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Hedwig writers defend non-trans casting in cancelled production  Nov 25 2020, 05:59:57 AM

ahhrealmonsters, you can also check out the movie, a really superb adaptation for the screen (with John Cameron Mitchell himself as Hedwig)

OnStage Blog Picking Up Dropped NYT #MeToo Broadway Story  Nov 20 2020, 01:32:48 PM

I said they would run away if someone involved mentioned lawyers and my post was deleted. Is lawyers a bad word, BroadwayWorld?

Aladdin Disney Plus  Nov 19 2020, 10:56:21 AM

With Soul now being their major December release, I think it might have moved

NBC Broadway Special?  Nov 18 2020, 05:32:36 PM

Those were the musicals they got? Disney couldn't even get Aladdin to promote the recording? No Wicked, Phantom (really, it can be two people singing to a pre-recorded track and a projected background THEY ALREADY HAVE), Six, Come From Away... disappointing. I'm glad James Snyder will (probably) get another bit of his Harry recorded, however.

OnStage Blog Picking Up Dropped NYT #MeToo Broadway Story  Nov 18 2020, 05:23:06 PM

They will either **** bricks whenever someone mentions lawyers and don't publish it or it will be so laughably bad no one will take it serious and it will ruin potential serious reporting on the issue

Ryan Murphy talks THE PROM, A CHORUS LINE limited series, and GEORGIA MCBRIDE adaptation for Netflix  Nov 12 2020, 06:04:58 PM

I'm thinking maybe each episode will focus on one of the dancers, and the episode will revolve around the actual story (with trademarked Ryan Murphy touches, of course) that is behind their songs on the musical, and sing it at the end of the episode.

Phantom to change to  Nov 2 2020, 02:35:47 PM

Lot666 said: I can easily see CamMack using the last U.S. tour production elements. If this happens, I'm done."

Can it with that tour, will you? You've been all over this thread talking about that widely hated tour despite people saying that it wasn't going to happen, now it's confirmed that isn't going to happen and you still won't shut up about it. Geez, stop being overfixated on it.

Phantom to change to  Oct 31 2020, 04:33:03 AM

I think Broadway is safe because they don't have a 'modern' replica 9n the US just sitting there and ready to load in like they did in the UK. So, besides load out and load in, they would also have to front a whole new production out of nowhere. Unless they take one of the replicas in storage (like the one that was in Brazil until 2019 -- I don't think it was sent to any other country), but those are also on the older side, so I don't see the benefit of replacing it.

Phantom to change to  Oct 30 2020, 09:12:38 PM

I still don't think it will be purely the new tour. I'm willing to bet elements of it that were deemed 'difficult' to travel will be added back in, like the angel and the proscenium (the orchestra, unfortunately, is a goner)

Shows I'm glad I took a chance on...  Oct 26 2020, 05:17:00 AM

Nice Work If You Can Get It and Sister Act

17 Again: The Musical  Oct 21 2020, 10:01:26 AM

It's as simple as there is someone paying for a Japanese production and there isn't anyone paying for an English production. Opening somewhere (LITERALLY anywhere) is miles better than just never opening because you're waiting for the money to come in. If it's a hit there, they might end up getting someone to pay for a Broadway production. If it isn't a hit, at least they have a big production before delivering everything to MTI.

The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread  Oct 20 2020, 12:18:15 PM

It wasn'r ready and post wasn't completed. They were still scoring the film. We still don't know if they went back already.

Specific proposal for transitioning New York theatre to worldwide audiences  Oct 15 2020, 09:31:57 PM

Ok, I'll produce it. What name do you want to see credited as "original idea by"? Do I have to run it by your agent?

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:53:47 PM

If he didn't deserve it, he wouldn't be nominated (as any Percy Jackson fan will be happy to tell you about)

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:16:50 PM

roseaddams said: "Has there been a single musical category where the nominees weren’t Moulin Rouge, Jagged Little Pill, and Tina?"

JLP and Tina weren't nominated for Best Actor...

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:15:35 PM

LOL at the Percy Jackson fans seriously expecting a nomination

Frozen @ Disneyland to Close  Oct 11 2020, 11:44:17 AM

I, for one, will be waiting for Rapunzel to show up after COVID is over

Everybody’s talking about Jamie film trailer  Oct 11 2020, 11:40:40 AM

I don't think everybody is talking about this Jamie film trailer of yours

Broadway League To Announce Further Broadway Closure til May 30th  Oct 9 2020, 10:30:18 PM

Jarethan said: "I hate to burst your bubble, but this is just another latest postponement. It is inconceivable to me that Broadway will be opening in May. If you work backwards, this means that shows would need to be in rehearsals in (?) March and that a vaccine willhave to have been widely distributed by then.

Do you see any announcements,other than proclamations from the moron in the WH? I don’t, and I am old enough to really be upset by these delays...the longer t

Now is the time to plan transitioning theatre to worldwide audiences.  Oct 9 2020, 12:41:21 PM

As a Brazilian, no, it's not. Theatre is about a live communal experience and should remain that way. It went through basically every pandemic since ever without the need to 'plan transitioning to worldwide audiences' and it will go through this one, and the next one and the next after that.

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