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WEST SIDE STORY (2019 Revival) Preview Thread  Dec 10 2019, 02:56:01 AM
I find it hard to believe there’ll ever be a show I’m so dying to see the reviews for more than this one.

A Follies Movie, Directed by Dominic Cooke, Is In The Works  Nov 14 2019, 04:11:26 PM

This is amazing news! After all the failed attempts, I never thought wed see the day a Follies adaption was confirmed again; heres hoping it actually materializes this time.

West Side Story Revival will cut I Feel Pretty and Somewhere Ballet  Nov 11 2019, 01:31:03 AM
West Side Story is and always will be a majority male-driven story, HOWEVER, cutting one of the only songs the female lead has without male involvement just makes it worse. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minuscule choice in the bigger picture, it is cutting a piece of the narrative and therefore a piece of Maria’s character. Without I Feel Pretty- no matter how silly or trite the song is- there is even less insight to Maria then there is originally, which is not a whole lot. It’s not entirely about

Sutton Foster as Mama Rose in GYPSY  Nov 5 2019, 09:02:12 PM

Personally, I think Sutton would bring the supposed, hidden youthfulness and ‘star power’ Rose is supposed to exude in spades; the kind that makes even Louise remark as such. Sutton brings that kind of gravity to her roles, and that’s the sort of quality we gradually and eventually see by Rose’s Turn.

She’d be different than, say, Patti or Angela, but that’s not a bad thing. Honestly I feel like Rose is played too similarly now. While Rose is qua

City of Angels: West End Revival  Nov 1 2019, 04:05:21 PM
I’ve been waiting for this moment since the original run; I’m so excited for this! Rosalie was amazing in her role, so I’m glad she gets another go at it.

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 16 2019, 08:21:14 PM
Another Hundred People as a whole scene in this production just does not work. PJ, as a character, takes the obnoxiously endearing Marta and turns her into a very campy, arrogant stereotype- and thus ends up twisting the humor into something completely different, and in my opinion, inferior to his female counterpart. Another Hundred People, unlike many of the other songs not involving Bobby/ie, Joanne, and Amy/Jamie, is incredibly difficult to separate from Marta, as that is pretty much the only

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 13 2019, 02:13:15 AM
Would shill this production even harder if it was Ruthie.

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 5 2019, 03:03:32 PM
I think the most likely choice is Jessie Mueller. She hasn’t been in a show since Carousel, won a Tony in 2014, and seems like a natural fit for the part (she’s in the correct age range, has a killer belt, and is a very versatile actress). Even if she doesn’t get the part, I have a hard time believing she hasn’t at least been considered.

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 1 2019, 08:32:20 PM
I love Katrina Lenk as much as the next (sane) person, but I don’t think she’s exactly right for the part. Would be interested to see her prove me wrong though. I did want to see Jonathan Bailey continue on to Broadway- he was hilarious- but am intrigued to see who they can cast to replace him.

I’d love to see either Jessie Mueller, Lena Hall, or Annaleigh Ashford as Bobbie. They have the perfect sense of humor and nuance for the reinterpretation of the character; I also think Ruthie A

"Unpopular" popular musicals appreciation thread  Jul 31 2019, 07:00:29 PM
I find Heathers’ fanbase and general writing quite unappealing, but the score to that show is absolutely fantastic. The songs are all so charmingly catchy that I can’t completely hate the show, at least.

Audience Having a Bad Time?  Jul 20 2019, 08:05:37 PM
A recent one for me was Mean Girls. It could’ve largely been my distaste for the show, but the jokes landed tepidly and the audience’s laughter was hit or miss. The cast did their absolute best with the material given, but I felt the audience wasn’t really into it.

Once On This Island was another experience where I honestly couldn’t tell if the audience was enjoying themselves or not. I know I certainly did, but the applause was again very tepid right up until the end. Made me cringe a

West Side Story revival?  Jul 11 2019, 12:36:38 PM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "On another subject...Does anyone else find it odd that some of the Latino characters seem to be played by POC who are not Latino? Given the recent controversy around “passing” and authenticity, this seems odd.

Speaking of “passing,” Isaac Powell could easily play one of the Sharks. This casting is so confusing.

Isaac Powell is not Latino. He is half Black and half White, so by your reasoning, he

West Side Story revival?  Jul 10 2019, 04:01:40 PM
Isaac is very talented, and I love his singing voice. He certainly has the attention-grabbing presence for a lead at the very least. Tony is also similar to Daniel’s lovestruck, wide-eyed character- in short, I think it’s an exciting casting choice. Most of the cast is filled with “who are they?” actors and dancers, but I think some of that fresh blood could help this (admittedly) stale show feel new again. If this is taking place in the present day or some sort of anachronistic mix- which all o

Live Action Little Mermaid - Ursula?  Jul 3 2019, 04:18:57 PM
Her voice is absolutely gorgeous, and she has a very “innocent”/ingenue look to her, so this casting is great. As much as I like Zendaya, I’m glad it wasn’t her cast- she seems a bit too mature and levelheaded for Ariel specifically.

Least Favorite Characters  Jul 2 2019, 08:26:17 AM

henrikegerman said: "SugarButterBroadway said: "Curly from Oklahoma - as much as I love the show, he is quite the awful person. He basically convinces a man that he would get the attention he deserves if he goes and hangs himself all in order to get a girl that keeps dismissing his advances. Jud is no prize pig himself, but Curly is pretty horrible"

Curly isn't my favorite character either, but do you really think we are supposed to take Curly's

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Jun 30 2019, 06:50:46 PM
For anyone ruling out Benanti or anyone else completely (even though the ‘name’ speculated probably already has the part), Rosalie did a lot more mixing and slipping into head voice than belting at all. The only songs she belted for a considerable amount of time was a bit of Marry Me a Little and Being Alive, which is obvious since it’s the big eleven o’clock number. Benanti would do just fine singing the score- Bobbi isn’t Elphaba.

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Jun 27 2019, 07:38:27 PM
Would buy tickets instantly; I want this to happen so badly.

Kiss Me Kate LOVE  Jun 22 2019, 12:38:36 AM

Saw the show for the first time tonight as well.

I LOVED it. Everything about this production was pure joy from beginning to end. Kelli sings and acts like an absolute dream, and she has improved greatly in the comedic aspects of Lilli/Katherine by now, judging by some of her earlier reviews. Will Chase was enjoyable; I was split on my feelings on his singing- at times he was powerful and at others vocally miscast. Stephanie was adorable and has a lot of talent, her number alone wo

2019 Tony Awards Reactions Thread  Jun 10 2019, 03:02:06 AM
Even ignoring the troubling aspects of Tootsie, that performance did absolutely nothing for me. It was just corny, and not in the endearing, classic way, but in the “oh, this is just outdated” kind of way. To me it feels like it’s trying too hard to emulate a golden age comedy- without any of the charm to pull it off. Hadestown, Choir Boy, and Kiss Me Kate were all great, and The Prom was quite good too. Hokey lyrics aside, the show has a lot of heart, and it shows.

Corden was alright,

2019 Tony Snubs  Jun 9 2019, 11:38:36 PM
Kiss Me, Kate for choreography. Ain’t Too Proud is definitely impressive, but all of the unique and creative ways dance was utilized in this production more than deserved the award.

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