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How is everyone doing?  Mar 28 2020, 09:54:52 PM

Hello! I used to be more active on these boards but although I read them almost daily and have the page bookmarked, I rarely post unless I have something I have to get off my chest :)

I was working at Disney World in Orlando, Florida in the Disney College Program until March 14th. I was at work when Disney sent out a mass email saying all interns were being sent home and we had three days, til March 18th, to vacate our apartments (most of us live in Disney housing). There was shock, te

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 23 2019, 04:52:22 PM

Kad said: "Griddlebone is in the film- she's the cat with the green beret that's part of Macavity's group. She's played by appropriately-named cabaret star Meow Meow (her stage name, at least)."

hmm I'll have to keep an eye out for her next time I watch. Does she have speaking lines? or is she just on the barge on the river thames? 

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 23 2019, 01:18:50 PM

I've been trying to gather my thoughts on the film since I saw it Saturday night. I am a performer and have seen productions of CATS, and it's one of those shows I really want to be in eventually. I have seen the 1998 filmed-stage version as well. 

I actually really liked a lot of the ideas in this, I think they could have realized them better though. 

For example, Judi Dench doesn't appear until after Jennyanydots and Bustopher Jones perform, so how would

THE ROSE TATTOO Previews - SPOILERS  Sep 25 2019, 03:06:31 AM

I believe Anna Magnani, who won an Oscar for her performance in this, did that strange type of dancing in the movie. I am sure Tomei was inspired by Magnani as we know Tomei is very proud of her Italian heritage. Maureen Stapleton also won a Tony for this role, so while it may be outdated, it was very popular in it's time.

Keri Russell ?  May 9 2019, 01:09:33 PM

For those who have seen her in Burn This- Do you think she is suited-well for Broadway or should she stick to TV/Movies? I've been a fan of hers for a long time and so excited to see her on Broadway but the reviews I've read have me worried about her future on the boards.

She is doing a Tony-winning role and got nominated for zero awards for it. :/ Despite her whole cast now being Tony nominees and the show up for Best Revival. (Interesting fact, Joan Allen originated the

Roles for Glenda Jackson?  May 8 2019, 06:23:21 PM

Glenda sung and danced when she appeared on The Muppets! I'm sure she knows she's not a great singer but she's still willing to do it. 


Roles for Glenda Jackson?  May 8 2019, 07:56:53 AM

great list! I would love to see her do Wings as Emily! 


Roles for Glenda Jackson?  May 8 2019, 07:14:50 AM

What are some roles that would be suited for Glenda Jackson when she finishes Lear in July?

Assuming she doesn't retire and go back to the UK. I would love for her to stay in New York and continue to perform, but I'm not sure what roles (unless a new work) would be a showcase for her. 

Gwen Verdon interview - 1982  May 2 2019, 05:06:30 PM


FOSSE/VERDON  May 2 2019, 04:40:13 AM

Nicole Fosse did an interview and said that Joan Simon was Gwen's best friend and Nicole insisted they show Joan Simon in the series. Nicole grew up calling her "Aunt Joan". 

Cyndi Lauper 'Working Girl' musical ?  May 1 2019, 06:04:27 PM

She's been working on this project for awhile..I read she didn't want it to compete with Kinky Boots grosses so now that it's closed maybe this will start moving forward? I guess she talks about it at concerts and has played snippets of the music. 

It says the music & lyrics are by Cyndi and Rob Hyman with a book by Kim Rosenstock. 

anyone know any details?

Tootsie question  May 1 2019, 02:38:47 AM

I was just looking at the Playbill and it lists characters of "Suzie and Stuart" is some songs and Suzie is played by Britney Coleman - what are these roles? who do they play?

Thank You   

2019 Tony Award Nominations and Snubs  Apr 30 2019, 09:36:15 AM

I was just reading about the drama surrounding the rights for To Kill a Mockingbird last night and I think it is against Scott Rudin it wasn't nominated. It's a way to honor Christopher Sergel and his adaption.

Annette Bening didn't really deserve to be nominated. Her role has never been a standout before in previous revivals of "All My Sons" and she doesn't do anything special with it. This is a "welcome back" nomination (she hasn't been on Broa

re: Does anyone have information on CLEAVAGE THE MUSICAL?  Apr 29 2019, 04:00:48 AM

sounds really interesting. 

re: Censored Scenes From King Kong  Apr 29 2019, 03:53:29 AM

Just found out about this show and thought it was interesting that now in 2019 there's a full musical about King Kong. 

re: Interlochen summer  Apr 28 2019, 10:15:42 PM

I'll be working there this summer :) any other stories on Interlochen? 

BEETLEJUICE Previews  Apr 26 2019, 08:35:57 PM

sorry if this has been mentioned but I saw in an Interview that in the DC production Lydia's mother Emily was a character that appeared and had a song? can anyone comment on if this was bad or why it was cut? sounds like something from the movie that would actually be an interesting addition to flesh out the story. I mean if Lydia is going to the other side, why wouldn't she see/look for her mom? 


Featured Actress -Musical 2019  Apr 26 2019, 07:01:56 PM

 I did not think Leslie Kritzer would be a contender, but she has been recognized by the Drama League, Drama Desk, and Outer Circle Critics, so she definitely could get in. I know she's never been nominated and has fans in the industry. 

Featured Actress in a Play 2019 ?  Apr 26 2019, 03:05:11 PM

who will be nominated/win?

The options are......

  • Celia Keenan-Bolger in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • LaTanya Richardson-Jackson in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Tatiana Maslany in Network
  • Alyssa Bresnahan in Network
  • Joan Allen in The Waverly Gallery
  • Mercedes Ruehl in Torch Song
  • Fionnula Flanagan in The Ferryman
  • Dearbhla Molloy in The Ferryman
  • Julie White in Gary
  • Kristine Nielsen in Gary
  • Ruth Wilson in King

Featured Actress -Musical 2019  Apr 25 2019, 08:53:29 PM

Ado Annie has never been nominated before. I'd like to think that Celeste Holm would have been nominated/won for the original production but the Tonys didn't have this category back in the 40s. 

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