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The Wild Party: Lippa vs. LaChiusa  Aug 6 2020, 11:48:08 PM

Lippa's very popular but LaChiusa's is the one with staying power.

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands  Jul 10 2020, 07:44:07 PM

These demands are seemingly dependent on the destruction of capitalism. Which, hey, I'm all for, but it seems like we're at least 50 years away from that.

Pulitzer Prize Predictions  May 4 2020, 03:41:20 PM

Yet another year where the committee makes the choice that will get them the most press. But ever since Hamilton won can we really expect anything else?

In any event, I think in 50 years Hurricane Diane will be produced more than any of the nominees this year. Certainly climate change isn't going away any time soon.

Pulitzer Prize Predictions  May 1 2020, 12:47:45 PM

The awards are on Monday. Any last predictions? My guess is that Heroes takes the prize (though I'd disagree on its merits) and Halfway Bitches and Soft Power are nominees, with White Noise, Greater Clements, and Hurricane Diane as possible upsets.

LaChiusa's Wild Party 20 Years Later  Apr 14 2020, 12:58:28 AM

Justice for Toni Collette and her magnificent performance

2nd outbreak coming this fall?  Mar 30 2020, 08:00:00 PM

Case numbers will break out as soon as we stop social distancing measures. My guess is Broadway is out of commission for at least 18 months.

ACT plays, Berkeley Rep offer for School Girls  Mar 26 2020, 08:17:42 PM

Was quite impressed with Gloria. For those of us who remember Eric Ting's excellent Octoroon at Berkeley Rep, (an improvement on the SoHo Rep production imo) it seems he has quite the knack for directing Branden Jacobs-Jenkins.

The Lehman Trilogy Previews Thread  Mar 10 2020, 11:56:52 PM

A terrific production of an engaging piece of documentary theatre, if not a great play. Three masterful performances and a fabulous staging by Mr. Mendes. It was remarkable that the three actors played so many characters, and thanks to the clarity of the performances and staging I never once forgot who anyone was for a second. I will say I think the acts actually got better as they went along. If you go, be prepared to have to learn a lot of information very quickly.<

Endlings - New York Theatre Workshop  Mar 10 2020, 12:24:10 AM

Green hits the nail on the head here:

Sanctuary City NYTW  Mar 5 2020, 10:42:50 PM

Saw this tonight and I'd say I liked the first half and disliked the second. Particularly I thought Austin Smith was badly miscast. It's certainly written with skill and the production itself is very nice. If you're a fan of Majok, I'd say go and make up your mind for yourself.

Company Previews ThreadThird preview is also stopped again tonight  Mar 4 2020, 11:30:08 PM

ljay, I really appreciate your continual thoughts on the production!

Company Previews Thread  Mar 3 2020, 12:21:19 AM

A superb production of an oft-mishandled show. I expect many rave reviews and awards to come. Lenk is one of our great musical performers.

Something I think this production really gets right that a lot of productions of Company don't is that the show is fundamentally a musical comedy, and while yes it's oftentimes cynical, it's also ultimately optimistic and upbeat. This production was very, very funny (glaring at you, Raúl Esparza) and left yo

Suicide Forest by Haruna Lee  Feb 26 2020, 12:55:19 PM

I missed this play when it first appeared at The Bushwick Starr, so I was excited when I saw it was coming back. Unfortunately, the play to me felt undernourished and unfocused, despite some lovely stagecraft and performances.

We have a problem this season with a lot of new plays really not feeling finished. Perhaps others might offer a different opinion!

Three Sisters at NYTW  Feb 25 2020, 12:37:30 PM

JBroadway: Fair enough (god know his King Lear was an embarrassing mess) but I really liked Gold's Uncle Vanya and Clare Barron is a great new playwright, so I'm optimistic for the moment.

Three Sisters at NYTW  Feb 25 2020, 12:06:14 PM
That’s one of the most stacked casts in recent memory. After the amateurish and disappointing Moscow Moscow... it’ll be nice to have the real thing. Anybody know the onsale date?

Endlings - New York Theatre Workshop  Feb 24 2020, 12:37:25 AM
I’ll add a dissenting voice and say I thought it was a total mess — completely unfinished and far, far worse than anything else we’ve yet seen from Celine Song.

Footage of Angela Lansbury in DEAR WORLD  Feb 23 2020, 12:38:34 AM
Amazing stuff. Skip ahead for performance footage:

Sophia Caruso departs Beetlejuice  Feb 21 2020, 02:40:55 PM

<<edited by BWW staff>>. She's one of the most interesting young actors out there. Curious to see what's next for her.

Unknown Soldier - Playwrights Horizons  Feb 16 2020, 08:37:35 PM

What's the runtime on this?

Seeing in a few weeks—my curiosity is piqued.

The Official TDF Thread  Jan 30 2020, 01:07:51 PM

The Minutes was taken off the site as they uploaded it too soon. It didn't sell out 9 performances worth in a minute.

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