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Member Name: shameless
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Gender: Female
Location: South Florida
Occupation: Office Mgr/Service Rep/Paper Pusher
Profile: Attend the tale of Shame-e-less
Her presence here is one we bless
But open booze and mention Tink
We've lost our dear Shamey to oceans of drink
She's shameless
She's shameless (Hic)
The champion drinker of Broadway

Thanks to Deet! But, I don't really drink that much. I swear! :-)

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re: Cirque du Soleil: this is really serious!  Sep 10 2009, 09:18:43 AM
Obviously, Will, likes lots of animal abuse mixed in with his acrobatics.

Hey, maybe they could whip lions and tigers, and poke elephants on stage.

re: Liam on Natasha  Aug 28 2009, 08:35:55 AM
It's not about whether or not we believe in the power of prayer or if we still feel compassion. Not all of us feel the need to comment on every thread that we read. And that is okay. Sometimes we don't know what to say and other times there is nothing left to be said.

Writing something on a message board doesn't make it so.
I think too many times people feel like they have to post on a thread like this or they look like unfeeling a-holes. It's not true. People all deal with t

re: Zac Efron Attacked in London!?!  Oct 20 2008, 03:36:25 PM
"The star of the new Disney film, High School Musical 3, Zac Efron was attacked by a crazed male fan outside the Apollo Theater in London where Efron had been to see Josh Hartnett in Rain Man. According to a report in The Mirror, the man had a lap top, grabbed Efron’s hair, and had to be wrestled to the ground by security before letting go. Apparently, Efron is fine and recovering from the surprise attack by the crazed fan. Efron had been to the show with Vanessa Hudgens. Photo by"

re: I Love ( ) and I'm not ashamed!!  Sep 29 2008, 01:16:05 PM
Both RENT movies. So there!

re: RENT: Live from Broadway (Film) - Thoughts  Sep 25 2008, 01:03:29 PM
I was very happily surprised. In fact, I loved it too.

No, it's not as good as seeing the show live. It can't be. There's no substitute for the energy of being in the theatre, but it was just about as good as it could've been.

I wasn't thrilled with some of the cast, and the sound was a little off in places.

However, I do agree that the camera work was amazing. I thought it was worth my $20 to see it on a big screen.

re: Pure Country???  Sep 12 2008, 03:41:23 PM
It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but I can't see a good musical coming out of it either.

re: Who Took This Great Picture?  Sep 12 2008, 09:52:49 AM
Pab, I think you should post that in Sueleen's "Remembering those lost" thread on the OT board.

re: Alicia Sacramone and Lea Michelle?  Aug 21 2008, 02:37:51 PM
I think she's pretty. And, she does have neck. It's just an extremely muscular one.

I'd never want to put myself through what any gymnast goes through, or want my kid to do it, but I do admire their commitment.

re: Filichia on why he thinks CURTAINS closed  Jul 27 2008, 09:56:02 AM
Foster, you're a tool.

That makes as much sense as me saying that you like any show starring cute guys under age 30. Although, that probably has more truth to it than your Rath accusation.

Concerning the actual thread topic, I agree with ashley:

"I loved the show. I thought it was a great throwback to traditional musical comedy from one of the all-time greatest songwriting teams. Great songs, fun show."

re: Wicked - Buffalo 6/29  Jun 30 2008, 04:27:33 PM
If you don't want anyone to argue with your opinion or challenge you on it, then you might not want to post it on a message board.

re: Broadway Bares  Jun 23 2008, 04:38:20 PM
I guess this year's pictures aren't up yet, but you can check out the archives while you wait. Be careful if you're at work.

re: Lobby Cards Sold By baddadnpa, Take Two  Jun 18 2008, 04:29:25 PM
A) You offer no PROOF that any of this actually happened.

B) This is not small claims court.

re: What a joke the Tony's have become !  Jun 18 2008, 02:47:55 PM
I agree.

re: New York Trip Aug 21-15th  Jun 18 2008, 09:28:30 AM
It is very safe, but it's not Disneyland. Just use common sense. Don't go stolling through Central Park or down dark, deserted alleys and 3 AM and you'll be fine.

re: Kristin Chenoweth's Tony Awards Arm Fart  Jun 16 2008, 04:26:40 PM
huckleberry22, she just made a gesture like she was going to do it, she didn't actually do it. It was funny.

I don't even acknowledge the Idina haters anymore. They don't realize that they're just as obnoxious, if not more so, than the fangirls.

Edit: Make that all the haters who go after specific performers.

re: Kristin Chenoweth's Tony Awards Arm Fart  Jun 16 2008, 02:24:30 PM
I loved that she cracked herself up so much that she could hardly read the teleprompter.

re: LIZA WAS A HOT MESS TONIGHT!  Jun 16 2008, 12:58:10 PM
I would never call Liza a hot mess, but I do agree that she had a wardrobe malfunction while presenting. Not only was the bra showing a few times, but so was her belly. I don't think it was intentional because she kept covering it up.

re: AIDS Walk New York 2008 - I need your help!  May 12 2008, 03:16:20 PM
Less than a week to go!


re: Broadway's Hottest Women  May 9 2008, 08:06:01 AM
I agree with most of those. I'll add Michelle Dejean.

re: Howard, Rose, & Rashad to receive Sardi's Caricatures  May 6 2008, 03:12:01 PM
People, it's a drawing hanging in a restaurant. It's not an induction into the Broadway Hall of Fame.

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