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Musicals most people hated, but you liked  May 22 2019, 12:04:50 AM

Legally Blonde

Songs That Sound An Awful Lot Like Other Songs  Mar 21 2019, 11:13:23 PM

'If the World Turned Upside Down' from Finding Neverland and 'The World Turned Upside Down' from Hamilton share many similarities.

Frank Wildhorn's songs all sound the same.

What happened to the Secret Garden revival?  Feb 21 2019, 02:18:16 AM

Is it still happening in 2019?

Shows that the you hated the first time, and ended up liking the second time.  Jan 16 2018, 05:15:41 AM

Sweeney Todd, Jersey Boys, Man of la Mancha, Spamalot

I Think I Skip 2018  Jan 11 2018, 04:33:27 AM

I also feel there aren't many new musicals that interest me this year, including revivals. I also have the same feeling for West End.

Of course it's just personal taste.

What do you think is the best time to visit Broadway in 2018?  Jan 4 2018, 11:58:05 PM

Thanks you all for the recommendations!

What do you think is the best time to visit Broadway in 2018?  Jan 3 2018, 04:01:34 AM

Thanks for the suggestion! I honestly didn't expect so many recommendations of April because I had thought that shows to be open in April should be announced by now, but there seems not many. Maybe the announcement is not as early as I had thought.

What do you think is the best time to visit Broadway in 2018?  Jan 2 2018, 12:01:15 PM

In order to save money, I usually buy airplain tickets and book hotels or airbnb in advance because it's much cheaper. The problem with this is some upcoming shows that I might be interested in are not announced at this point. So I'll have to try my luck when making the schedule. What do you think is the best time to come to Broadway? Is it true that most shows open around September to November?

Also the same question for West End. Thanks for any help!

Worst Broadway Show of 2017  Dec 14 2017, 05:47:40 AM

Prince of Broadway. What a garbage.

My friend met LMM in London bookstore  Dec 7 2017, 10:27:28 PM

Saw that on Weibo. She was really lucky.

Lin's signature is cute. I bet a lot of people won't recognize it was his signature and end up buy a clean one.

Les Miz 2017 US Tour Cast Announcement and Ticket Info  Aug 12 2017, 02:36:47 PM

So this is finally announced!

Thanks for everyone who has provided information in this thread!

Honestly I don't know any of the principles before. But I've decided to experience!

Les Miserables Tour 2017  Jul 18 2017, 02:33:54 AM

OMG! Thanks for the information! So excited!

Terrence Mann as Inspector Javert  Jul 16 2017, 02:44:03 AM

Jeffrey Karasarides said: "Here's a video of him performing 'Stars' at a concert in Indianapolis several years ago...



Thanks for the link!

Terrence Mann as Inspector Javert  Jul 16 2017, 02:42:20 AM

AC126748 said: "Having seen Mann in a number of shows over the years, I've come to the conclusion that he gets bored over the course of a long run and starts phoning it in. I saw him in PIPPIN about a month after it opened and he was sensational. I was sure he would win the Tony. I went back to the show after it had been open for 4 months and he was giving a completely different performance--flat, lifeless, and very forced. I've heard similar comments from others. <

Terrence Mann as Inspector Javert  Jul 15 2017, 05:28:17 AM


I knew Terrence Mann is the OBC Javert and I had always wanted to see his performance. Now I've just seen the bootleg of Les Miz Broadway Apr 22, 2003, in which he stars as Javert.

I have to say it's very out of my expectation. Is it just me or his portrayal of Javert is a little bit strange? Very different from other Javerts I've seen. He seldom stands still, but shakes his body or move back and forth. Perhaps too much hand gestures

Sweeney Todd 2.0 - Carmello and Lewis  Jul 10 2017, 05:20:29 AM

Anyone know who is the replacement for Norm?

Adaptions You'd Like To See Happen on Stage  Jun 19 2017, 01:33:56 AM

Harry Potter. Though it already have the star kids version, I look forward to see a broadway musical based on it.

Favorite Flops  May 31 2017, 12:17:40 AM

Legally Blonde

Barrow Street Little Shop  May 15 2017, 01:36:42 AM

Love to see Little Shop revival!

Monday night and Thursday matinee shows?  May 8 2017, 03:54:03 AM

If you consider seeing a show you've seen before, there is Saigon on Monday night and POTO on Thursday matinee.

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