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Hamilton on Disney to be MUTED?  May 19 2020, 12:51:34 PM

If The Hip-Hop Project can have 17 uses of the f word and not have an R rating, then so can Hamilton. I think they could easily have two versions, one for those who don't want to hear profanity and those of us who want to hear the original material.

If anything, the ratings system for PG-13 movies has gotten more lax in the last decade. There are a ton of PG-13 films in the last decade with more than one f word. Hamilton's two uses, even mother-----, are not used

Next To Normal Streaming Tonight?  May 12 2020, 01:20:01 PM

GlindatheGood22 said: "I certainly wouldn't mind paying to see this production, but I was incredibly frustrated by how difficult it was to get tickets - I don't mean in terms of availability, I mean finding the f%$@ng link. Every time I tried, I just got bounced to the cast reunion. Maddening."

I messaged the theater directly on Facebook when I saw it on Filmed on Stage website, and they told me all I had to do was go to their website and subscribe to their m

Best Legal Broadway Shows  May 12 2020, 01:15:48 PM

What are the best legally produced and distributed shows on streaming services right now? Interested to know which Broadway HD and other musicals and plays are best. We've watched Miss Saigon, She Loves Me, Falsettos, Kinky Boots). 

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 01:11:36 PM

If they are muting the f-bombs, I imagine "Say No to This" will have some creative editing as well.

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 10:06:59 AM

RockStarNYC said: "I think this presents the perfect opportunity for Disney+ to experiment with an idea...

A pay-per-view stream.

So, this is something that Disney does with their ESPN+ service where they sell premium events on a pay-per-view basis. A stream of a highly touted ongoing Broadway show definitely falls into this category. If Disney were to offer access to subscribers to this content for an additional fee, I have no doubt that people STILL wouldn'

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 08:44:32 AM

Agreed that it makes more sense as a Disney+ stream. I just hope it's not a limited release on Disney+. I have a feeling it probably will be though.

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 08:23:10 AM

Now that In the Heights has been pushed back...

This being a Disney+ exclusive tells me it will probably never be available for purchase. 

Professional Recordings  Apr 4 2020, 10:52:55 PM
If you could have any seven professionally recorded productions, what would they be?

Mine would be Ragtime (1997), Titanic, Next to Normal (DC tryout with BDJ), Les Miserables (Original London Cast), Phantom of the Opera (Original Broadway Cast), Gypsy (1959) and The Color Purple (revival).

Tickets Refunds  Mar 17 2020, 02:08:58 PM

My tickets for Company and The Minutes (this upcoming weekend's performances) were both refunded yesterday. 

Opportunity for Broadway Archives  Mar 17 2020, 09:24:00 AM

Just last week, I was telling my circle of theatre friends that Broadway could release professionally-filmed footage from the archives and sell it on various platforms (Apple, Amazon, etc.) to continue paying performers during this pandemic. There are so so many shows for which I would pay to have professionally recorded versions. I realize there would be a lot of red tape, but it would be a way to raise funds to help performers on Broadway during this pandemic.

Universal will rel

Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 9 2020, 09:42:54 PM

For anyone wondering, Telecharge is offering full refunds if you are coming from out of state. If you are in state, you are able to reschedule but not get a refund.

Company Previews Thread  Mar 3 2020, 11:47:42 AM

I keep seeing mentions of Simard and others, but how were Sieber and Scott?

The Minutes Preview Thread  Feb 26 2020, 03:03:36 PM

JBroadway said: "theatretenor2 said: "For anyone who was there, would the front row center seats be too close and too low for the production? We are both 6'2"."

I was not in the front, but I did try to take note of the stage height (because someone on this board usually asks - and I was right! haha!) . The stage appeared to be average height - tall enough that you would have to look up somewhat, but not so crazy high that you're

The Minutes Preview Thread  Feb 26 2020, 09:37:50 AM

For anyone who was there, would the front row center seats be too close and too low for the production? We are both 6'2". 

The Minutes Preview Thread  Feb 23 2020, 08:38:06 PM

The Minutes starts previews this week. Looking forward to hearing everyone's responses as we are planning to see it in March.

THE INHERITANCE to close  Feb 20 2020, 07:34:39 PM

So upset. That's my birthday and we are going to NY the following weekend and had planned to see this. We couldn't go on my birthday because we promised young nieces and nephews we would take them to Busch Gardens on opening weekend this year, and they didn't forget. 

WSS on 60 Minutes tonight 2/16  Feb 16 2020, 07:55:11 PM

They were very flippant about "we are not going to replace him." 

If I had any interest in seeing this, I lost it there.

Disney to distribute and release HAMILTON film with OBC in Oct. 2021  Feb 3 2020, 01:30:33 PM

It will recoup and more with the distribution in blu-ray, etc.

Seating for The Inheritance  Feb 3 2020, 08:42:27 AM

bxs89 said: "I sat in first row left orchand thought that first row center orchdefinitely seemed too close, and perhaps the second row was also. I would try to get third to fifth row center orch if you can (there were $40 fifth row center orchrush ticketsavailable at the box office at around 12pm on Saturday, February 1st). My view from left orch A7 (the last seat that's sold in that row) was not obstructed!"

Can you rush both shows at the same time? We are plann

Seating for The Inheritance  Feb 2 2020, 11:40:40 PM

I'm thinking I might take one of the $99 seats for Part I and move to the second row center for Part II. 

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