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Ann Reinking Has Passed Away  Dec 14 2020, 08:36:02 PM

This is sad and shocking news.  She was only 71 and not reported to be ill.  I remember being a struggling actor in NYC in the late '70s and early '80s.  She did 'Dancin' on Broadway, then 'All That Jazz' for Bob Fosse, then the movie 'Annie'.  She just seemed to be everywhere showbiz and Broadway intersected.  I've heard from people that she was also a gracious and generous person who spent much time with up-and-coming dancers, and

re: Grey Gardens was robbed!!  Nov 8 2020, 06:48:02 PM

'Grey Gardens' deserved best score and orchestrations, in addition to Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson.

Everybody Rejoice  Nov 8 2020, 06:43:52 PM

A Little Priest?

Marge Champion has died  Oct 26 2020, 09:10:55 PM

She and Gower weren't the most photogenic of pairs and that, along with the decline in popularity of movie musicals in general, did their careers in movie musicals irreparable damage.  But both became renowned dancers, choreographers and, in Gower's case, an award-winning director.  Marge Champion epitomizes the working dancer who transitioned in life through multiple mediums and impacted so many lives.  RIP

The Disney Renaissance Formula  Oct 19 2020, 10:06:42 PM

I believe I read that Howard Ashman and Alan Menken wanted the song scores to both 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Beauty and the Beast' to resemble Broadway scores, where every song came from character and character development.  Also, the shift in the Disney animation approach shifted at that time in a way that conjoined with the musical approach.  It was refreshing at the time, and I recall adult audiences (myself included) thought of 'Beauty and the Beast'

"Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero" by Amanda Kloots to be released June 2021  Oct 19 2020, 09:54:53 PM

I'm uncomfortable with the amount of public attention she has courted through all of this  ..... and the personal attacks begin...

Color-blind and gender-blind casting  Oct 19 2020, 09:48:19 PM

I can think of two examples of 'color-blind' casting in recent years that reached the absurd.  The first was Joshua Henry as Billy Bigelow in 'Carousel'.  The character isn't defined as white because he doesn't have to be - it's the 1840s in Maine.  The fact that the character also physically abuses Julie plays into the worst stereotypes of black men with a black man in the role.  The second was 'King Kong', admittedly a piece of dreck.&

What Is The Cheapest Broadway Musical Ever?  Oct 15 2020, 07:55:06 PM

Maybe 'I Do, I  Do' with Mary Martin and Robert Preston.  Two actors, minimal scenery or staging, minimal orchestra.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 03:12:36 PM

I disagree that the awards should have been scrapped.  The Tony's are, yes, a marketing device to drum up business, but they also honor the work of people in the theater.  Most of the nominees had their jobs cut short by the pandemic, but at least the Tony's are making an effort to try to honor some work that might otherwise be forgotten.  I don't think that's a bad thing.  And I'd think we could all use a bit of Tony excitement right now.

Broadway Times Square Pop-Up Performance  Oct 15 2020, 01:38:41 PM

For me, this performance speaks to the resilience of the theater as art and the resilience of theater folk.  It was nice to get a taste of what was and will be again, even for just a few minutes.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 01:31:28 PM

I don't understand all the fun being had at Aaron Tveit's expense on this thread.  He's not responsible for screwy decisions the Tony nominating committee made.  He also received enough confidence in his work from his peers to be nominated.  It's a career achievement for him and I don't think he should be knocked for it.  Tveit's given much allegiance to the theater over the years and I think he deserves some recognition.

Favorite West Side Story song?  Oct 8 2020, 08:41:09 PM

Tonight (Quintet) and the 1961 film version of America are my favorites, but Tonight, Something's Coming and One Hand, One Heart are also in there.  Hell, the whole score is terrific.

Best & Worst Best Original Score Tony Winners  Oct 8 2020, 08:33:20 PM

BEST: Oliver!, Fiddler On the Roof, Cabaret, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, Annie, Sweeney Todd, Nine, Into the Woods, Titanic, Ragtime, Parade, The Light in the Piazza

WORST: Gigi, A Chorus Line, Evita, Woman of the Year, Cats, Drood, City of Angels, The Will Rogers Follies, The Producers, The Drowsy Chaperone, Memphis, The Book of Mormon, Newsies, Kinky Boots

So, you think Broadway will re-open in March 2021? Sooner? Later?  Oct 8 2020, 08:14:17 PM

Much later.  Until there's a vaccine, it can't be considered.  Once there is a vaccine, it has to be produced in quantities and delivered to people.  Then, enough people will have to be willing to take it for it to make a difference, and it will also take time for scientists to see if it's helping curb the spread.  I don't see theater coming back until 2022 at the earliest.

Perfect Rhymes vs. Imperfect Rhymes  Jul 15 2020, 11:02:26 PM

There are songs that rhyme to precision, and songs that rhyme to the point where the author's cleverness is the only thing heard.  There are also songs that intentionally don't rhyme and work perfectly.  However, cheat rhymes are a lazy writer's avenue to complete a song without craft.  A rhyme that;s overdone is too clever, but a rhyme that's underdone is lazy and belongs outside of the theater because it calls attention to the author's shortcomin

Why Did Len Cariou and George Hearn Play Sweeney Todd with American Accents?  Jul 15 2020, 10:55:36 PM

My understanding of what I read in 1979 is that Sweeney's lack of accent was due to a desire to present him as 'other' to the London characters.  Lyndeck didn't use a strong accent but his cadence was British through and through, as were the other actors who were not Cockney

Best Cast of a movie musical ever, what's your favorite?  Jul 10 2020, 11:15:33 PM

'Where the Boys Are' 1960

Paula Prentiss, Jim Hutton, Yvette Mimieux, George Hamilton, Connie Francis, Frank Gorshin ....

I mean, C'mon!  Musical film performance doesn't get any better than THAT!

Actors With Unhealthy Singing Technique?  Jul 10 2020, 11:08:21 PM

Danasi said: "BrodyFosse123 said: "Okay, this one isn’t about a singer but one classic case is Lucille Ball. Many attribute her later deep, husky voice to her live-long cigarette smoking when the true cause of her vocal damage was the higher octave she used in her television work, starting on 1951’s CBS comedy I LOVE LUCY. She found the higher intonations for her Lucy Ricardo character added a funnier layer so she used it for the rest of her career. Unfortunately

Carousel 2018 Cast Recording  Jul 10 2020, 10:51:16 PM

I thought this cast recording was excellent upon my first listening.  I find the orchestrations both delicate and muscular when they need to be, and the cast is vocally almost perfect.  Jessie Mueller makes for a winsome yet determined Julie, and her singing is lovely and always in character.  Joshua Henry is a sturdy Billy and, aside from some scooped notes in 'Soliloquy' that are jarring, I thought he was just fine.  Leslie Mendez surprised me, because her go-for

RIP Nick Cordero  Jul 5 2020, 11:11:28 PM

Well, that's that.  This man suffered horribly at the ravages of the coronavirus and he is finally beyond the suffering.  I hope his family finds some solace in the life he lived, the work he contributed, and to his valiant fight against something he should never have faced.  Bless his soul.

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