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Way Too Early 2020 Tony Predictions thread  Feb 3 2020, 06:32:57 AM

orph3us said: "Love Rob McClure but I’ll be so upset if two consecutive cishet men win Tonys for playing a woman I'm gonna be so disappointed. Hoping for Isaac Cole Powell"

Not hoping for Isaac since I haven't seen WSS or Mrs. Doubtfire, but I second this. 

Between The Lines Musical Possible Broadway Transfer Next Season?  Feb 3 2020, 06:27:48 AM

VintageSnarker said: "I attended the 92Y preview. It was a reading of all or most of the show. I assume they were looking for investors or testing the waters at the time. The show was godawful. Watching it actually made me mad."

Was that recent? I'm SURE it has changed since you saw it, 

New DEH stage door rules  Feb 3 2020, 06:20:18 AM

Also maybe it depends on the actor. Sometimes the security says no photos but the actors are okay with it. 

Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Jan 31 2020, 02:58:13 PM

ASOOS04 said: "Chad Burris is replacing him"


Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Jan 31 2020, 11:23:33 AM

I can't even begin to think about who can replace them. Not only Erika and Kate, but also Barrett and Grey. Especially since I read that they prepared for their auditions for the roles together. I hope they're with the show a little longer!! 

Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Jan 31 2020, 06:04:00 AM

I wish whoever the replacements are much luck--they really do have big shoes to fill. Kate Rockwell had the best comedic timing in that whole show, IMO. 

What Would You Rather See?  Jan 30 2020, 09:16:52 AM

Let's play a game of what would you rather in regards to the upcoming season....


Take Me Out or Grand Horizons?

Diana or Mrs. Doubtfire? 

Emojiland or Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf or The Lehman Trilogy?

Caroline or Change or Company? 

Company or Six? 


Discount Codes  Jan 30 2020, 09:00:03 AM

I've never seen anything for Tina, but I've seen Mean Girls on TDF which surprises me to an extent. I'm wondering if whoever is coming in after Erika departs will increase sales. 

A New Decade Begins - What Are You Seeing in 2020?  Jan 30 2020, 08:41:30 AM

How many people in this thread are seeing a first preview? I've never been to one, and I'm trying to decide between Diana and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf....

Little Shop of Horrors Lottery  Jan 30 2020, 07:57:49 AM

Did anyone else get the email about a flash sale where tickets are as low as $49? 

MEAN GIRLS To Welcome Social Media Star Cameron Dallas For Four Week Run  Jan 30 2020, 07:20:01 AM

Sorry. Wrong thread! My mistake  =( 

Jordan Fisher—DEH  Jan 30 2020, 06:37:34 AM

myk said: "I have to wonder why people have theirknickers in bunch over this casting. Stunt casting, not stunt casting, isn’t the important thing how good they are? Reba in Annie Get Your Gun was stunt casting and she was a revelation. We now have a Real housewife in Chicago... If you’re going to worry, there’s where I’d focus."

That's how I felt when Al Roker was in Waitress. I was like, huh, weird choice, but I'll give him a chance.

Taron Egerton & Scarlett Johansson in Talks to Join LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Remake  Jan 30 2020, 06:15:00 AM

I haven't seen a production of Little Shop, and that trend will continue if this happens. Absolutely NOT. PSA: You do not need to cast ScarJo in EVERY.SINGLE.MOVIE. I know she's obviously not in everything, but lately I feel like I've been reading so much about how many different projects she's in....just no. Why do they need this remake anyway???

Photo Ops outside Broadway Theatres?  Jan 29 2020, 01:26:00 PM

Mean Girls has outlines of The Plastics and one blank outline in the middle where you can pose! 

MEAN GIRLS To Welcome Social Media Star Cameron Dallas For Four Week Run  Jan 29 2020, 01:24:14 PM

amazingamandakate said: "I saw the show last night as well. Aaron is a pretty nothing role, so the bad singing and mediocre acting didn't affect the show as a whole. I do feel bad for the girls in front of me who weren't warned and walked out talking about how the guy who played Aaron couldn't sing.

The show as a whole is pretty much just the movie on stage but with pleasant enough songs. I thought Erika Henningsen and Renee Rapp were both great as Cady and Reg

A New Decade Begins - What Are You Seeing in 2020?  Jan 29 2020, 06:16:33 AM

Also have to update my list because I want to see Diana. 

Cool Curtain Calls  Jan 28 2020, 12:36:42 PM

carolinaguy said: "magictodo123 said: "Not my favorite but a question about the people playing Elpaba and Glinda always hug? Just something I noticed the last time I saw Wicked and watched a few curtain calls and it made me wonder."

Yes, they always hug. It's part of the staging.


I wasn't 100% sure, but thank you for confirming it for me! 

Will there be a SIX American Cast Recording?  Jan 28 2020, 07:46:10 AM

I really hope so because the sneak peek they did at BroadwayCon was so great and that music has been stuck in my head ever since. 

Favorite Broadway Tattoos  Jan 28 2020, 07:41:07 AM

I personally don't have one yet, but at my first BroadwayCon there was a Broadway tattoos meetup. Someone had a tattoo of a ghost light which I loved! 

Cool Curtain Calls  Jan 28 2020, 07:36:10 AM

Oh! I didn't see the show in person but I saw the shot? of Legally Blonde and I really liked that curtain call. SO MUCH ENERGY!!! 

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