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Moulin Rouge on GMA  Feb 18 2020, 09:11:14 PM

In terms of the rowdy crowd, I was there and we were told to be as upbeat and "on" as possible. If there was a beat in the song, they asked us to cheer and clap and yell. I can't speak to it on normal nights, though! 

Waitress Rush Tickets  Nov 26 2018, 08:42:10 PM

Any updates?? Planning on rushing this weekend with a friend from out of town so I want to make sure we get tickets! 


TORCH SONG (2018) Previews  Nov 3 2018, 12:03:18 AM

I just got back from this. I had no clue what to expect (I like to go in blind). I was taken aback at how moved I was but also how much I laughed. I got RUSH tickets at 6pm for a 7:30pm Friday show, Orch M10, great seat. The last two rows of orch center were empty that they filled somewhat at intermission. 

TORCH SONG (2018) Previews  Oct 19 2018, 02:13:12 PM

Has anyone rushed for this yet? Wondering what time to arrive and where the seats have been... 

Come From Away Obstructed View  Aug 6 2018, 06:55:36 PM

I saw the show from rush seats on the furthest seat house right 2nd row. We missed a bot of the action on the side but not enough that it would affect the story at all. I will say, the view is better from standing room and the set is more impactful that way. However, amazing show wherever you sit. 

Mean Girls Cancellation Line  May 10 2018, 07:34:02 PM

I went to the show this Tuesday. My friend won the lottery (made easier by the smaller Tuesday crowd) BUT right after the lottery they have both a standing room and cancellation line that they announce. SR is $30 and they said thye normally have 10 and cancellation is sold at face value whenever they get them! 

How to get tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar Live?  Mar 28 2018, 09:16:46 PM

I just received and finalized my ticket for the rehearsal on saturday. I got seated priority seats at about 4pm today. It was funny because last night I had updated my profile so my strength went up to 90% and then I suddenly got the email today. 

DEH Standing Room Tickets  Mar 25 2018, 01:23:54 PM

There is no way to guarantee SR tickets as the majority of them go towards the lottery. However, sometimes lottery winners do not or cannot accept and they can be released to the box office. A friend and I went during the snow day this part Wednesday and asked at around 12 if they had any SR for the matinee and she said it was out lucky day and sold us the last two SR for that day but we assumed this was because of the snow and people having to cancel tickets for fear of getting in and out of

Best Way to get Spongebob Tickets?  Mar 19 2018, 03:39:33 PM

Honestly, I don't know if it's luck or what but every time my friends or I have entered the lottery except one time, we have one. I would try your luck with that in the morning before going if you are thinking of trying TKTS as well that day. We had back of the orch ticket when we went and another time a friend had mid orch 

Stephanie Torns  Mar 9 2018, 03:35:54 PM

I was there for the recording of the televised section for the parade and I will say that they were kind of in a rush while they did it and that they did the song about 5 times right in a row. Betsy inhabited the role in a much more special way when she was actually performing rather than just singing for cameras over and over.  

Come From Away rush  Feb 17 2018, 12:47:12 PM

Rushed this morning (2/17). We arrived at 7 and we were 5th and 6th in line. At 8:30 there were about 10 people and after 9 the line got very long very quickly. Secured partial view seats row B and C for a group of 4! 

Waitress Rush Tickets  Feb 5 2018, 10:18:43 PM

Has anyone rushed lately? Thinking of going this Friday for standing room but we know it will be extra crazy with Jason's last weekend

Dear Evan Hansen cast changes thread  Jan 10 2018, 09:39:49 PM

Seems like there has been a lot of movement with the cast and understudies just this past week. Going on sunday, does anyone know who will be around then?

Dear Evan Hansen - Cancellation Line/Lottery/Ticketing Questions  Nov 27 2017, 04:00:47 PM

Hi! Just scored some tickets for the front row in january on telecharge! The site is acting a little funny but there are tons of tickets around the 200 mark floating around if you are flexible on dates! 

What songs for Thanksgiving Parade?  Nov 21 2017, 03:21:51 PM

Waitress did It only Takes a Taste. They shot the footage for it a few weeks ago when they had that fan day thing where people could wait for wristbands! 

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