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Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread  Mar 18 2020, 10:59:18 PM
Anyone else rush this morning for the matinee “Flying High” spots?

I’m glad I got there early (2nd in line) as there were only 3 given. We sat up on the catwalk with a view from above - talk about a trip :)! The liability waiver had me worried a bit, but they strapped us in quite well. Don’t worry if you’re scared of heights, the pre-show treats make this a can’t miss experience.

For anyone worried about social distancing, the security guard did a great job. First person stood

The Official TDF Thread  Mar 12 2020, 03:31:11 PM

OverBurntSienna said: "Hi All: Looks like all of Broadway is suspended! I would contact TDF if you have any concerns about your tickets. Maybe they will issue a statement.

Actually, please don't everyone start calling TDF (

Audience Rewards  Mar 11 2020, 01:26:19 PM

The Minutes is up for April dates in the 1k+$54/5.5k offer.

Any Opinions about DRIFT?  Mar 9 2020, 03:47:36 PM

I went last night and was so disappointed. Based on the PR blurb, I thought it would be a compelling family drama, but it was not. The book was so "light", it felt like it was written by a high-schooler and I was filling in backstory in my mind more than I should have had to for a "seen it before" plot.

The direction was also a problem for me. Be prepared for a LOT of screaming arguments and roles are so overacted, I kept wanting it toned down - characters are angry

Hangmen Previews  Mar 5 2020, 06:15:39 PM

romain2 said: "I have PTSD when it comes to gunshots. Any in this show? Thanks for your kind answers. "

Good news - there are no gunshots at all. There are a few times we got some startling thunder/lightning though. Startling mostly because it was unexpected. 

Hangmen Previews  Mar 5 2020, 05:45:30 PM

Was at the show last night. I went in pretty blind (did not see it at ATC or London) - I'll be honest, I went for Dan Stevens.

As someone posted earlier, overall, it's "meh". I'm glad I saw it, but am not going to put it at the top of my recommendations list. A few people around me left at intermission - a mistake, because Act II was much better. The wordiness of it without going anywhere is what bored me. A bunch of men in a small-town pub drinking and talki

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Mar 4 2020, 01:01:19 AM

Rydia said: "So this is where I ask dumb questions right? They still aren't offering rush seats right, it's standing room only? Is it possible this will change before May? I have a group of 3 so lottery can't really work for us, just wondering if it's going to be SRO only options."

Not a dumb question at all! I'll be trying lotto/SRO next week. If I end up doing SRO, I can ask the box office about rush seats - I don't want to misspeak and give

Three Sisters at NYTW  Feb 28 2020, 12:24:37 PM

BWAY Baby2 said: "Many of their shows reach BWAY- so I will what- it is going to be insanely expensive- on StubHub probably to score a ticket. Have followed Greta's indie movie career for a long time- love her- and Isaac- ever since the movie The Promise- is wonderful. Really looking forward to seeing it some time."

NYTW is not listed on Stubhub and their FAQ says:

All tickets are held at the box office and are available for pickup beginni

SING STREET Will Transfer To Broadway  Feb 28 2020, 11:24:12 AM

Did anyone grab one of the AR tickets for dress rehearsal on March 25?

They’ve also lowered the price from 1kpts+$78 to 1kpts+$60.

SING STREET Will Transfer To Broadway  Feb 26 2020, 10:41:08 AM

$40 ! Rush pricing without waiting in line :)

Three Sisters at NYTW  Feb 24 2020, 11:03:16 AM
Interesting that the first 2 previews will be lottery in addition to the daily lottery. Is that because of anticipated demand?

Endlings - New York Theatre Workshop  Feb 24 2020, 03:07:58 AM

Synecdoche2 said: "I’ll add a dissenting voice and say I thought it was a total mess — completely unfinished and far, far worse than anything else we’ve yet seen from Celine Song."

Synecdoche2...I don't think you'll be the dissenting opinion on this one. I was at the 2nd preview and as soon as the show took that sharp right about a quarter of the way in, it began to fall apart for me. By the end I was scratching my head. That anyone is think

COAL COUNTRY at the Public  Feb 23 2020, 12:13:42 PM

I was at first preview as well, and agree w/ JBroadway... it was "meh" for me, but it didn't get better by the end. Nothing grabbed at my heart throughout. Two shows that kept popping into my head... Come From Away and Girl from the North Country.

Steve Earle was a highlight... I was impressed with what he did with a guitar, banjo, and something he tapped with his foot (I'm not a musician LOL ). 

Just in case...

Jagged Little Pill preview thread  Feb 22 2020, 12:34:54 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Take the mezz."

I'm with Jordan, go for Mezz. Row Q has the Mezz overhang which feels like the stage is cut off.

I sat side Mezz (row D) and it felt super wide mezz will be even better. And since you're basically seeing a concert, you'll get more of a wow factor.

Also take a look at SeatPlan-

Discount Codes  Feb 21 2020, 12:20:42 PM

24-hr flash sale code for Company - CMFLASH21 

Company Discount Code  Feb 21 2020, 12:18:13 PM

24hr Flash sale code just popped up - CMFLASH21 -  "Offer good for performances 3/3/20 - 4/12/20."

Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 20 2020, 10:50:12 PM

theater245 said: "I really want to see SIX when I aminNYC in late march or mid-May. On one hand it feelspainful to pay regular price. On the other hand, waiting 2+ hours to save $40 isn't ideal either. I am interested to know if this show will raise prices soon or if they might release a discount code in the future. I am also interested to hear if there are box office discounts for day-of walk ins."

I’d say go for rush...I was my friend’s +1 (meaning

American Buffalo Discount  Feb 20 2020, 12:46:34 AM

Walked by as promised. As of 11:45p, no one was in line (thank goodness, because it is COLD... even in the alleyway). There was a guy putting up the large signage over the entrance though. He's estimating 4am :) 

American Buffalo Discount  Feb 19 2020, 01:58:59 PM

I'm curious as well and half-tempted to try the line, but I'm thinking that the Darren Criss fans will be there quite early. I'm seeing JLP tonight and will pass by the theatre on my way home to see if the line has begun - will report back.

Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 18 2020, 11:16:11 PM

chuckydisc said: "CarmenA3 said: "my friend was picked (she was in AA111) ... select someone that will have fun and actually get up and dance"

Your friend danced directly in front of their seat or was brought up on stage?


She just stood up and danced at her seat. The stage is not set up with steps to allow going up on stage and with the AAA row taken out, there's lots of space to get up and boogy in the front row (center

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