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Disney to distribute and release HAMILTON film with OBC in Oct. 2021  Feb 3 2020, 02:21:37 PM
I already have anxiety about being able to get a ticket 😕

Plaza Suite Discount Code?  Feb 3 2020, 01:35:08 PM

Anshel2 said: "Might be too early to tell what? For the upcoming revival. Tickets are available for sale. Some productions issue discount codes. I am inquiring if one has in fact been posted. I commented that there are lots of seats available."

It might be too early to tell if they will have discounts for this show. I think every show is different for when they announce discounts, rush, lottery, etc. So while Flying Over Sunset and Mrs, Doubtfire have sent out discou

Plaza Suite Discount Code?  Feb 3 2020, 01:25:08 PM

For the Broadway production? They're just starting previews in Boston this wee. I think it might be a LITTLE too early to tell? 

Between The Lines Musical Possible Broadway Transfer Next Season?  Feb 3 2020, 01:14:46 PM

At this point I think it's WAY too early to be thinking about a Broadway transfer.


Dear Evan Hansen. Anastasia. Hamilton. Waitress. I'm sure people on here could name other shows that did not have a cold open on Broadway that went through major changes before it ACTUALLY opened. If a show interests you, SEE IT. I wouldn't miss out on a show I'm interested in just because people on here, who have different tastes, say negative things. Different shows for dif

The Official TDF Thread  Feb 3 2020, 01:10:16 PM

I've seen Mean Girls pop up on several occasions recently. Does this mean anything bad? 

OBC Hamilton Film to be released 10/15/21  Feb 3 2020, 12:52:07 PM

I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought of THIS October when I first saw this!

Next Jenna in Waitress  May 18 2019, 04:04:16 PM

I'm sorry--why does casting have to be a secret? There are plenty of people who aren't in the industry yet know people in casting so they know who the next Jenna is. Lucie drama aside, I really don't think it has to be unless they build it up as one. Which they haven't done as far as who will be Shoshana's replacement (yet).

Bad Theater Behavior  May 10 2019, 04:44:28 AM

LuPita2 said: "Strong people will always attend live theater because we are not scared to tell someone singing to shut up, and we certainly won't be afraid of them. And if they ever retorted? Hahahaha. Adorable.

There are rules at a theater. Respect others and they'll be no problems.




Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  May 9 2019, 02:25:41 PM

Bad Theater Behavior  May 9 2019, 02:17:39 PM
Not so much bad theater behavior as a question about something that I didn’t want to start a new thread for.

So, even though ushers tell you not to, there are preshow things like at Waitress and Kinky Boots, and reminders during intermission not to, it’s okay for people to take bootlegs and audio of performances and they’re applauded for getting it if people ask. However, then someone speaks up and says it’s illegal, wrong, distracting to the performers (don’t tell me it isn’t, Lin-Man

Next Carole King?  May 8 2019, 02:38:13 PM
Vanessa Carlton!!!!

Next Carole King?  May 7 2019, 05:54:39 PM
I think it’s Desi Oakley.

Next Broadway Jenna?  May 7 2019, 09:31:22 AM
Since you were all so good about predicting the next Broadway Elphaba (seriouslyjust from one Instagram post?? Impressive!!) any Jenna predictions for after Shoshana?

West End Prince of Egypt  May 6 2019, 03:15:00 AM
I just hope they get the casting right this time around.

Bad Theater Behavior  May 6 2019, 03:12:36 AM
I cant even tell you how many times Ive either had to tell someone to put away their phone or have seen people recording/taking photos. The following quote is from Jessica Vosk.

Hi guys. When you film from the front row...just know, I can see it. And it totally takes us out of the moment. Please enjoy yourself and put the screen away. I want to give you the best show I can. Much love.

Its enough!!!

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  May 6 2019, 03:10:42 AM
When you get down to it, Broadway is a business. And their business in particular has to deal with supply and demand. They can’t lower ticket prices just because so many people want to see it who can’t. There are production costs, things to pay for so the show can continue to be there. So when the demand for tickets becomes so high that they don’t have enough of a product to go around, that’s when rush comes into play. Be thankful it exists?

Way Too Early 2020 Tony Predictions thread  May 3 2019, 02:52:55 PM

FosseTharp said: "Is it safe to say that Lauren Patten is the Way Too Early Prediction for Best Featured Actress in a Musical? "

I was thinking the exact same thing. I’d be shocked if she wasn’t nominated. Her performance was incredible. I’m so excited!! 

Longest Original Cast Members?  Mar 15 2019, 11:26:01 AM

Mike Barrett said: "Peter Gregus, Mark Lotito, and Sarah Schmidt were in the entire run of Jersey Boys, 15 years! Talk about finding steady work!"

I am intrigued by the prospect of working on Broadway as an actor, but 15 must really love the show/role to be in it for 15 years!

Longest Original Cast Members?  Mar 15 2019, 08:14:37 AM

Ooooooh and I think Tee Boyich had been with Mean Girls since very early readings early as the first workshops in 2016. That's a long time to be involved with a show, especially since she didn't continue on in the lead as Cady (even if she got to be the standby). 

HADESTOWN to open in March at the Walter Kerr  Mar 15 2019, 07:59:50 AM

ColorTheHours048 said: "theaterlyfe19 said: "If I wasn't a huge fan of Great Comet (liked some songs, just couldn't get into the story) should I skip this? I'm intrigued by the preview clip thing Jordan Roth posted, but at the same time I'm not sure. Thoughts?"

The Great Comet and Hadestown share only one thing in common: their director. That’s it. Wildly different shows and scores and vibes. If you’re intrigued and can afford

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