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does bernadette peters and every other famous voice actor or actress only like people who voice animals?  Jul 15 2020, 08:28:10 AM

I have no clue if I understand you correctly. If not, my apologies (English is not my first language)

I think you are trying to ask if Bernadette and other famous people who are vocal about animal rights only associate with other famous people who are equally vocal about animal rights, or follow them on social media. 

If this assumption is correct, my answer would be: I don't follow a lot of these celebrities on social media, but others who do might have a bet

Casting What Could Have Beens  Jul 31 2019, 03:29:57 AM

Re: John Column and Cynthia Nixon: 

West End late 90's. 

Ruthie Henshall* was playing Ellen in Miss Saigon and for a couple of nights during flu season had to emergency cover Fantine in Les Mis at the same time. So after her Death as Fantine she rushed from the Palace to Royal Drury Lane and after curtain call rush back to the Palace and do the Finale of Les Mis. 


*might also have been Gunilla Backman, not 100% sure.&

Waitress Potential Cast Replacements  Nov 27 2017, 04:29:23 PM

Just a thought in relations to the two clues given by Sara....How about "Poppy" for Dawn? She is on the younger side to play Jenna, but would (if you stretch it) fit the Dawn criteria.

Clue 1: Californian Poppy,

Clue 2: Rose from GG. (Poppy AKA Moriah Rose Pereira)


Poppy (singer)

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