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Dreamgirls  Feb 24 2020, 05:05:48 PM

I had a chance to see it as well - stunning, entertaining, moving, and phenomenal!!  Broadway would be Lucky to get it!!!  Saw it towards the end of the their run with no 'names' in it - or at least people I was familiar with and thought it was perfect!!!


Glick in Little Shop  Feb 3 2020, 06:17:59 PM

Just saw this and even after reading everyone's opinions and views, I went in with open eyes, heart, and mind.  What I saw was a mix matched cast that seems to somewhat be in all of their own shows?  Borle was great a genius at musical theater comedy and has a wonderfully entertaining and fresh take on the Dentist and 'other' characters. 

 Tammy's Audrey was simply unusual and maybe a little unsettling - it became a little one note in a way and was s

Young Frankenstein Live  Jan 9 2020, 04:43:32 PM

This will be a bit of a risk but with Mel's name attached to it, and 'theater - TV' actors attached (Levi, Mullally, Martin) I think this could be one of the higher rated Live Musicals.  October would be a great month to air it.  Waiting to see how this plays out...

I actually really enjoyed the London production, with the cuts, and actually found myself laughing a bit more then the folks around me.  The timing and jokes were spot on

Favorite Flop?  Nov 20 2019, 04:12:21 PM

I have to put my two cents in and vote for Side Show as well - the original and revival - it's unique subject, beautiful songs, and message make it a favorite of mine-

Big Fish is also a favorite flop -I've always wondered if they created it as a play with music if it might've worked?

TINA Previews  Oct 18 2019, 04:53:28 PM

What cracks me up is that people are dissecting this as if it's some kind of Archaeology find - the majority of people know Tina's life story and most of her music - this is a Bio jukebox musical.  So you are going to hear her music and a simplified version of her life in about two and half hours.  I saw it in the West End and loved it.  The energy, singing, and dancing will blow you away - are there some slower scene's - YES - are there going to be some not so perf

Darren Criss Headed back to Broadway!?  Oct 24 2019, 05:14:30 PM

not sure this is really a great fit - the character is supposed to be a bit dumb and dull- and don't see Criss as a push over- should be a younger actor too- best of luck to them

Whoopi to play in Sister Act West End?  Oct 24 2019, 05:04:04 PM

WOW - I am very curious as to how this will play out... I'm guessing they have all ready changed the show to suit Whoopi when she slips in for the the five weeks. I can't imagine them starting the tour with a version, changing it for Whoopi then reverting back to the previous version.  I like the idea of having an older Delores, kind of adds a few layers to the character - but Whoopie is in her mid 60's!  and prices are now reflective of bway prices - YIKES!

Thoughts on Back to the Future The Musical?  Oct 15 2019, 09:33:11 PM

I think Roger Bart will add a bit of his zaniness and combine it with a bit of 'Classic Doc' to make a character that is familiar but isn't an impersonation of Lloyd's Doc.  I think he is a great fit - Hope it makes it over to this side of the pond.  I think this show will work as a musical - it has a source that is almost 100 percent perfect and a part of so many childhoods   That alone will bring the people in!


Alice Ripley  Jul 23 2019, 07:35:22 PM

Alice is one of my favorites of all time - simply because of her uniqueness - there is a 'polished rawness' to her that makes her relatable and human as a character and draws me in as an audience member compared to other actors/actress' that are so technical and by the book that it almost becomes slightly distant and boring.  She plays a lot of 'broken' characters and the tone and style of her voice just enhances the imperfections and flaws of them- she is my cup

Why Are So Many Broadway Shows Closing: Katherine Steele: YouTube  Jul 22 2019, 06:48:03 PM

She could've saved us 7 minutes by just reading the Forbes article to us- since she didn't add any research, facts, or knowledge of her own to this video,

Independence Day performances  May 21 2019, 05:12:51 PM

I don't think there are any evening performances on the 4th but there are a couple of shows that have a matinee - Beetlejuice being one of them

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Mar 14 2019, 08:02:52 PM

I'm curious as to where the ticket prices will start?  Do you think Hugh is bigger then Bette and will be even higher in price or about the same as Bette?  I do think that tickets prices have gotten a little outrageous - and I understand there are a lot of people to pay - but it's almost becoming a destination rather then a night out.  In London you can see just as big of stars for 1/2 the price of Broadway - all right I'll stop my picking and pecking...

CENTER THEATER GROUP - Worst Season Ever?  Mar 4 2019, 09:21:53 PM

I have a feeling that Dear Evan Hanson will be the TBD show that comes back - after this season they are going to need a show that makes them money.  

BE MORE CHILL (Broadway) Previews  Feb 27 2019, 11:46:14 PM

greenifyme2 said: "Bwayornoway said: "I'm wondering if the off bway show "Superhero' will be the Hit BMC wants to be. I haven't seen 'Superhero' but the videos of the show songs seem more engaging and relatable to a wider audience then the songs of BMC. Nothing against BMC and we are now comparing a freshman off bway show to a now bway show. May the strongest heartbeat win!"

Don’t see how that’s possible.Not to throw

BE MORE CHILL (Broadway) Previews  Feb 27 2019, 07:24:47 PM

I'm wondering if the off bway show "Superhero' will be the Hit BMC wants to be.  I haven't seen 'Superhero' but the videos of the show songs seem more engaging and relatable to a wider audience then the songs of BMC.  Nothing against BMC and we are now comparing a freshman off bway show to a now bway show.  May the strongest heartbeat win!

 Feb 14 2019, 02:21:30 PM

I think this is their way of gracefully bowing out and shelving this quietly.  I can't imagine a show this size and expense not having an out of town tryout - just saying I think it flat lined.  I am curious of what happens to the London "Thriller" show that's been running for years?

Oklahoma! Transfer cast  Feb 11 2019, 08:07:29 PM

I'm assuming so...I saw a casting recently for this bway transfer and it was only for an understudy/cover for Curley.  No other casting news

Into the Woods at The Hollywood Bowl  Feb 9 2019, 01:49:58 PM

The Hollywood Bowl always uses a large handful of cast members that have all ready done the show, since the rehearsal period is so short.  I'm betting on Vanessa Williams as the Witch and if they can get him... James Cordin.  They will prob do some kind of stunt casting for the wolf and a youtube star or disney kid to be Little Red!

Betty Buckley is out again?  Feb 9 2019, 01:37:28 PM

for the record since some of you are counting how many times she calls out - she was out again last night (Friday 2/8)  The exchange line was very long- it's very frustrating and disappointing when people buy tickets for a show and the 'star' is out.  But I also feel like half the people in the audience probably don't know who Beatty even is...and the U/S was spot on and has amazing pipes!  She sang some of those songs better then I've ever heard them- just

REVIVE CARNIVAL  Feb 4 2019, 10:47:42 PM

darquegk said: "Forget Carnival. Revive CARNIVALE- it was far ahead of its time, and we as a peak-TV culture have finally caught up to what the show promised before being cut short. Clancy Brown isn't gonna live forever, so we need to make this happen now.


darquegk - I couldn't agree with you more!! Now is the time for it to roll back into town!  HA AH AHA   I wish Clancy Brown would come to bway too!

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