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RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April  Mar 11 2020, 06:05:42 PM

I went to the first preview of Ragtime on Broadway and saw it at least three more times, so GREAT!   I will see you at this in-concert version...YES! 

The Jungle - St. Ann's Warehouse  Oct 18 2019, 12:16:05 PM

Hi,  what are the best seat locations for this at St. Ann's? 

Company Audience Rewards Pre-sale  Oct 14 2019, 10:37:42 AM


I called Audience Rewards (866-313.9635)  and got the pre sales codes and then call Tele-charge and gave them the regular price seats code and it WORKED. didn't have to wait for the email. I got B 103-104 for $189 each

Here's the codes:


CMAUPMID - mid prem




Best Scene Changes  Aug 29 2019, 07:43:42 AM

Also the final scene of Three Tall Women when the rear wall of the set goes up and reveals a mirror, which then tilts slowly and reflects the bedroom.  The effect was stunning.

Best Scene Changes  Aug 28 2019, 02:53:51 PM

Here are a few that quickly come to mind:

Angles in America: When Prior is given another chance at life and returns from Heaven. The transition and the way he came though the ceiling of his hospital room and lands back in the bed. Breathtaking!

Hadestown: the set change during Wait for Me

Oklahoma: the blackouts and video projections, especially Judd and Curley scene

Fiddler on the Roof (current London revival) the final scene when the villagers are fleeing Anatevk

The Grapes of Wrath on Broadway  Jun 9 2019, 01:25:38 PM

The production was stellar.  Many many breathtaking moments.  Also pretty much launched Gary Sinise into stardom.  The scene near the end where they place the dead child in the river was galvanic.  Here's a clip from the 1990 TONY's:



Trevor Nunn is directing The Bridges of Madison County in London  May 7 2019, 06:53:32 PM

I saw the Trevor Nunn directed production Fiddler on the Roof at The Menier Chocolate Factory, and am quite sure this will redefine BOMC.  Stand by for West End and Broadway transfers.

Bad Theater Behavior  May 5 2019, 04:07:36 PM

I was at a performance of Matilda (touring) in Orch row g center.  A couple arrived and took the pair of seats next to me......and they had an INFANT with them.  I would say about 9 months old. AND of course the baby started to act up AND then the mother begins to breast feed the child. I honestly could not believe what i was seeing. I went found the house manager and complained but he said there was nothing he could do and would move me to another seat.  I hated the show and l

Oklahoma! seating  Apr 13 2019, 06:16:52 PM

There is enough chili for everyone. The chili comes with cornbread and is a really nice treat.  Also the onstage serving adds a feeling of even more inclusiveness.  I was in row E in the 237-9, highly recommend this area as most of the action takes place directly in front of you and the projections still are very impactful.

Virginia Woolf Revival  Apr 13 2019, 06:01:32 PM

I agree regarding The Goat but seeing Metcalf as Martha a deceptive woman hiding her feelings and secrets and treating her husband appallingly.  Count me in!  I last saw this in London with an amazing Diana Rigg.

Lehman or Ferrryman?  Mar 23 2019, 12:19:46 PM

Which would you see if you had to pick one?

Chill or Oklahoma  Feb 23 2019, 05:11:29 PM

Thanks. I saw the NT production of OK in London with Hugh Jackman and then the anemic Broadway transfer, from what i have read about this revival...its falling into the MUST SEE category.

Chill or Oklahoma  Feb 23 2019, 04:32:29 PM

I will be in NYC for a few days in April.  I have tickets for these shows: Mockingbird, Ferryman, Hadestown and Chill.  I really want to see Oklahoma and want advice. dump the BMC tix for OK?

The Inheritance  Jan 9 2019, 07:30:11 PM

I saw this in London last week. It will come to Broadway and win the Pulitzer and TONY for Best Play.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF MENIER  Jan 9 2019, 07:26:51 PM

Trevor Nunn directed this masterpiece so it will be noticed.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF MENIER  Jan 9 2019, 06:54:04 PM

I saw this in London and was astounded! Brilliant and timely. The cast and direction are stellar. Fiddler should (i hope) transfer to NY.

 Jan 9 2019, 06:46:34 PM

August cancellation line anyone??  Aug 19 2018, 02:34:33 PM

I walked by on Sunday 8/19 at 11:45 and there were 5 people on line. i thought....why not. I had a ticket (J 101) by 12:41!! Fluke?

Hello Dolly tix for sale 8/16 face value  Aug 10 2018, 06:55:25 PM

I have a pair of HD tickets for Thursday 8/16.  I can't use them and will sell at face value plus service charges. LOCATION ORCH row K 6-8. Never done this before, so guide me with next steps.  I would rather see them go to a Broadway fan than some stubhub slub. dm me.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Seating/Pricing Thread  Jun 15 2018, 07:54:17 AM

They are Orch F1 and F3!  I thought they might be to close but after seeing the pic from F2.  WOW. cant wait.

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