana doing and record the show, and cast recording and find a streaming service to show it
No one know what Spring 2021 will look like so everyone chill...
Tv shows and movies have gone one let Broadway do the same but in a new way ... time to think outside the box

That is a brilliant idea.  Since a huge percent of the blockbuster audience advance sales were specifically to see HJ, it would probably not

MUSIC MAN IN LAB  Sep 24 2020, 03:20:49 PM

SweetLips22 said: "Well at least 2 people are walking around with their head up their proverbial."

Love your thought process...I was thinking ‘what fu**ing morons’ imagery whatsoever.

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