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Why can Patti Murin tweet about Broadway World but Broadway World can't talk about Patti Murin?  Dec 9 2018, 08:58:13 PM
If Patti Murin has SUCH a problem with these boards, block them. Don’t come back, stop putting yourself through this.

Why can Patti Murin tweet about Broadway World but Broadway World can't talk about Patti Murin?  Dec 9 2018, 06:47:04 PM
You allow us to talk badly about any other performance. You allow the Ruben and Clay thread to go on DAYS. But when we are adressed, we cant talk about it?

Why can Patti Murin tweet about Broadway World but Broadway World can't talk about Patti Murin?  Dec 9 2018, 06:30:54 PM
Look, I agree ive said some negative things about Ms. Murin. But when she calls us out we should be able to discuss it

Jessica Vosk- Anita Video  Dec 9 2018, 04:28:08 PM

I agree with Greenestreet when it comes to the fact that, white puerto ricans are real. So for maria, are only certain shades allowed?

The argument can go both ways, what these people are arguring are flat out dumb.

Should every actor in frozen have norewigen decent?

Should evety actor in Anastasia have Russian decent?

So by saying only dark shades can play maria, you are eliminating and denying the existence of white latinos.

While Vosk,

Upcoming Waitress cast replacements?  Dec 9 2018, 01:30:27 PM
There is something weird going on. Kimiko dipped out pretty suddenly, they can’t keep a Becky for more then 6 months, countless names have dropped.

I wonder what it is?

Best Musical Soundtracks ?  Dec 9 2018, 01:28:49 PM
We have entered the winter break period folks!

Christy Altomare In Anastasia  Dec 8 2018, 08:45:53 PM
You are going to miss her by a month

What is up with all these Harry Potter Ticket threads?  Dec 7 2018, 08:04:56 PM
I swear theres like five every single day, do these people actually buy tickets? Or are they scalpers?

Previews begin tonight. This should be fun. Who’s going?

It's Christmas Time in the City  Dec 7 2018, 01:24:20 PM
This is just a small traditon my family does and I wanted to share. Every year we go to juniors and then we take a walk in Central park and act like tourists for the day haha

THE PROM Previews  Dec 7 2018, 01:22:36 PM
What Come from away did, that I believe has helped them is they did a good job marketing the show before previews even started. The prom was dumb and waited till a week into previews to actually start marketing well. Which they are still struggling with as I see NOTHING around the city

Jessica Vosk- Anita Video  Dec 6 2018, 05:18:02 PM
Jessica was lead elphba. She picks when she goes on cause she is the lead. Laurel was standby. When you are a standby you don’t pick your dates.

Ya’ll just want to be outraged for no reason.

Chris Mann Broadway?  Dec 6 2018, 05:16:50 PM
I googled “Chris mann broadway” and the second result was the offical website for phantom on tour.

Jessica Vosk- Anita Video  Dec 6 2018, 05:13:00 PM

FlyHigh523 said: "kelsey1389 said: "Littleshopofcarrie said: "kelsey1389 said: "I logged out of twitter last night because that stuff was getting so ugly. I will say that everyone certainly overreacted, and that includes Vosk. Replying to comments, going into dms and acting this defensive (and at times, rude) didn't help her case, nor did it solve the situation. Twitter isn't a huge fan of her to begin with, so I'm assuming that played a part as

Upcoming Waitress cast replacements?  Dec 6 2018, 05:11:09 PM
It’s gonna be Caitlin and Chris. They were pretty good friends when they were in the cast together.

That will create a small hype and they can have more time to find a Jenna

Jessica Vosk- Anita Video  Dec 6 2018, 05:09:53 PM

FlyHigh523 said: "Icannot STAND Jessica Vosk, and this is just the cherry on top of the cake. Not only was her accent pathetic, but her responses of always playing the victim are old and inexcusable at this point. She's supposed to be a professional. Professionals don't whine about their problems on social media and tag people who have different opinions to go hate on them. Maybe if she would stop playing the victim for a day, she'd realize what she did was wrong and apol

Upcoming Waitress cast replacements?  Dec 6 2018, 01:27:21 PM
It’s not a new jenna. They would need press shots and photos for her, and a big thing.

It would make sense to buy out Alex and Leanne, cause lets face it, who’s really going to see them.

Bring in Kimiko and Chris, see if that does a bump.

Or the most logical thought, it’s sarah and they close in januaray

Upcoming Waitress cast replacements?  Dec 6 2018, 01:21:48 PM
Thanks guys! Well ketchup and mustard can only mean one thing.....


Alice By Heart Full Cast Announced  Dec 6 2018, 01:16:08 PM
Couple of things;

Girl from the north county must not be transfering this season, as Colton would choose that over an off broadway show.

Colton will not be Evan in Toronto.

Sadden to hear Lesli Margherita is not continuing.

Upcoming Waitress cast replacements?  Dec 6 2018, 01:12:00 PM
Where are you guys getting “pair” from??! It was no where in the BWW article. Mabye it was a typo.

Also, they would announce jenna first, not ogie.

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