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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Hanging Out in NYC  Oct 24 2013, 09:26:32 AM

Michelle Shocked Shocks With Bigotry  Jul 16 2013, 09:49:39 AM
She will either A) apologize later today or B) say she was misquoted.

G.W.Perry:Abstinence Works Because It Works  Aug 18 2011, 11:23:29 AM

Any gay people here?  Aug 9 2011, 04:35:54 PM
So, here is the guy Goth is defending. He claims Rachel Maddow is hateful yet overlooks this idiots long list of racism. Goth, you have outdone yourself!

Rupert Murdoch is Toast!  Jul 18 2011, 02:23:58 PM
Every day there are more and more arrests made in this ever growing scandal.Hacking Scandal Forces Out London's Two Most Senior Police Officers.

Now there is this.

News Corp hacking whistleblower found dead: report

When you know too much and work for a parasite like Murdoch sh*# like this is just bound to happen.

Another Thin Skinned Cry Baby Who Wants To Be Pwezadint!  Jul 13 2011, 07:03:48 PM
Sorry about that. Fixed the link.

Christian Lady in Coffee Shop  Jul 8 2011, 12:10:03 PM
Why did people complain about her if she did not do anything? She was about to be kicked out anyway. I am surprised ANYONE could defend this woman and her actions.

Beginners was great!  Jul 4 2011, 05:09:25 PM
I wish this film would open in more theaters. Hasn't come to my theater yet but I plan on seeing it if it does.

Tracy Morgan Should Be FIRED!!!!! No More 30 Rock For ME!  Jun 14 2011, 12:03:12 PM
Ah, now it makes sense! (LOL)

Kicked out for texting at movies. Her voicemail is used for a pre-show PSA  Jun 7 2011, 10:58:03 AM
Well said Jordan. We are a very selfish society IMO. It's not just cell phones at movie theaters it's everyday life. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong decade.

NBC's The Event  Apr 15 2011, 06:31:46 PM
SO, I had not watched this show since last fall and had to go online and catch up. The show is dreadful however, I did not think the last 2 episodes were that bad. I keep wondering can this show all of a sudden get better? Does anyone know if this show has been renewed for a second season? Has anyone been watching this show and if so, do you think it has improved? Thoughts?

Tina Fey says Sarah Palin impression hurt '30 Rock's ratings.  Apr 6 2011, 02:33:39 PM
And then there is this.

If Sondheim wrote a musical adaptation of a movie....  Jan 26 2010, 06:05:15 AM
I have said for years we are LONG overdue for a Special Edition DICK TRACY DVD and BLU-RAY. A Sondheim segment special feature is an absolute must!

If Sondheim wrote a musical adaptation of a movie....  Jan 25 2010, 04:17:51 PM
I had heard a rumor years ago that Warren Beatty was planning on bringing DICK TRACY to Broadway and asked Sondheim to write a few more songs for the show. Beatty was planning on directing it. This would be really cool, if true. Apparently both Sondheim and Beatty have denied this. Would a LAST OF SHEILA musical work?

The SA Today is NOT the Same SA it use to Be.  Dec 25 2009, 10:29:30 AM
"Some will say, but the Salvation Army performs good work — the organization feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, clothes the impoverished, whether gay or straight.

Yes, yet there are many other organizations performing the same work as the Salvation Army that do not discriminate against gays and lesbians, that will not use your donation against you.

From the Salvation Army’s Web site: “The Army regards the origins of a homosexual orientation as a mystery and does not regar

re: Just One More Reason Why I LOVE Ian McKellen  Nov 17 2009, 06:47:50 PM
I'm bumping this for my buddy Goth!

Personal Message to Theatrefraud4 (No one else should read this!)  Nov 16 2009, 08:43:43 PM
No Frontal! I am no longer interested.

re: Carrie Prejean Sues for Religious Discrimination  Sep 3 2009, 08:50:10 PM

The problems between Prejean and Miss California escalated to such a level that the 22-year-old severed all ties with her state team several weeks prior to the April 19 national pageant, according a March 9 e-mail exchange in which Prejean wrote (in all caps) to Miss California co-director Keith Lewis:


2012  Aug 5 2009, 07:48:43 PM
The trailer to 2012 just looks stupid,in my opinion.

However, through the power of creative editing,the same trailer looks AWESOME!

The new and improved trailer to 2012. I think it's a major improvement!!!

re: Neil Patrick Harris  Jun 8 2009, 08:29:46 AM

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