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Bernstein’s MASS on PBS May 15  May 1 2020, 09:57:20 PM

Dollypop said: "I saw this at Mostly Mozart two summers ago. The production was a mess and it was obvious to my ears that Stephen Schwartz wrote a considerable amount of the score."

I'm sorry that production was disappointing, but this production might very well change your mind. This production was a one-night event at the Ravinia Festival (in Highland Park, IL, just north of Chicago) in 2018 and was so well received that it was revived the following summer so a

Bernstein’s MASS on PBS May 15  May 1 2020, 03:45:00 PM

I saw this performance last summer and absolutely adored it. I have been waiting anxiously for news of its broadcast ever since, and I am setting my DVR to record this--I can't recommend it highly enough! It was a truly spectacular night of music, and I can't wait to experience it again.

Theater Book Recommendations  Apr 17 2020, 07:44:51 PM

The Season, by William Goldman (of The Princess Bride and All the President's Men fame) is the best book on the theatre I've ever read.

Sheridan vs AMDA (MT)  Apr 10 2020, 06:12:02 AM

I'm gonna second everything stated above--I have heard the most all-over-the-place opinions about AMDA. I don't know anything about Sheridan, but I will say that nobody in the business really cares where you went to school. There are some schools that have great reputations for turning out lots of talented people, even the highest-tier schools have graduates who are never able to book work, and there are successful actors from nearly every school, not to mention the plethora of succes

Wicked - strange highlights CD  Apr 6 2020, 04:51:48 PM

Interesting insights, thank you. I don't know how to post pictures into the body of a post, but here are links:

Wicked - strange highlights CD  Apr 6 2020, 04:11:38 PM

Being isolated and unemployed, I found time recently to sort through some old CDs and I discovered in my collection a CD "Musical Highlights from the Hit Stage Play Wicked"--at first I assumed it was just the main tracks from the OBCR, but then I noticed that the disc said "Performed by the Musical Stage Company," and on the back, "Not the Original Soundtrack," which confused me. I wondered if this was some uncirculated recording of either the Chicago company or

Clean the theatres!  Mar 14 2020, 01:31:28 AM

Fosse76 said: "I'm not sure how backstage cleanliness affects you in the front of the house."

I'm not sure how caring about other people's health and wellbeing is a bad quality

WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Preview Thread  Mar 4 2020, 03:29:17 PM

I imagine the one intermission decision was purely Rudin's so he wouldn't have to pay the crew overtime. It's a shame because it not only will it make for a long second half, but each act has a clearly defined arc that I imagine will suffer if acts two and three are pushed together. I remember reading an interview with Pam MacKinnon and Albee around the time of the last revival where they said that the two intermissions still operate in real time--in their understanding of the pla

Cool Curtain Calls  Jan 28 2020, 08:56:09 AM

I've always liked Chicago's curtain call (which I believe was a thing Fosse did in all his shows?) where each dancer gets their own bow and everyone's name is announced by the conductor

Mystery of Edwin Drood Lovers Dialogue  Jan 27 2020, 06:21:32 AM

The original production had different dialogue for each possible combination of lovers, and all of those are in the published libretto (which, admittedly, can be hard to pin down these days). However, the current licensed version no longer includes all those variations, and instead says:

"SHE: My darling! Our attraction is unavoidable!

HE: MY dearest! At last we can admit our feeling for one another!

(ad lib suited to characters involved)"

Personally, com

What Musicals do you think should be performed more often in High Schools?  Jan 16 2020, 12:28:41 AM

When I was in high school, every school in the area was doing The Drowsy Chaperone--it seemed a great choice as it was fun, short, accessible, and a text that really worked. And if any mistakes happen or if the production values are clearly limited by poor funding, you can pass it off as a mistake in the show-within-the-show. Spelling Bee and Urinetown were also very popular choices at the time. Something that I think a lot of high schools n

Light in the Piazza tour - Broadway transfer?  Dec 19 2019, 12:33:46 AM

Valentina3 said: "Just realized I'll be in town on Sat 12/28 with a couple of friends who'd really love this show. Was looking at tickets and it's really pricey. Does anyone have a promo or discount code? Would really appreciate it."

There are $29 seats on TodayTix

Light in the Piazza tour - Broadway transfer?  Dec 19 2019, 12:31:47 AM

I first fell in love with Light in the Piazza when I saw a recording of the PBS broadcast over a decade ago. It's been years since I've seen a production, so I was rather excited for this, especially considering Chris Jones's stamp of approval. I wish I shared in his admiration for this production.

Solea was out tonight (in the most bizarre understudy announcement I've ever seen, a man walked onstage with a handheld microphone and said that Ms. Pfeiffer "is indispo

Michelle Pfeiffer MUST Be Phyllis In The FOLLIES Film  Nov 15 2019, 01:23:46 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "If dubbing were used in films for singing (like should have been done in most modern film musicals), I might say Julianne Moore would be an ideal Sally."

I had the same thought, but the lip-synching she did in Bel Canto just looked so obviously fake that I'd be wary. Julianne would act the pants off the part like nobody else. But there are so few stars with the soprano training for Sally. I hate to say it, but Chenoweth i

FOLLIES Film, Helmed by Dominic Cooke, Has Been Greenlit  Nov 15 2019, 02:14:43 AM

I would love a great film adaptation of Follies. And I quite liked Dominic Cooke's revival at the National, save for Imelda Staunton and the documentary crew device. However, his only theatrical film to date was On Chesil Beach, which I thought was rather dreadful. So this news doesn't excite me. And if you saw On Chesil Beach, I bet your excitement would be tempered as well.

Everyone who thinks Kelli O'Hara or Laura Benanti could be cast in

LuPone on Sondheim, ALW, Laurents, Prince and more  Oct 23 2019, 04:14:09 PM

Lot666 said: "The Distinctive Baritone said: "She needs to stop complaining about the Evita score. ALW doesn't "hate women," she was just "singing against type.""

I always thought her "ALW hates women" argument was downright laughable.

I always thought that comment was meant half-heartedly?

Anyway, I don't want to wade too deep into this other than to say that both things can be true--LuPone

LuPone on Sondheim, ALW, Laurents, Prince and more  Oct 21 2019, 03:12:02 PM

Maintenance rehearsals can (and should be) common in any long run--and, in fact, Hal Prince's frequent visits to his long running shows is one of the things I respect and admire most about him in his career. However, starting a rehearsal by comparing a group of actors to another group of actors is pretty insulting. The way you make a show better is by giving specific notes, not general shaming. 

And yes, Patti felt isolated from the rest of her company and said so in her book.

LuPone on Sondheim, ALW, Laurents, Prince and more  Oct 21 2019, 02:50:58 PM

Call me a diva-worshiper, but I kind of have to side with Patti on a lot of the Hal Prince stuff. Yes, the behavior she describes here was common in those days, but that doesn't make it acceptable. There are a lot of directors with big egos who like to flaunt their power. Yelling at an actress for changing the blocking instead of checking with stage management to see if he had changed the blocking in previews, telling the New York company that the LA company was better, all of this behavi

Miss Saigon Ages Horribly In Era Of #MeToo And Authentic Representation  Jul 29 2019, 09:16:12 PM

Miss Saigon is a problematic show which engages in stereotypes and the male gaze, but this article does a terrible job at explaining why and would not have convinced me had I not already agreed with the main argument. I remember in Nicholas Hytner's fantastic memoir Balancing Acts, he described how the musical's opening sequence only condemns the misogynistic behavior of the male characters after completely reveling in it for the first ten minutes

Jonathan Groff Alternate for Little Shop  Jul 29 2019, 03:17:07 AM

I haven't read anywhere that there will be an alternate for the role, did I miss something? It's not like the role is particularly taxing to sing, and it's not like Groff is some pampered movie star who's never done 8 shows a week before. Has there been an announcement or are you making an assumption?

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