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Help Bring Lippa's Wild Party to Broadway  Sep 10 2018, 11:04:27 AM

I posted a gag statement here that, even as a gag, was rather innocuous, but I see it was deleted.

This site really is getting rather hyper-sensitive. (And hyper-sensitivity is the death of both comedy and open discourse.)

What’s wrong with The Addams Family is  Sep 10 2018, 11:02:30 AM

The basic nature of the Addams characters has always been episodic and illogical - that's what made them famous and what made them entertaining.The musical's book writers, fresh from the crowd-satisfying, pedestrian, by the numbers Jersey Boys, tried to apply a trite, logical linear story where it couldn't work, which guaranteed failure (and, as pointed out, it was just plagiarized from previous narratives like You Can't Take It With You and La C

Revised Jane Eyre in Cleveland  Sep 10 2018, 09:57:50 AM

As has been pointed out ad nauseum, flops like this don't become hits. A return to NYC isn't impossible, but its success is implausible. (Evidence: CarrieSide Show, Gigi, etc., etc., etc.)

Here are quotes from the Times review of the original:

"But even with a dignified, assured performance by Marla Schaffel in the title role, the gloomy and mundane musical version of 'Jane Eyre' that opened yesterday

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 10 2018, 08:56:36 AM

JBC3 asked "Do theatre performer contracts not have a blanket morals clause similar to what movies and corporations often use?"

Would James Barbour ever work again if they did?

Help Bring Lippa's Wild Party to Broadway  Sep 9 2018, 02:48:02 PM
This thread has provided much-appreciated comedy to the day.

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 12:18:17 PM

Kad wrote "It doesn't matter if everyone Finlay texted is a card-carrying, dues-paying member of the Rape Fantasy Club of America."

Legally, it does, as I pointed out above in the grotesque case of Gilberto Valle.

Look, like the ACLU says, defending rights isn't the same thing as liking actions. And again, I'm only responding here to the initial statement that individuals shouldn't be "allowed"

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 11:53:33 AM

AC126748 wrote "You continue to ignore or elide whatever doesn't serve your argument."

I have ignored nothing here.

You seem to continue to avoid answering direct questions (another rhetorical device employed by our president and other leaders). I'm interested in your philosophy of rehabilitation versus retribution. Most Americans prefer the latter, as we are, generally, a bloodthirsty lot, reveling in tearing people into tiny bloody shred

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 11:40:14 AM

ScottyDoesn'tKnow2 wrote "Also part of the healing process is dealing with initial anger and then letting people get over that initial anger (or even rage) so they can be mentally and emotionally open to forgiveness. You can't just bring it up when none of that has even occurred or there is no acknowledgement of the pain that they have caused or why their attitudes are actually problematic to a macro issue of attitudes towards women or other vulnerable people."

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 11:38:20 AM

AC126748 wrote "I will never apologize for reserving my compassion, first and foremost, for those who were victimized and not the victimizers."

That then inspires the question, "do you support the American penal system, its approach to punishment, and the death penalty? Or do you support a philosophy of rehabilitation over revenge/punishment?"

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 11:35:34 AM

Kad wrote, "And most workplaces would agree that talking with your colleagues about how you fantasize about raping someone is sexual harassment, unprofessional conduct, and just cause grounds for termination if you were to be discovered. Doesn't matter if it's illegal."

Yes, I know; I specified above "sharing fantasies with sympathetic individuals." 

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 11:18:12 AM

"Hmmm, so you left out the rest of the sentence, ". . . so long as you do it through technology." AC126748 obviously wasn't talking about fantasies that stayed in someone's brain. Maybe go away for awhile and consider why you want to misrepresent someone's words to defend abusive men."

As pointed out above, fantasies, even shared ones, aren't illegal. Perhaps you should go away for awhile and muse on that?

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 11:03:09 AM

AC126748 wrote "Straw man much?"

Do feel free to blame others for your choice of words, but you did write sarcastically " should totally be allowed to fantasize about raping your colleagues with impunity..."

I merely responded to your words. It's unfortunate that you choose not to own them, but that's the state of American discourse today, dictated by our president, I su

GETTIN' THE BAND BACK TOGETHER Reviews  Sep 6 2018, 10:34:17 AM

emaxman wrote " is supposed to be supportive..."

I confess that I have no idea what you could mean by such an odd statement. Can you elaborate? Surely you don't mean theatre lovers should only say "nice" things about every show ever produced? Or do you?

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 6 2018, 10:13:43 AM

AC126748 "LOL, yeah, you should totally be allowed to fantasize about raping your colleagues with impunity, so long as you do it through technology."

I wasn't aware that fantasies were now regulated by law. Are all thoughts now subject to legal action?

Inappropriately Amusing Revival Concepts  Sep 5 2018, 04:21:51 PM

I would also enjoy that production.

Amar Ramasar (Jigger in CAROUSEL) suspended from NYCB over  Sep 5 2018, 02:47:53 PM

It may be solipsistic, but my initial reaction upon hearing stories like this is an enormous sigh of gratitude that smart phones and the internet didn't exist when I was young.

"Futuristic 'Cabaret' "  Sep 4 2018, 02:30:57 PM

Owen22 wrote "Or maybe I just assumed theatregoers have open minds and open hearts."

And that your definition of the word "open" is the universal one.

Juliet Prowse as MAME  Sep 4 2018, 08:05:03 AM

henrikegerman asked "Wid [sic] women (other than women in drag or women in some forms of manual labor)) wear pants in the 20s?"

This may be informative:

Can Critics Learn to Love the Jukebox Musical?  Sep 2 2018, 11:57:21 AM

The Times piece sort of acknowledges the difference between a revue and a jukebox musical. The former makes no attempt at a linear story. Ain’t Misbehavin’ and Smokey Joe’s are definitely revues. However, an important difference between those two shows is that much of the material in the former was relatively unknown to the average audience, whereas every song (I think) in the latter is very wel-known to almost everyone.

"Futuristic 'Cabaret' "  Aug 31 2018, 11:41:34 AM

"For instance, Leonard Bernstein famously favored a rather slow and stately tempo throughout West Side Story, and never cared much for the more upbeat or exciting tempos that other conductors and productions have uniformly favored."

I also find Bernstein's approach to tempo too slow; however, he didn't put metronome markings in his score, and "Andante" or "Vivace," etc., are legitimately up to any conductor's interpretation (within rea

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