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What to do about ITH professional production with non POC in lead roles?  Jan 8 2019, 03:54:24 PM
This is why no one will ever take you seriously on this site ever again.

The minute you are in the wrong, you call people trolls.

CHOIR BOY PREVIEWS  Dec 10 2018, 04:59:34 PM
Doubt you will hear reports, everyone dipped tf out

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 04:55:37 PM
I’t wasnt two posters. We lost at least 20 longtime posters and the frequent ones. Which is why the board is so dead today.

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 04:22:00 PM
I apologize mr. Moderator

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 12:59:17 PM
Ghostlight I find your response upsetting to say the least.

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 12:20:24 PM
I just find it kinda disheartening if I’m being honest. I may be new here, but we all spend so much time talking together. Every day we come on here checking to see news, hearing rumors etc.

Many of us have even made friendships, a lot of us don’t have people to talk about theatre with so we come here. This is our happy place.

It’s disheartening to see my fellow posters be muted and accounts be banned for just wanting to communicate. It’s disheartening to see suggestions for

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 11:40:36 AM
Ahh I see. Last night I witnessed accounts be muted, threads be deleted from years ago. Random users posts being deleted. Do we know why that happend? Or was that what you stated there^

Also sorry mods, if I come off rude, not my intention at all! Just curious.

Carmen Jones to Circle in the Square?  Dec 10 2018, 11:30:29 AM
I found a reddit thread, that said Carmen jones is supposed to take it.

But it also said Oklahoma will, so I don’t really know

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 11:26:15 AM
Does this sort of thing happen often?

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 11:16:48 AM
I miss one day, one day I tell ya!

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 11:14:37 AM
What happend?

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 11:12:17 AM
This place seems dead this morning. Is everyone doing okay?

Revivals That Missed The Mark  Dec 10 2018, 11:04:36 AM
As much as I love that show. The city center production was a hot mess.

Previews  Dec 10 2018, 10:53:02 AM
Damn. I don’t wanna say, I saw this coming. But I saw this coming.

Why can Patti Murin tweet about Broadway World but Broadway World can't talk about Patti Murin?  Dec 9 2018, 08:49:21 PM
If you get upset over a message board, why are you returning to them just to get upset all over again?

Why can Patti Murin tweet about Broadway World but Broadway World can't talk about Patti Murin?  Dec 9 2018, 07:27:28 PM
Is there a way Patti can see what Sondheimite wrote? Im assuming she has blocked the boards again, but I feel like it’s an important post to read.

Thank you somdheimite, and Im glad you are still here.

First Cast Album  Dec 9 2018, 03:52:50 PM
My Fair Lady- OBC.

Jessica Vosk- Anita Video  Dec 9 2018, 03:51:45 PM
This will be my final comment on this issue, but like I said earlier White puerto ricans do exsist. Of course, the argument always is “well yeah, but the accent is offensive”.

Well, there are tons of mexican american actresses who fake an accent, so why shouldn’t a white person fake an accent since white puerto ricans are real.

The problem is, people are gonna bitch and moan over any casting that has to do with a white person.

If they casted lets say an asian america

Previews  Dec 8 2018, 09:41:52 PM
All kidding aside, I feel like this show could be a hit if Clay and Ruben were not the singers. Give me some other american idol duo who actually have a rather large fan base and watch the money pour in.

THE PROM Previews  Dec 7 2018, 06:58:03 PM
I just watched it on youtube and they are also claiming they are the best reviewed show of the season.

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