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2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 10:09:46 PM

Really happy for Burnap. He was the absolute standout in that cast, and I remember him being overlooked in London, I think. Great news. 

(Also happy for Hilton, but think he was more of a lock). 

Who was the best Amanda Wingfield?  Sep 21 2020, 05:35:30 PM

Funny enough, I am fortunate to have seen Jessica Lange, Cherry Jones and Sally Field- three incredible actresses- as Amanda, and all three were upstaged by other performers, I thought.

Well, Field was just misdirected into oblivion, so maybe not a good example. I thought Lange and Jones did fine work but Sarah Paulson's performance made me forget Lange almost entirely, and both Zachary Quinto and Celia Keenan-Bolger walked away with the 2014 production. (Though to be fair, the nig

Oklahoma subtext  Aug 31 2020, 12:17:40 AM

CATSNYrevival said: "If that is the case, I’m struggling to understand what specifically was seen by someandinterpreted as gay or homoerotic so much so that it was mentioned in articles and lampooned in a Forbidden Broadway parody, yet no one seems to be able to point to anything specific in the text or staging of this production. What did some people see that others did not?"

they have a very intense scene together where they are very much in each others'

Oklahoma subtext  Aug 30 2020, 12:42:06 AM

FindingNamo said: "

I'm just thinking a person who can claim this so definitively either doesn't know what "subtext" is or hasn't figured out that "toxic masculinity" is at its root homophobia and misogyny combined. Of COURSE that scene in the dark was homoerotic, because Curley used his toxic masculine charms on everybody to get what he wanted."

I appreciate that homoeroticism could be defined in such a way as to inclu

Oklahoma subtext  Aug 28 2020, 05:14:20 PM

qolbinau said: "It’s because in the scene with Curly and Judd in the dark like 5cm away from each others’ face. Personally I didn’t find it to have much gay subtext though. It was more that Curly was a cunning manipulator and was willing to exploit the loneliness of Judd - who was clearly not gay but lacking any kind of social interaction - to achieve his own ends.

I know some might claim it was over directed or a misinterpretation but I miss the revival

George Salazar Calls Out Tony Awards on Twitter  Jun 30 2020, 11:23:04 PM

Simply do not understand some of the arguments here.

Do people think Salazar would have been allowed to perform if he was white? Do people think the producers would have paid for it if he was white? Do people think that he would have been nominated if he was white? (Three of the nominated actors that year were people of color, including the winner). 

I thought Salazar was the absolute highlight of BMC. I thought it was a raw deal the way the Tonys screwed over the show by p

OUR TOWN revival starring Dustin Hoffman; Bartlett Sher directs  Jun 30 2020, 11:16:45 PM

in other words, the producers are betting that the cancellation of Hoffman two years ago isnt going to dissuade ticket buyers, even as it riles up twitterers and message boarders.

i think its a pretty safe bet- see, for example, the fact that the MJ Musical is actually going to be a thing. if that project is going fwd, really hard to see someone like Hoffman being problematic at the box office. 

George Salazar Calls Out Tony Awards on Twitter  Jun 28 2020, 10:24:49 PM

uncageg said: "CT2NYC said: "I know that people were upset about it last year, but was the issue of race brought up at all before yesterday? I get that it was a disappointing situation, but is “blatant whitewash treatment”really applicable in this case? It was a parody about hosting the Tonys, performed by 4 previous hosts, all of whom happened to be white. Sour grapes are understandable, but making it about race a year later seems like a stretch."

On 6/9 Patti Said Company Won't Start In September  Jun 10 2020, 11:13:21 AM

my understanding from city health officials is that the virus may be under control (relatively speaking) here in NYC area, but its spiking across the country, making tourism dangerous for the foreseeable future- by which point, the second wave is predicted to hit in the late fall/early winter. Opening up Broadway before then seems impractical and sadly unlikely.


the Uganadans are the ones in the play who see through the Book of Mormon/Book of Arnold,  and recognize that its a metaphor not to be taken literally. it is such a 2020 perspective to call out a play that primarily mocks/satirizes the Mormon religion and call it....racist.


Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 9 2020, 06:19:25 PM

TotallyEffed said: "She gave him notes while he was developing his play and that makes her anti-black?"

that was my takeaway as well. twitter is such a small, silly universe.

White Guy Calls "Avenue Q" Racist  Jun 8 2020, 01:39:51 PM

perfectly said, Ann Harada. 

it was not lost on the audience that Christmas Eve was the most educated and intelligent character in the play. i can already hear the woke kids coming for Avenue Q and Book of Mormon, collectively and excitedly missing the point.

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 3 2020, 03:23:06 PM

the way people here are turning her general brattiness and well known cruelty into a form of toxic racism is ridiculous. we all know lots of horrible people, and to me it would be lunacy to get mad when those horrible people post positive, supportive, non-horrible statements in support of Black Lives Matter. 

Lea Michele Is Not A Good Person  Jun 2 2020, 01:20:34 PM

I don't doubt that Lea Michele is horrible; such reputations are earned. It just seems strange that shes being dragged for....posting the right message re George Floyd? Horrible, entitled divas can support basic civil rights, just as mild, agreeable people can be the nastiest bigots. 

Actors being fired / replaced  May 22 2020, 11:35:41 AM

LizzieCurry said: "Ryan Link?"

Excellent memory, I had forgotten all about him. I was thinking of Cary Shields, who left under a cloud of rumors about his conduct (though I thought he was a great performer). Ryan LInk replaced him but lasted 2 months before he went on "medical leave"- but he wasnt replaced by understudies, he was replaced by Jeremy Kushnier who stayed with the show for more than a year (through Melanie Brown's disastrous run, I think).

Actors being fired / replaced  May 22 2020, 11:02:32 AM

brettarnett said: "And I thought it was known that Amy Spanger was injured vocally during Rock of Ages? Maybe that was just the gossip at the time?"

If I remember correctly, she was going to take time off for "vocal rest" but then after a few days it was announced she was never coming back. Seemed strange, and i think in the middle of all of that she performed with the cast on the Tony Awards and sounded just great. Never really made alot of sense to me. Sh

Actors being fired / replaced  May 17 2020, 07:01:45 PM

alex814 said: "Does anyone know the story behind Krysten Cummings abrupt exit from Rent? Or why Amy Spanger suddenly left Rock of Ages?"

Same question re Amy Spanger (totally bizarre situation) but Krysten Cummings could not sing the score, sadly.. She joined the Broadway cast in June of 1999, but could not do 8 shows a week due to vocal problems and was performing 50% of shows in July and August. She got her voice back towards the end of her run (and I am thrilled I

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 14 2020, 10:30:09 PM

forgot how wonderful a play this was and what a terrific cast. They're all great (and some, i think, doing even better close up like this) but Barbara Barrie is almost 90 and look at her go!

thrilled they did this. 

and agree to all of the above re Gideon being robbed not just of a nomination, but the dang award.

Christine Ebersole stole the show in War Paint  May 11 2020, 09:14:47 PM

War Paint was meh but i thought Patti LuPone raised it to another level. The night I saw it the theater was half empty, towards end of the run, and I thought her vocals were simply out of this world. Her character was better written, I thought, in terms of laugh lines and punch (that scene where she describes being refused ownership in her co-op comes to mind), whereas Ebersole's was overall a bit bland. (Yes, Pink was performed flawlessly). 

But I think the biggest difference

Bootlegs during Quarantine  May 7 2020, 11:33:00 AM

Bootlegging a Broadway show is copyright infringement ? Well, now we know someone else who didnt go to law school. Bootlegging may be wrong for a number of reasons, but you aren't copying someone else's work and passing it off as your own when you film something you are not supposed to. Id be very curious to see any legal precedent for that...

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