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Nick Cordero Theatre  Jul 7 2020, 05:09:48 PM
I’m not sure if this would happen, but what about a plaque being attached to the building outside somewhere? Or inside somewhere? Something dedicated to him and keep his memory alive.

RIP Nick Cordero  Jul 5 2020, 09:22:05 PM
So heartbreaking. He fought so hard. She fought so hard. I’m so sad for them. So sad Elvis will never know his father.

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Jun 20 2020, 01:32:51 PM

ElphabaGoodman said: "Luminaire2 said: "Took me forever to find this thread again.

Anastasia tour is done.

Anastasia will be going back out as a non-union tour.

Sure, but I have doubts about that as scheduled also. It’s on my 20/21 season in January... 

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Jun 20 2020, 11:55:59 AM

Took me forever to find this thread again.

Anastasia tour is done.

Eden Espinosa called out Nederlander Oragnization  Jun 9 2020, 01:09:56 AM

Sutton Ross said: "It's like 20 people yelling on Twitter. It will blow over.

Perhaps you would like systemic racism to blow over? Whatever, it doesn't matter what you think, it WON'T and this incredible open letter is a start. It is signed by the best and brightest BIPOCin the theater community.So, nah, not 20 randoms on socials anymore. Deal with it.

Dear White American Theater

Eden Espinosa called out Nederlander Oragnization  Jun 8 2020, 11:08:31 AM

So, since I created this thread it’s turned into more of a campaign. Both Karen and Eden have created videos and shared documents about #showmereceipts

Karen has been informed that the Nederlander Organization has shifted since 2016. But the campaign is the same, want me as an actor (any producer or theatre owner)? Show me the receipts. Eden seems to be on the same page.

Eden Espinosa called out Nederlander Oragnization  Jun 7 2020, 09:21:50 PM

Sutton Ross said: "She also has tons of support within the industry that agree with her, support her, and stand with her through this. So, I'd say the "plenty of people" are now standing by her side regarding this."

And she has a great point. The shows put on have some incredible messages that are contradictory to the organizations many of these rich landlords / producers donate to.

There is a certain irony being the house of &ld

Eden Espinosa called out Nederlander Oragnization  Jun 7 2020, 05:57:13 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Yes, Karen Olivo just listed his many, many, many contributions to Orange Fu*ck Face, too.


Thanks for heads up! I’ll add her video to OP. 

Nederlander Oragnization Called Out  Jun 7 2020, 05:51:52 PM

Eden Espinosa refusing to work in any of his houses. You go girl!

“I can not accept the fact that I have contributed to a company that knowingly supports such hate. That knowingly gives to an organization in DIRECT opposition to the messages WE are trying to spread in YOUR shows. NO MORE”


I need a Hairspray revival.  Jun 7 2020, 11:47:00 AM

JennH said: "Personally? The revival we need right now isn't Hairspray...but Ragtime. Same subject, way more 'Hello??!! This crap is still happening!". I enjoy Hairspray for what it is, but it leans way to more into the audience psyche as something that happened 50 years ago, but everything is ok now...I mean Ragtime has this issue too to a degree, but it's just way more in your face about racial justice and the events surrounding it. The 09 revival didn't hit ve

2020-2021 Touring Season  Jun 6 2020, 03:35:23 PM

DiscoCrows said: "SouthernCakes said: "So now according to a new casting notice they’re trying to cast the majority of the leads as POC. Is this to “cash in” on the current situation? "

Just saw this on Twitter. This is for the Tootsie tour for those who don’t know. I hate to make assumptions but this is just so... odd...

Cooper Howell/dancebelts/um....  Jun 5 2020, 12:06:38 PM

disneybroadwayfan22 said: "The director was thankfully fired yesterday. Awful!

That seems to have happened a while ago unrelated to his post, something Dominique said a while back is what prompted that firing. 

Best Scene Changes  Jun 4 2020, 10:01:24 PM
I’ve been on a bit of a Hairspray nostalgia kick, I really enjoy the “Welcome to the 60s reprise” scene change.

Griffin Matthews’ Post  Jun 2 2020, 09:00:53 PM
Wow. What a video. I heard every word loud and clear.

Vanity Fair on Broadway's Reopening -  May 26 2020, 04:08:11 PM

Did everyone see this image going around from a theatre in Berlin. The new future for a while.

Actors being fired / replaced  May 22 2020, 11:26:48 AM

LarryD2 said: "If I recall correctly Daphne said in an interview somewhere that she had to teach Joan backstage etiquette, including tipping her dresser.

I've worked in theater for thirty-plus years. To be fair, I doubt this is common knowledge among people who have little/no theater experience, as Jett did when she was in ROCKY HORROR.

sorry wait... tipping your dresser? 

Broadway Stars With COVID-19/Coronavirus  May 20 2020, 07:31:27 PM

schubox said: "Luminaire2 said: "Amanda just posted a not so great update on IG. Nick is not doing well today and she’s asked for prayers. Send your energy to Nick, and everyone still fighting today for their lives."

What was the not so great part? All I saw was her asking for big prayers

she didn’t go into details, but with her starting to break down on camera I just figure it isn’t a good day for Nick. 


Broadway Stars With COVID-19/Coronavirus  May 20 2020, 03:18:11 PM
Amanda just posted a not so great update on IG. Nick is not doing well today and she’s asked for prayers. Send your energy to Nick, and everyone still fighting today for their lives.

Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong?  May 18 2020, 02:34:28 PM

Dave13 said: "As others have mentioned, the show lacked magic or the wow factor. It was fatal that the show didn’t have the ice castle. Sure it could have been expensive to build an ice castle, but you can do so much with special effects to bring it to life. The glowing eyed trolls looked like aliens. I have no idea what that was about. Then the hot tub scene with half naked people dancing in a children’s show is just plain dumb. There was nothing great about that scene a

Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong?  May 15 2020, 01:28:28 PM
Disney has all the resources. They killed it with BatB, Mary Poppins, and Lion King (in terms of design, effects, world building).

Frozen had great elements, but Let it Go should have been a special effects, scenic design show stopper. It wasn’t. The ending of the show (the Anna freezing moment) was this out of place theatrical device that isn’t really used anywhere else in the show. Some big flaws IMO.

I firmly believe if they had built a closing act 1 number that lived up

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