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Stilts Onstage  Aug 1 2020, 04:13:14 PM

I was watching some footage of “Big Fish” and during “On the Road”, Karl the Giant is able to dance freely. Is he on stilts? How do they work and how on earth do they costume a character who uses stilts? (This is just how my mind wanders. )

To Kill a Mockingbird Cast Schedule  Apr 29 2019, 10:11:29 PM

Hi, all! Does anybody know if Celia Keenan Bolger will be our for the Friday May 10th performance? We’re going to try and rush that day and we’re really hoping to see her as Scout, but if she is out, I’m sure her understudy is incredible! Thanks in advance!

2019 Drama Desk Nominations  Apr 25 2019, 10:23:34 AM

Does anyone know where us out of towners can watch/stream the Drama Desk nominations? Thanks!


Mockingbird Understudies  Apr 1 2019, 03:50:36 PM
Has anyone out there seen the understudies/swings for To Kill a Mockingbird? If so how are they? Does Jeff Daniels understudy have a set show day like in Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen?

Way Too Early 2019 Tony Predictions thread  Mar 6 2019, 12:25:29 PM

I have the feeling best musical is either going to go to Cher Show or Be More Chill. I would love tp see The Prom get in there, but I have my doubts. Stephanie J. Block will likely win if she is nominated.

I would say in terms of plays, Gideon Glick is locked in. He absolutely fabulous as Dill and stole the show! Celia Keenan Bolger is also likely to be nominated. While Jeff Daniels is giving a stellar performance, I doubt he will win, however he will be nominated. Sorkin willb e nomin

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Dec 13 2018, 07:07:56 PM
Is merchandise still not available? Also, is opening night through invite only?

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 21 2018, 02:06:16 PM

If any guns are fired, are they firing blanks or is it a sound effect? Also, does the cast stage door at the end?

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 15 2018, 10:09:56 PM
One more question POSSIBLE SPOILERS!

I know I am asking a lot, so I PROMISE this will be the last time I post for awhile. Can anyone tell me about Boo Radley’s storyline? Do Scout, Jen and Dill make attempts to see him at all or is the subject forgotten about until the end of the show? In the book and film, the trial takes over a majority of the storyline, but I was curious as to how it is handled in the play. Much appreciated and again I promise to stop posting so much on here.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 14 2018, 10:01:43 PM

I do have two questions: Can someone describe he scuffle Atticus gets into with Bob Ewell? Someone in social media has said he lands a punch, which I wanted to check in with someone who has actually seen it. Also, is it appropriate for a class of middle school students? They have read the books and lid I am being brutally honest we’re uncomfortale with the “n” word. Does Sorkin use this word in the script? And would 16 kids from ages 12-15 enjoy the show? Thank you in advanc

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 7 2018, 05:22:43 PM

I know I am full of questions but, does anyone know how many steps there are? We bought tickets months ago and I just fell and broke my femur yesterday. My doctor says I will be able to go, but to be careful. Our seats are Row F of the Orchestra and when we bought tickets, we were not able to insure them or have the option to switch dates. If worse comes to worse, I will walk, I just would rather be comfortable so I can enjoy the show.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 7 2018, 12:18:28 PM

Does anyone know if any merchandise is sold? Mugs, T-Shirts, etc? If not, is it possible it could be sold closer to opening?


TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 7 2018, 12:32:05 AM
Also, does Jeff Daniels have scheduled time off? If we see his understudy on December 15, it is fine, but we work very much like to see him!

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 7 2018, 12:30:14 AM

Can anyone tell me what kind of part Dill’s Mother has? I am curious as she was only spoken about on the book, but I am kind of excited to see her in the show. Does she play a major role?


TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 6 2018, 10:55:02 PM

I have always loved this novel and I love the actors chosen for the show, not to mention Sorkin's writing. I was wondering and somewhat concerned in the few pictures I have seen that the play is directed to take place in modern day. Does the cast dress for 1930s Alabama or do they dress for 2018 America? Just curious.

To Kill a Mockingbird  Nov 5 2018, 10:48:54 AM

Hi, all!

I am an English professor and every year my students read To Kill a Mockingbird and every year they absolutely love it! It has been my favorite book since I was 11 years old and I was very excited when I heard ti was coming to Broadway. Based on the controversy surrounding the play this summer, I am somewhat concerned that it has completely changed from the novel's premise. I understand that Sorkin "adapted" it and wrote a whole new script, which I am open to. I

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