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Hadestown Holiday Album  Nov 20 2020, 12:19:01 PM

It's absolutely beautiful. So glad I pre-ordered a copy. Definitely recommend it. 

THE MUSIC MAN Will Now Start Previews 12/20/21  Oct 21 2020, 06:22:10 PM

Jarethan said: "AllThatJazz2 said: "We just got our email that our new performance date is Jan. 22nd. We're holding tight as we have front row seats in the center mezz and don't want to mess with that."

If front row seats are the only reason you are keeping them, I would not rule out re-thinking. The mezzanine the Winter Garden is about as far from the stage as any(?) Broadwaytheatre in NYC. I saw something from the second row center, and we coul

THE MUSIC MAN Will Now Start Previews 12/20/21  Oct 21 2020, 10:37:32 AM

We just got our email that our new performance date is Jan. 22nd. We're holding tight as we have front row seats in the center mezz and don't want to mess with that. 

The Best Man - Spotlight on Plays - 10.14.2020  Oct 16 2020, 10:10:09 AM

Watched last night and enjoyed it. Thought they did a decent job with the Zoom limitations, and loved the actors involved. Looking forward to the other play offerings.

THE MUSIC MAN Will Now Start Previews 12/20/21  Oct 9 2020, 10:50:08 AM

Got the same email as well. Glad they are being as proactive as they are about shifting dates. 

Michael Sheen To Star in Live Streamed FAITH HEALER This Month  Sep 19 2020, 07:27:33 PM

Also saw the matinee today, and was blown away by the performances. Engaging all the way through. Definitely worth the price. 

One of the very few benefits of the pandemic has been that my 91 year old grandmother has been able to partake in theater in a way that hasn't been accessible to her in quite some time due to her age related disabilities. We've done a number of live-stream performances over the last few months. She and my mother watched today's performance

RIP Diana Rigg  Sep 10 2020, 03:11:46 PM

I am so glad I saw her on stage in My Fair Lady - I had been on the fence about going, and when they announced her in the cast I knew I needed to get a ticket. Emma Peel was my first introduction to her as a child (even before The Great Muppet Caper, haha). What a life, and what a loss. 

The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30  Aug 21 2020, 10:49:34 AM

Very much looking forward to this!

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jun 24 2020, 09:01:35 PM

Couple of questions with the exchange - 1) are you able to view the other available seats without giving up your original ones? I don't want to lose our seats if there is nothing comparable available. We are front row center mezz, so we are very happy with the location, but the date is another story...might have a work issue.

Also, when exchanging, are they allowing you to do a straight exchange or are you responsible for paying for any upcharges (for the same area)? We bought our

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jun 23 2020, 07:48:08 PM

We were originally set for October 10th and have been moved to May 8th according to my Telecharge account.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Facing Closure  May 19 2020, 09:53:03 PM

This hurts my heart. When I finally made it out to London, my family and I visited the Globe and absolutely loved it. I would hate to think of it not being there anymore. Hopefully they can get the assistance necessary to stay open.

Your Bucket List  Apr 22 2020, 09:17:24 AM

- hug my mother and grandmother (I may knock them over)

- reunite with my friends 

- get a haircut

- go out to a bar to simply sit and people watch and enjoy the cacophony. 

- visit the local theater I'm a subscriber to

- visit all my favorite restaurants and leave giant tips

- rebook my trips to visit my sister in Florida, to see my best friend, and visit NYC for theater, any theater 

- revel in the ability to be outside wit

Buyer and Cellar Livestream  Apr 20 2020, 08:34:00 PM

We just finished. THANK YOU to everyone who posted earlier about it - a wonderful recommendation and a lot of fun. He was fantastic, and it was such a great break from everything going on out in the world. We really enjoyed it.

Buyer and Cellar Livestream  Apr 20 2020, 02:11:53 PM

CT2NYC said: "FYI, it'll be available until 10 p.m.EDT tonight. If you haven't seen it, don't miss it!

Thank you for that information - my roommate and I will be viewing it tonight! Can't wait!



What's the 1st show you're planning to see when the quarantine is over?  Apr 15 2020, 09:16:44 PM

Right now, we've got seats to The Music Man and Company for October. Fingers crossed we have a hope of seeing them safely, because I would absolutely love to. We were scheduled to see Company the first Saturday of the closure and were so bummed to miss it.

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Apr 10 2020, 05:16:02 PM

I have tickets to The Music Man in October, and while I would love to say I will be raring to go...the fact is, I just don't know. A lot of it depends on what happens between now and then, how close we are to a reliable treatment, whether loosening restrictions causes a resurgence, etc. I have family and friends who are in high risk categories. My own immune system is kind of flaky. As much as I have wanted to see Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster on the stage, I can't risk my own health

Tickets Refunds  Mar 31 2020, 02:53:16 PM

Received my refund for Hadestown (3/15 performance date) yesterday. 

Tickets Refunds  Mar 24 2020, 05:58:23 PM

BLs68 said: "Was supposed to see Hadestown on 3/14. I haven’t gotten a refund. Has anyone’s Hadestown refunds hit their banks yet?"

Was supposed to see it on 3/15 and haven't heard a peep yet. Ticketmaster said it could take upward of 21 days before refunds hit though. 

Getting Cold Feet about an October Trip  Mar 23 2020, 03:11:36 PM

Agree with the others - sit tight, and do not do anything for now. JetBlue doesn't want people with tickets that far out canceling yet, to give priority to those with closer trips who need to cancel (and as you said, are overwhelming their lines and website). They are VERY good with waiving fees and dealing with cancellations - in the event this carries on into the fall, you shouldn't have an issue with them. If the shows cannot run, you'll get refunded. If they can run and perfor

WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Announces Broadway Closing  Mar 21 2020, 11:57:44 AM

I had tickets to this for the day after the closure of Broadway. To say I'm disappointed I'll never have another chance to see it is a huge understatement, though I completely understand why under the circumstances. Bummer.

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