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While we're on the subject....  Oct 12 2018, 06:19:11 AM

Question and Opinions  Oct 11 2018, 04:13:34 PM

dramamama611 said: "Didn't see Amelie - and I see almost everything.

I was bored silly during Tuck. Couldn't wait for it to be over.


A lot of people see almost everything and I’m sure they also saw Amelié soooo....

Jagged Little Bill Info  Oct 11 2018, 04:08:46 PM

Days of Rage Previews  Oct 10 2018, 10:28:53 AM

mailhandler777 said: "theaterwiz414 said: "To be fair, there is a sign to the left of the stairs that says that the production includes cigarette use and loud noises."

I didn't see it. Even if I did I'd still jump from that scene change


Totally understand. I’m surprised I didn’t because I was sitting so close! I hope you loved it though! 

Funny Girl Broadway Revival? Lady gaga?  Oct 10 2018, 08:44:14 AM

Now they're claiming it will be revived with Riosie and not Lady Gaga. What is going on here??

KING KONG - Previews  Oct 10 2018, 08:28:38 AM

Kad said: "Even before the accidents that plagued Spider-Man, it had a massive amount of press. It was Julie Taymor (who, it must be remembered, was still riding adoration for her work on Lion King at the time) and U2 promising you the biggest spectacle ever. Spider-Man was going to be doing his thing right in front of an audience, and the question of “how!?” was tantalizing.

King Kong has a very impressive puppet.

Wasn't Spiderman also in

2018/2019 Season  Oct 10 2018, 08:24:18 AM

So what do we think are going to be THE shows to see this coming season?

My predictions:



Kiss Me, Kate! 

The Ferryman? 

If it transfers, Girl From The North Country?


My mind is totally blank and I can't think of any others right now. 

Funny Girl Broadway Revival? Lady gaga?  Oct 10 2018, 07:47:13 AM

I'd rather have Lea Michele in this so she can stay far away from Wicked. I just don't think Gaga is right for Fanny. 

Cats Revival  Oct 10 2018, 07:41:44 AM

I'm honestly curious because I've never seen a production...why do people hate the musical Cats?

Days of Rage Previews  Oct 10 2018, 07:39:37 AM

To be fair, there is a sign to the left of the stairs that says that the production includes cigarette use and loud noises. 

Once on this Island lotto  Oct 10 2018, 04:45:47 AM
I’m pretty sure Bruce Springsteen on Broadway holds the record for most expensive tickets ($75!)

Days of Rage Previews  Oct 9 2018, 10:16:09 PM

dearalanaaaa said: "theaterwiz414 said: "bfreak said: "Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Seeing it Sunday night, what was the run time?"

I’m pretty sure it was 90 minutes, no intermission!

Not to assume ages, but what exactly was the 30 under 30 after party? Was there free food? And do actors there stagedoor?

I’m old enough to go to that, but i think it’s actually tomorrow? 


What is with all the bad musicals recently  Oct 9 2018, 09:43:12 PM

VotePeron said: "Here are some really wonderful new musicals that not everyone that views this board may be familiar with, but are worth checking out:

  • Hadestown
  • Hundred Days
  • Miss You Like Hell
  • Twelfth Night(Shaina Taub's...album coming out this month I think?)
  • Six(London pop musical about the lives of King Henry's 6 wives)

Those are just some in my Sp

Days of Rage Previews  Oct 9 2018, 09:03:33 PM

bfreak said: "Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Seeing it Sunday night, what was the run time?"

I’m pretty sure it was 90 minutes, no intermission! 

Days of Rage Previews  Oct 9 2018, 08:55:39 PM
I just got out of the first preview.

Wow. It’s incredibly poweeedul and timely and wow. I’m reminded of how little I know of the world around me. This is an important play. I personally really liked it but also felt disgusted by how little I know.

Al Roker to join Broadway cast of WAITRESS  Oct 9 2018, 06:29:56 PM
I knew he was a great choice!!!

Mean Girls Fan Day Performance  Oct 9 2018, 08:07:36 AM

bwayrose7 said: "First off, if this isn't the right thread for this, please let me know and I'll delete.

starcuffedjeans, I get what you're saying, and perhaps it's a generational thing: I hear a lot more teenagers using "stan" in a casual context that older fans. But if you're going to cite Urban Dictionary to say that "stan" doesn't refer to obsessive fans but just passionate ones, you might also want to note that, out of the s

Wicked Movie Cast (rumors, dreamcasts, etc.)  Oct 9 2018, 07:41:30 AM

CedricOates said: "Alright everyone, time to come clean. I’ve actually been tapped to play Elphaba in the movie."



Days of Rage Previews  Oct 9 2018, 07:40:40 AM

I'll be there and I'm looking forward to it. Sounds really interesting. 

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Funny Girl Broadway Revival? Lady gaga?  Oct 8 2018, 04:43:35 PM

JSquared2 said: "Miles2Go2 said:i saw Funny Girl with Natasha Barnes on the West End after Sheridan left the show. Barnes was radiant. I would love to see her in a Broadway production although it is my understanding that legally it’soften easier to use United States citizens in Broadway productions.

It's also often easier to sell tickets to a star-driven show with a star that people have actually heard of.


Anastasia and Mean

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