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Broadway League To Announce Further Broadway Closure til May 30th  Oct 8 2020, 11:17:40 PM
"Returning productions are currently projected to resume performances over a series of rolling dates beginning June 2021."
I wonder how that's going to work. I imagine they'd go by capacity? Theatres with a smaller number reopen first?

I wonder about the casts/crew/bands of shows too. I can't speak for any shows personally, but I will say that I follow HADESTOWN pretty heavily and almost everyone in the cast has said/implied that they're returning and/or want to return, but will th

So, you think Broadway will re-open in March 2021? Sooner? Later?  Oct 7 2020, 04:35:40 PM
There's absolutely no way that every single show will be reopened by March.

That being said, the general rumor is that shows will reopen one-by-one (maybe not *literally* one by one, but they definitely will stagger their re-openings). Houses with a smaller capacity may get to reopen around spring if we're very lucky, but I doubt there will be a full reopening until late 2021 at best.

OCTET at Signature Theatre  Sep 24 2020, 01:34:09 PM
Huh, they just announced their West Coast premiere. Technically they announced it back in the spring, but it recently got re-confirmed, along with CAMBODIAN ROCK BAND. It's interesting to see how confident they feel about this.

This quote from Malloy really stuck out: "I'm so thrilled to be returning to Berkeley with Octet, and have this show continue to evolve unde

Anaïs Mitchell to release book about HADESTOWN this October  Jul 7 2020, 01:17:28 PM I'm very happy that she's still going through with this - as silly as it sounds, I was worried that she'd scrap it during the pandemic.

The Great Comet - Brazil  Jul 1 2020, 03:46:58 PM

Hope it's okay to revive such an old thread, but it looks like they're releasing a video!

I'll be honest, my Portuguese is much too poor to be able to fully understand the caption, and the auto-translate is even more confusing. But one thing I can understand is that they're releasing some type of video, but whether it's an official "pro shot" so to speak or

Dave Malloy announces GREAT COMET West Coast premiere  Jun 1 2020, 04:40:56 PM Dave Malloy announced in this video that GREAT COMET will have its West Coast premiere in Spring 2021 with ShotgunPlayers in Berkeley. This means that COMET will be in the same season & city as the previously announced OCTET tryout.

Obviously this is all very hypothetical given the current climate, but I'll be optimistic. The impression I got

Concord Theatricals acquires HADESTOWN Licensing Rights  May 14 2020, 01:30:18 PM

Per the shows Instagram:

Interesting. I wonder if this was always planned or if its because of COVID-19? I'm definitely leaning towards the latter, considering how new the show is to Broadway, and the fact that this announcement comes right after the shutdown extension.
[edited for mild spelling/grammar error in my original post]

Oak Speaks out on great comet controversy  Apr 29 2020, 03:42:57 PM

Didn't Dave Malloy imply that some bits of OCTET were inspired by what happened with Oak and COMET? (Particularly the verse in "Refresh" about cancel culture.) I believe I recall him mentioning that in an interview or something and it seems pretty accurate, but I don't want to spread it around if it's untrue.

Regardless, the whole thing still upsets me three years later. I can't look at Oak the same, even in the context of when I listen to him in HAMILTON'

Dave Malloy and Jason Craig's BEOWULF is available for streaming  Apr 25 2020, 02:08:54 PM

Hwaet! For the next two weeks, BEOWULF -- A THOUSAND YEARS OF BAGGAGE written by Dave Malloy and Jason Craig, and also starring the two performers, will be available for streaming via this link:

You can use the "BEOWULF" promo code to watch for free, the "HORSES" or "SWORDS" promo code to watch at a discounted price, or you can pay the full $20. O

What's the 1st show you're planning to see when the quarantine is over?  Apr 15 2020, 05:38:15 PM

I'll be honest, I'll be shocked if The Music Man shutters completely. I can definitely see it postponing (by which I mean postponing even further than what is mandatory due to the shutdowns/pandemic), but I can't imagine they'll cancel the whole production (although that could just be my nervousness talking). That being said, I'm not going to buy any tickets until after Broadway is up and running.

What's the 1st show you're planning to see when the quarantine is over?  Apr 15 2020, 04:54:04 PM

I'll either go back for another round of SIX or HADESTOWN, or see the COMPANY revival for the first time.

That's assuming those shows stay open, of course.

OCTET at Signature Theatre  Apr 14 2020, 10:53:51 PM

Adam Bashian, who originated the role of Ed, recently posted this:

Happy to see all of the nominations they got, but I'm more intrigued by the "exciting news for 2021"...

Could this be the end of live theater, period?  Apr 11 2020, 05:46:47 PM

No, of course not. Maybe until a vaccine is developed. But forever, full-time for the rest of history? Impossible. Come on.

Dave Malloy's BEARDO is available for free streaming for the next two weeks  Apr 10 2020, 09:15:44 PM

In 2011, Dave Malloy and Jason Craig wrote BEARDO, a musical (or "SongPlay" as they called it at the time) about the life of Rasputin. For two weeks only, it is available to watch for free via Shotgun Players's vimeo account:

This is nothing like GREAT COMET or OCTET or even GHOST QUARTET. All of Dave Malloy's shows are very different, and this is by no means a high-art masterp

Hadestown cast replacements  Apr 5 2020, 02:17:34 PM

Anthony Chatmon will not be returning.

Wicked Movie 2025??  Apr 1 2020, 02:22:57 PM


Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Apr 1 2020, 02:20:52 PM

WICKED film has been postponed indefinitely, but let's be real, it'd be postponed anyway even if not for a global pandemic.

Tickets Refunds  Mar 26 2020, 08:27:09 PM

I got refunded for the PLAY THAT GOES WRONG tour and plan to donate the money. I have yet to be refunded for LES MISÉRABLES, another tour that I held tickets for. However, that's because Les Mis is simply postponed for now, as opposed to Wrong, which was cancelled entirely.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 26 2020, 02:04:49 AM

Starting to think that they may just close Broadway "indefinitely", as much as I'd hate to see it. I presume that the re-openings haven't been (officially, publicly) announced yet is because they're struggling to find a tentative date. There's a good chance they'll just leave it open ended until NYC passes its peak with the virus.

2019-2020 Touring Season  Mar 21 2020, 02:47:17 PM

I had LES MIS tour tickets in Philadelphia, which I've told will be postponed instead of cancelled altogether. Currently, Philly's season has been postponed until April, when DEAR EVAN HANSEN is set to start, but that will be postponed as well if not cancelled altogether (I mean, it hasn't been officially announced yet, but we know there's no way that theatres will reopen next month).

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