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THIS HOUSE by James Graham. National Theatre Live.  May 30 2020, 08:29:27 PM
Absolutely loved the broadcast. Won’t lie- was mad co fused about the politics, but was riveted by the whole thing. I think Quiz is his most recent play with Ink coming before...was this his first big production? Loved it!

The Secret Life of Bees -  May 19 2020, 12:56:15 AM
Sorry, but there is a much better version of this song called “Light My Candle.” (From Rent)

Actors being fired / replaced  May 19 2020, 12:23:30 AM
Has anyone mentioned Tom Aldridge becoming a replacement during previews of “Passion?” I saw the first preview and a very stout, strange non-singing actor (who I guess was popular in the downtown avant garde scene) played Fosca’s father. At that first preview I knew how beautiful the show was, but much of the audience non-intentional laughter wasn’t helped by this actors bizarre performance. I’m sorry I don’t recall his name.

Girl From The North Country - Broadway Previews  Feb 29 2020, 03:33:30 PM
Spoiler to follow. Saw the Friday evening performance and was knocked out by the whole experience. I knew going in it would be untraditional. I found the entire evening magical. Every element so carefully considered. Every performance was beautiful, though the love story between Marianne and the boxer was fantastic. Mare does steal the show, but Luba Mason is such a surprise in Act Two.

For me, this was great art and I can think of countless achievements of great art that the publ

Gay Character Monologue Help  May 24 2019, 08:59:50 PM
I believe Samuel French might have a book of monologues for gay characters.

A Strange Loop at Playwrights Horizons  May 24 2019, 08:52:51 PM
I was at a 54 concert of the songs. The lyrics were beyond inept and the music was derivative and boring. But it had lots of heart and everyone seemed to be into it.

“Preppies - The Musical”  May 24 2019, 08:50:51 PM
Does anyone remember this off- broadway musical? It had a score written by the guy who wrote the theme to Cheers and Punky Brewster. I remember listening to the recording once and thinking how horrible it was. But I was maybe 10 years old. Nothing is available online that I could find. Anyone?

Tootsie- worst musical of the year  May 19 2019, 06:09:16 PM
I defy anyone to convince me that Tootsie is anything but the worst musical of the year. It is so clear that Yazbek did it for the paycheck. And that book. For all the talk of how funny I was told it was I was surrounded by audience members who barely laughed. I should add that when the show was over throngs of audience members got up and left without staying for the curtain call. Its an awful looking set with summer stock choreography performed by an ensemble that looked like they would ra

Play Me a Country Song - Broadway Flop???  Jan 4 2019, 01:17:59 AM

Anyone have any recollections from this atrocious 1980's flop?  It's one of those musicals that not even flop aficionados seem to discuss.  

THE PROM Previews  Nov 5 2018, 01:27:10 AM

Regarding the comment that the Midwestern folks are portrayed poorly, I would also add that the New York Theatre characters are portrayed as over the top, anything for attention, self-centered.  Nobody is left unscathed.  I thought this was the point.  I wasn't offended, I was amused that everyone get their due.  Maybe the show is too gentle to really stir up serious controversy in the portrayal of the characters, but again, I thought this was the point.  It seems

THE PROM Previews (possible spoiler ahead)  Oct 27 2018, 01:19:50 AM
Please don’t do that. I am not a shill. Infact, I was nervous to post such a rave review for The Prom without being very well known on here because I was afraid someone would call me a shill. Should we only posit pans? Where is the logic in calling anyone a shill, especially someone like Jordan who has been posting for ages on here. Go see the show and see for yourself whether we are shilling or not.

THE PROM Previews (possible spoiler ahead)  Oct 25 2018, 04:09:49 PM

The rainbow song and the Godspell number are both called "The Acceptance Song."  It's in Act One.



When Sondheim refuses to write them an anthem to perform Chris' character (Trent) writes what they all acknowledge is a pretty horrible song.  Yet when their press rep gets them a halftime show performance opportunity, they all agree to perform it.  The Godspell cast members even do an hilarious riff on the "Prodigal Son

THE PROM Previews  Oct 24 2018, 06:19:11 PM
I am with Jordan on this one. To suggest this is a flop is odd. There is so much smart writing, great composing, inventive direction, and a cast that just knocks it out of the park- this is not a case of so bad it’s good. This is good good. Again, it’s an old fashioned musical in style and it takes a very big risk to make left leaning do-gooders look just as foolish as those on the right who hate “the other.” There is nothing flop about this show. “Dance of the Vampires” was so bad it was

THE PROM Previews  Oct 23 2018, 10:54:56 PM

I know I’m sort of new on here, but I had to post about The Prom.  I was lucky enough to see this first preview tonight and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.  First off, the cast is so crazy talented.  Beth has a solo in the second act where she leaves a room and then comes right back in with a slight costume change and just steals the damn show. The audience went ballistic.  The actor playing the principal looked like h

NYMF 2018  Jul 6 2018, 11:38:54 PM


Soft Power at the Curran  Jun 21 2018, 02:19:51 AM

Caught the first preview tonight, though I overheard production members saying it's really just a continuation of the LA run since they did not rehearse between cities.  That strikes me as a real shame because this could be a truly great theatrical experience.  They deserve all the time they can get to work on things- particularly the love story that evolves within the musical.  However, I fear I might be stating the obvious here...this show will never, ever work with the m

HEAD OVER HEELS at the Curran - Reviews  Apr 19 2018, 11:47:43 PM

The powers that be from Gwyneth on down should pay close attention to Lily's review because it is spot on.  NY will not be as forgiving for the flaws mentioned.

HEAD OVER HEELS at the Curran - Reviews  Apr 16 2018, 12:13:30 AM

Friday night they were in the back of the orchestra.

If you liked this over Spring Awakening, that is totally fair.  It simply means we like different kinds of theatre.  I loved Spring Awakening.

HEAD OVER HEELS at the Curran - Reviews  Apr 15 2018, 08:52:50 PM

I was also at the Friday 13th evening performance.  You got the wrong name of the king.  That was Jeremy Kushnier of Footloose fame.  I could have done without all his homophobic gestures to get laughs from the audience.

The songs are the real highlight here.  The duet between Pamela and her handmaid is the highlight of Act One, I thought.  Nothing else really lands.  The show is terribly uneven as far as pacing goes.  Some songs end with applaus

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