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Dreamcasting Fiddler movie  May 29 2020, 04:02:29 PM

Alex Kulak2 said: "Adam Sandler as Teyve. Hear me out.

I know everyone goes right to Happy Madison's crap movies when they think of him, but he's shown he can be a great actor. He's given nuanced, heartwrenching, committed performances inUncut Gems, Punch Drunk Love,Reign Over Me,andThe Meyerowitz Stories. He's a singer, he has a likable, underdog personality, I honestly think he could do something with the role.

Dreamcasting Fiddler movie  May 29 2020, 02:24:01 PM

Who do you want to see cast in Tommy Kail's Fiddler on the Roof movie? I've seen Mandy Patinkin kicked around for Tevye, Ben Platt for Motel, and Shira Haas for one of the daughters.

Who else would be great? 

Drama Desk Awards  Apr 24 2020, 01:17:45 AM
Incredibly happy for The Wrong Man!! Ross Golan’s score is one of my favorites in any musical, Josh Henry was truly sensational, and the staging was brilliant.

WellDisney to distribute and release HAMILTON film with OBC in Oct. 2021  Feb 5 2020, 09:12:48 PM

Fosse76 said: "n2nbaby said: "poisonivy2 said: "When this was being filmed wasn't there some scuttlebutt that one of the OBC had refused to sign a release so this couldn't be released? Tell me I'm not dreaming that this happened?"

If I remember correctly, the issue was with Leslie, who ended up doing the recording.

After reading an article where he all but states he would be re-signed because he was irreplaceabl

Way Too Early 2020 Tony Predictions thread  Feb 5 2020, 08:47:50 PM

orph3us said: "Love Rob McClure but I’ll be so upset if two consecutive cishet men win Tonys for playing a woman I'm gonna be so disappointed. Hoping for Isaac Cole Powell"

They're not playing women. They're playing men who try (and fail) to disguise as women. 

Your Top 10 Shows This Decade  Nov 29 2019, 11:02:26 PM

This was tough.






6. SWEENEY TODD (Immersive)



9. THE WRONG MAN (off broadway) 

10. PIPPIN (revival)

Dream Jukebox Musical  Nov 26 2019, 02:54:02 PM

With all the hits Max Martin has written, I wanna see a musical with his music. He's basically the Motown of the last 25 years. Ranging from Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears to Pink and Ariana Grande. 

Taylor Swift Musical?  Nov 25 2019, 03:40:10 PM

Shoot me dead if this happens

Favorite Flop?  Nov 25 2019, 02:32:40 PM

Two recent ones:

1) BANDSTAND, it blew me away with the subject matter, the storytelling, and all the performances. Welcome Home is still one of my favorite Broadway songs ever. 

2) IN TRANSIT, it was one of the most creative things I've seen on Broadway, how they were able to tell so many different stories and connect them with a minimalist set. Plus the performances were stellar, those actors worked non-stop, I still don't know how they did costume changes wh

Ain’t Too Proud or Tina?  Nov 19 2019, 01:05:21 PM

I've seen both and Aint Too Proud is a significantly better musical, though Adrienne Warren is giving the best performance of anyone. 

The Wrong Man  Nov 18 2019, 12:36:22 PM
I just saw this and was absolutely blown away by it. One of the better shows I’ve ever seen. Yes there are some flaws with the story, I would’ve liked more details, but I was captivated the entire time. The music was exceptional, one of the better scores I’ve ever heard. Almost every song I wanted to jam out to. And the storytelling from Tommy Kail was masterful. Bare bones set but used lights, choreography, etc. to capture it all. Kinda like Hadestown in that way.

I really hope they w

Freestyle Love Supreme Cameos  Nov 4 2019, 03:05:08 PM

thedrybandit said: "amazingamandakate said: "Was anyone there last night? Apparently Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren came up on stage!"

I was at the 10pm last night and that didn't happen there. Can't speak for the 7pm though. If that happened, that's amazing.

@thedrybandit Who was there for the 10pm show last night (besides the regular cast)?

Freestyle Love Supreme Cameos  Nov 3 2019, 10:30:43 AM
Im thinking about attending the FLS show at 10 tonight (Sunday) but Id hate to go and not see Lin-Manuel Miranda (or James Monroe Iglehart or Chris Jackson). Anyone have any idea if any of them usually perform for the 10pm shows? Judging my Lins twitter, it seems like hes usually out before 10.

Last Performance Experiences  Aug 15 2019, 12:27:19 PM

I was at the final performance of IN THE HEIGHTS and it was sensational. The three moments that I won't ever forget:

1) When Lin made his entrance there was a massive ovation, he stayed frozen in pose for a while and then dropped his head when it really hit him

2) Carnaval del Barrio was absolutely raucous, with former cast members and others in the crowd waving flags. When Lin said "can we raise our voice tonight/can we make a little noise tonight?" he was clearly

Moulin Rouge (pro) reviews  Jul 25 2019, 11:13:44 PM

I'm shocked so many reviews for this have been good. There are plenty of fun, crowd-pleasing shows without much substance (Ain't Too Proud, Aladdin, etc.) that are actually well constructed. This reminded me more of Mamma Mia, mostly fun but still just a hodge podge of songs crammed in without real meaning and a low stakes plot. 

Conclusions that elevate the entire show  Jul 24 2019, 11:53:00 AM

Fiddler is the most classic one, with such a haunting and thought-provoking ending. 

The revival of Pippin's ending blew me away. How they took down the entirety of the set and used the boy, it completely put the whole show together.

The Ferryman recently has a dynamite ending, elevating the play from good to great.

Hamilton, turning the attention to Eliza, was a brilliant choice.

Dear Evan Hansen, ending on a message of hope to anyone else who may feel al

Should I watch Moulin Rouge Movie?  Jul 22 2019, 12:01:19 PM

Just got lottery tickets to see Moulin Rouge tomorrow, and I've never seen the movie, nor do I know anything about it. Should I watch it today? Or should I go into the musical blind? 

King Kong to close on August 16  Jun 26 2019, 03:38:37 PM

It wasn't a great musical but that Kong puppet was one of the most miraculous things I've ever seen. Absolutely blew me away. 

Next Live Show  Jun 17 2019, 01:57:13 PM

The best shows to do would be:

-Little Shop of Horrors in October (maybe Gyllenhaal would do it? If not, there are many good choices)

-The Music Man (either Seth MacFarlane or Stephen Colbert would be great)

-Guys and Dolls (so many great casting options)

-Singin in the Rain (Derek Hough almost did it on Broadway, he could do it)

-The Producers (Lane and Broderick probably too old, but they could cameo)


Rate the 2019 Tony Performances  Jun 10 2019, 10:08:24 PM

To me there were 4 very obvious standout performances (in no particular order):

-HADESTOWN: Some of it didn't come through clearly, and I didn't like how they opened it (Patrick Page and Amber Grey didn't need to be there), but it's still a showstopper. The angle from downstage center during the 2nd chorus, with the lamps swinging out, is impeccable. Only wish some of the camera angles better showcased the lamp effects and the set coming apart. And it would've been

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