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Repeat Attenders fan documentary premieres at DOC NYC  May 16 2020, 11:20:11 AM

It's now available to rent on Vimeo. I watched this morning and enjoyed it. It's nothing groundbreaking and I don't know how interesting it would be for someone who isn't a theatre fan but nonetheless, it's a good watch!  The scenes with Debbie Gibsons stalker are particularly interesting/terrifying.

It also made me realise what absolutely, truly bizarre shows Starlight Express and Cats are.


Tootsie National Tour: Equity Production Scrapped, to start non-union?  May 5 2020, 04:26:26 PM

Apologies if this is a dumb question or a bit off-topic but I'm genuinely curious - what benefits are there for an actor to be non-union? I understand everyone has to start somewhere but the last Hairspray tour had a few "older" actors in the mix. I would have assumed, given how especially fickle theatre is, everyone would want to be part of a union

Hello Dolly 2017 revival brochure  Apr 29 2020, 01:33:01 PM

That's it!

Hello Dolly 2017 revival brochure  Apr 29 2020, 01:19:40 PM

Firstly, this is probably a long shot. I saw the Broadway revival of Hello Dolly in 2018 (Donna Murphy's final performance) and it remains one of the most thrilling experiences I've had in a theatre. I foolishly opted out of buying a souvenir programme and have regretted it ever since. I have looked and looked online for one but no avail. By any chance, is someone on here selling one or know someone that is?

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Apr 23 2020, 05:31:05 PM

Waaay behind - just finished the episode with Judy Gold... god, I love her. Funnily enough, I was listening to another podcast with today and she mentioned how she was set to make her Broadway debut in the fall but due to coronavirus it's looking unlikely. Does anyone know what show this was?? I can't seem to find anything on google. She's an absolute treasure and I'd love to see her on Broadway

I need a Hairspray revival.  Apr 22 2020, 04:38:02 PM

I've been on a Hairspray kick lately and have had the cast recording playing on a loop - I feel like it's often chalked up as just another fluffy, family musical ala High School Musical or Grease but it truly is one of the greatest scores of the last 50 years.  I saw the London production several times throughout it's run and always left the theatre on such an adrenaline high.

With a few people on the board suspecting Broadway will re-open with lots of r

If I Forget Previews  Apr 1 2020, 01:00:47 PM

I just watched this on BroadwayHD, not knowing what to expect when I hit play, and absolutely loved it. 

I often find plays with any sort of political storyline a bit much, as in, I've seen very few that don't beat you over the head with a message but this one does it exactly the right way - lots of food for thought without ever distracting from the family drama. Out of curiosity, was there ever any talk of bringing this to Broadway? 

COMPANY revival recording  Mar 24 2020, 01:50:35 PM

I can't imagine Equity would allow the entire company and orchestra work at the minute. I also can't imagine the producers would want to part with the money it takes to record a cast recording right now - the priority is to have enough money to ride out the next few weeks and re-open when things get a bit better.

Muriel's Wedding the Musical  Feb 24 2020, 05:39:36 PM

Looks like it's getting another New York workshop. Does anyone know who was involved in the last workshop a few months back?

What made Natasha Richardson so brilliant as Sally?  Feb 21 2020, 03:42:41 PM

I've been on a Cabaret buzz lately and am especially fond of the 1998 revival cast recording. I'm curious, for anyone who saw her live, what made Natasha Richardson such a brilliant Sally? I've come across posts all over the web, people recalling her "breathtaking" performance and am curious to hear the boards thoughts!

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre  Feb 14 2020, 01:05:05 PM

Can someone elaborate on The Ferryman ending?

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre  Feb 12 2020, 11:46:05 AM

I've been looking through the playbills I've collected over the years and got to thinking ... what plot twist/special effect etc. you have witnessed in a theatre has solicited the loudest gasp?

Spoilers ahead!

I think the biggest I've encountered was during the Donmar Warehouse production of "Appropiate" when 

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Toronto's theatre scene  Feb 5 2020, 04:49:22 PM

Hey everyone! I'm moving to Toronto in a few months and I'm curious to hear some of your thoughts on the theatre scene. Besides the big tours that pass through, what theatres/companies/actors etc are worth checking it out? 

(I know there's a Toronto board but it looks as though it gets less traffic than the main one)

Broadway Flops succeeding in Europe  Feb 2 2020, 03:26:00 PM

qolbinau said: ""9 to 5 isdoing pretty good on the West End right now."

I just find it so interesting - because Europe and London is stereotypically more 'cultured' than the US, I have found that people assumeBroadway is the more commercial, trashier, less artistic platform for musical theatre than the West End. But in reality it's the complete, complete opposite - New York City is high art for musicals and we should be so proud of that.

MATILDA movie musical confirmed.  Jan 17 2020, 03:30:35 PM

Julia Davis as Mrs. Wormwood please.

The Bands Visit workshop cast - super quick question  Jan 3 2020, 03:49:11 PM

Ah! Yes, thank you!

The Bands Visit workshop cast - super quick question  Jan 3 2020, 02:59:53 PM

Fairly recently I read a post on this board, talking about who played Dina in some of the workshops/readings for The Bands Visit. For absolutely no other reason than I cannot, for the life of me, remember who it was - who played Dina in the workshops?

I want an August Osage County revival.  Dec 16 2019, 05:23:14 PM

I just finished reading August Osage County for perhaps the tenth time and I really do believe it to be a modern masterpiece. Is a revival due? Maybe give Laurie Metcalf a few years and she can play Violet?

Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven  Dec 15 2019, 03:10:10 PM

This has gotten really great reviews - a few have even mentioned how apt the final line is. Anyone care to share?

Hello, Dolly 2017: the revival that got away?  Dec 10 2019, 06:38:39 PM
I really, really can't see Idina, Kelli or Sutton as Dolly ...

Apparently Jerry Herman gave his blessing to the revival on the agreement he had a say in who played Dolly and allegedly vetoed Reba, Dolly and Patti LaBelle. I think the closest they got to another name was Queen Latifah but for whatever reason it fell through

I personally would have loved to have seen Lainie Kazan though I doubt she was one of the "names"

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