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Which theater is BEETLEJUICE moving into?  Sep 27 2020, 09:00:26 AM
I hear that Beetlejuice will be utilizing the Winter Garden Theatre when TMM is dark on Mondays. This intel checks out, since Beetlejuice never actually unloaded.
I suppose they'll have to change the lyrics to, "And yeah I sing like this one time a week."

Is there any new talk about the future of BEETLEJUICE?  Sep 18 2020, 11:18:34 PM
I'm going off of memory so this might not be 100% accurate, but I recall a few weeks ago, David Korins posted a picture of what looked like sketches of the Maitland house telling Beetlejuice fans that something exciting was coming on his instagram story. Not sure if he followed up about it yet.

Either a tour or production abroad is probably in the making, but with the current world situation I can't imagine it coming to fruition anytime soon, if at all.

B'way closed thru 1/3 now  Jun 29 2020, 03:51:10 PM

PutonyourWarPaint said: "So with this closure of all Broadway shows til next year, does this mean Beetlejuice can take back the Winter Garden until the other shows open?

I laughed so hard typing that.

No, no, you're on to something here. If Broadway opens in January but MM doesn't open until April, can Beetlejjice resume performances for January–March?

George Salazar Calls Out Tony Awards on Twitter  Jun 29 2020, 07:19:59 AM
As someone who doesn't like BMC (the recording, never saw it in person), I was on Salazar's side until he brought race into it. As someone said above, it wasn't a whitewash thing as much as it was a "hosts of the Tony Awards" thing.

Regardless, it was still a crass move to cover the song without any kind of credit, knowing the show's current state. Were they obligated to? Not at all. But just because they didn't have to doesn't mean that they shouldn't have.

Toottoot put it in

Kat McPhee Next Broadway Show?  Jun 17 2020, 07:04:46 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Well.... she’s cancelled now."

Is she? What happened?

Any other delayed productions releasing cast recordings?  Jun 15 2020, 05:58:04 PM
Might need to fact check this, but I'm pretty sure that Cry-Baby closed in 2007 without a cast recording. Then, 8 or 9 years later, they recorded and released one with the original Broadway cast. Don't know how or why, but if anyone can shed some light on that, it'd be appreciated :)

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 15 2020, 05:35:05 PM

bwaylvsong said: "BLs68 said: "bwaylvsong said: "@JuneJune the timeline in your memory doesn’t line up- there was no Manhattan location of Junior’s until around 2007, the year that“Beauty” closed."

According to the Junior’s website, theShubert Alley/45th St location opened in 2006. It doesn’t provide an opening date. Just the year. <

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 13 2020, 09:06:51 PM

Hot Pants said: "JuneJune said: "Tootsie is funny."

That’s not unfunny. The backlash was a vocal minority.

If I'm recalling correctly, quite a few members on this board that didn't hate the show with a burning passion thought that the book was mediocre and predictable.

I get what you mean about the vocal minority though.

What Broadway Play Do You Regret Not Seeing?  Jun 13 2020, 07:18:01 PM
If we're including musicals—in the case that they don't make it past the shutdown, SIX, MRS. DOUBTFIRE, and COMPANY (2020). Especially since I had plans to see the former two that I pushed back.

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 13 2020, 07:09:48 PM

The Prom was boring.

Tootsie is funny.

King Kong wasn't attrocious.

The Hairspray movie is good.

Aladdin is terrible. (Seems like the popular opinion on these boards, but unpopular in general.)

Beetlejuice is a good show. (Vice versa of the above: unpopular here, popular opinion elsewhere)

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 13 2020, 07:02:46 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "JuneJune said: "That, and Belle and the Beast stayed on after curtain calls to encourage the audience to buy limited time souvenirs: a heart locket with a slip of paper signed by Belle's actress for $20, and a coloring page signed by Belle and the Beast for $25. I bought the latter, which I no longer have. (Why I remember these details more than the actual show, I have no idea haha)

If anyone has any information about who this cast might&#

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 13 2020, 05:15:11 PM
Beauty and the Beast. Don't know if it was the "original" one or the watered down one.

I was maybe 6 or 7 (maybe older?) and have practically no memory of it, other than the audience bursting into laughter as soon as Belle came out in her poofy yellow dress.

That, and Belle and the Beast stayed on after curtain calls to encourage the audience to buy limited time souvenirs: a heart locket with a slip of paper signed by Belle's actress for $20, and a coloring page signed by Belle

Mean Girls Stage Door Possibly Defaced?  Jun 12 2020, 05:09:55 AM

disneybroadwayfan22 said: "Honestly, I assumed that Sabrina and Olivia aren't coming back, which was why their posters are torn down. If it was vandalism, it would be Laura Leigh whose poster would be teared down, for obvious reasons."

My assumption was that a Sabrina fan wanted her face, and Olivia was judt because someone wanted Janis.

If it wasn't vandalism, I'd assume the job would look much cleaner. And even if Sabrina and Olivia weren't c

Susan Egan  Jun 12 2020, 05:00:22 AM

JuneJune said: "BrodyFosse123 said: "Looks like Susan Egan’smother was filling in for her and wearing her wig and costumes. Oh, boy."

She looks just as good as Caissie and Patti playing Elsa and Anna to me. Not the best pick age-wise, but far from the worst they could've done. I think she looks okay for Belle here, but those wigs. Yikes.




Susan Egan  Jun 12 2020, 05:00:21 AM





Susan Egan  Jun 12 2020, 04:57:15 AM





Mean Girls Stage Door Possibly Defaced?  Jun 9 2020, 04:51:30 AM
Keep an eye out on eBay listings, I'm sure it'll pop up

Mean Girls Stage Door Possibly Defaced?  Jun 9 2020, 04:51:29 AM
Keep an eye out on eBay listings, I'm sure it'll pop up

King Kong Cast Recording  Jun 9 2020, 04:30:38 AM
Like SouthernCakes, I actually enjoyed KK too. I wish they at least recorded the version of Queen of New York from the show, because if I'm being honest, it's one of my favorite opening numbers of that season—at least, from what I've seen in person. (I don't watch every show that comes out)

Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong?  May 20 2020, 05:32:01 AM
I'm probably the only one that enjoysHygge.

Anyway, I sure this has been said before, but I think that it tried to take itself more seriously than the book. Not darker per se, but definitely less catered to kids. I personally liked this approach (even though I feel like it failed in more than a few areas), but it definitely wouldn't resonate with fans of the movie that expect to have a "fun" time. If you look at the b-roll footage from the stage production compared to the movie trailers

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