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TONY AWARDS 2020 OR 2021?  Nov 26 2020, 12:09:07 AM

Is this really going to happen?   It's been all quiet on the Tony front since the nominations were announced.  Is a network going to commit to putting together a show now when the interest seems to be quite minimal?  It's sad but there doesn't seem to be a concrete plan in place.

The Best Man - Spotlight on Plays - 10.14.2020  Oct 16 2020, 12:27:15 AM

I agree with Goodlead.  Had a lot of fun watching this, the Vidal dialogue sparkles and what a cast.  I thought Malkovich was excellent and Phylicia Rashad was delicious as the committee woman.  The confrontation scenes between Malkovich and Quinto (also formidable) packed a punch.  And Morgan Freeman was just right as the folksy ex-President.   It's worth catching...I streamed it on demand tonight (Broadway's Best Shows) and I think it's up through S

MUSIC MAN IN LAB  Sep 23 2020, 11:46:13 PM

I'd be surprised if they didn't postpone again, but they seem to be confident as they have just gone into a lab.  Why incur that expense now if you're not going to begin performances in April but are looking to a much later date.  More refunds will await eager ticket purchasers, who bought when the box office opened recently, and a lot of disappointment will be another unfortunate result if another postponement occurs.  Let's hope a vaccine becomes available ver

NBC Broadway Special?  Aug 20 2020, 10:49:44 AM

Re the Tonys:  that would seem preposterous at this stage of the game.  But maybe the members  of the League who have to pay a substantial amount to be members lobbied for something to be done, since one of the perks is to see the shows and vote for the Tonys.  One has to wonder about the viability of that organization given the difficult circumstances the industry now finds itself mired in.

OUR TOWN revival starring Dustin Hoffman; Bartlett Sher directs  Jul 1 2020, 07:21:12 AM

I liked "Mockingbird" quite a bit and thought Sher's staging was effective and moving.  He also did a brilliant "Joe Turner's Come and Gone", and I would think this would have been an opportunity to cast a major black latino, or asian artist  in the role of the stage manager to give it a new vibrancy.  That would be more reflective of American today, rather than a step back in time.  If you're going to do it older (Newman was 77, Hoffman wil

The Minutes & American Buffalo Will Now Start Performances in March  Jun 25 2020, 08:10:04 PM

The announcement for these productions came with a caveat, according to Deadline.  A statement from the producers noted that they intend to return when the governor okays gatherings of over 500 persons and, more noteworthy, when a vaccine has been implemented that will help guarantee the safety factors for the personnel on stage and the audience.  That is deemed essential.  I'm not certain that this means that these productions will necessarily hold to these dates but are h

Griffin Matthews’ Post  Jun 6 2020, 03:35:24 PM

I think Michael you make a very convincing argument.  What is encouraging is that the discussion here which, for the most part, is energized and thoughtful.   And it's interesting that there is a striking degree of diversity on stage in terms of talent, as opposed to on the creative and management side.   Furthermore, I think there is some credit due to the producer and director who assented to take this journey with a hitherto unknown writer.  So many writer

LOVE LETTERS With Bryan Cranston & Sally Field Streams Tonight 5/21  May 21 2020, 10:53:38 PM

What a pleasure to see this and I thought they played off one another beautifully.  It's a lovely piece and I was surprised to learn that it was actually a Pulitzer Prize finalist.  If there is ever a play like this in the future, the correspondence that will be detailed will be e-mail.  This is so unlike what Cranston has done on the stage (All The Way, Network)- those were epic, bravura performances.  This was understated and sensitive and totally engaging. 

SPOTLIGHT ON PLAYS Star-Studded Benefit Readings Begin Thursday 5/7  May 11 2020, 11:23:43 PM

I definitely agree, Jordan.   Some plays grow in stature over the years and "November" is certainly helped with the current administration.  As I was watching it, I thought this could have been written during the past year.  Glad to have seen it-- not only was it outrageously funny but so pertinent (can't believe that impeachment line was in the original script but I've been told it was)--and John Malkovich was incredible.   He gave a devil

The Minutes Preview Thread  Mar 4 2020, 08:59:53 AM

Saw this last night...and was truly surprised.  An absolutely stunning piece of theatre...think about Our Town crossed with some Jordan Peele ("Get Out" with vividly realized characters (should one expect less of Tracy Letts who is one of the major playwrights of our time), with an expert ensemble of actors.  Don't want to give anything away but my friends and I talked about it for nearly a

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre  Feb 20 2020, 10:41:23 PM

"Deathtrap"...and the night I saw it there was a large scream after collective audience scream...I turned around and attendants were rushing into the theatre.  We were told at intermissionthat a man had had a heart attack but was in stable condition.  It  was that scary and gasp-inducing....

SONDHEIM HYPOCRISY?  Feb 18 2020, 01:37:25 AM

Are you sure about the Porgy and Bess situation?   Sondheim seems very open to reinterpretation of his own work, witness the gender changes in the forthcoming "Company".  Why would he criticize a reproduction of another artist's work when it is being reimagined?   I much preferred the streamlined 21st century Broadway "Porgy and Bess" to the sometimes lugubrious and overwritten folk opera presented in its entirety.  

Which Play to See?  Jan 11 2020, 10:59:49 PM

I love Laurie Metcalf but I've seen her three years in a row:  A Doll's House 2, Three Tall Women, Hilary and Clinton..and Virginia Woolf just doesn't interest me since I feel I just saw it with Amy Morton and Tracy Letts, both brilliant.  Ms. Metcalf will probably be brilliant but I'll wait for her to choose another play, hopefully one that isn't 3 hrs plus.   My choices would be one new play, either The Minutes or Hangman (both Letts and McDonagh are

Favorite Shows of 2019  Dec 28 2019, 09:15:08 PM

In no particular order:

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

The Prom

The Sound Inside


Hilary and Clinton

Greater Clements


Height of the Storm

Scotland, Pa.




Favorite Shows of 2019  Dec 28 2019, 09:14:28 PM

In no particular order:

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

The Prom

The Sound Inside


Hilary and Clinton

Greater Clements


Height of the Storm

Scotland, Pa.




Your Top 10 Shows This Decade  Dec 27 2019, 10:25:38 PM






















Remembering Jerry Herman  Dec 27 2019, 09:51:46 PM

YOU I LIKE (d)... a grand songwriter

Mary Louise Parker  Nov 10 2019, 12:21:25 AM

No, I saw  her years ago and she was absolutely superb.  A landmark performance.  I just assume that she will receive a nom for its first Broaway production.  

Mary Louise Parker  Nov 10 2019, 12:14:23 AM

Could Mary-Louise Parker receive two nominations in the category of Best Actress this year?  I know she was so brilliant in "How I Learned to Drive" and that is practically assured.  Does she have a shot for "The Sound Inside"?  I recall Jan Maxwell was nominated but not in the same category for "Follies" and I think "The Royal Family" in the same year.  

Not Nominated / Should Have Won  Oct 28 2019, 12:37:43 AM

Gideon Glick- Significant Other- a heartbreaking, funny, spellbinding performance.  He not only should have been nominated; he should have won.

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