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Be More Chill Off-Broadway Official Thread  Aug 3 2018, 06:04:13 PM

Well, I guess we now know whether or not this show is commercially viable.

I know they aren't looking at it for the short-term, but I guess now the conversation may begin for a potential transfer in the 2019-2020 season. Thoughts?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/29/18  Jul 30 2018, 04:15:24 PM

RaisedOnMusicals said: "willrolandsframes said: "Question:

I'm not much of an economist so someone who's good at analyzing profit, please answer this. Is it a bit of a problem that 19 of the 32 shows currently on Broadway are grossing over $1,000,000? In fact, really only 6 or 7 shows are in what you might describe as a "negative financial situation". How is this not a problem?

How does the number of shows that are grossing over $

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/29/18  Jul 30 2018, 03:16:37 PM


I'm not much of an economist so someone who's good at analyzing profit, please answer this. Is it a bit of a problem that 19 of the 32 shows currently on Broadway are grossing over $1,000,000? In fact, really only 6 or 7 shows are in what you might describe as a "negative financial situation". How is this not a problem? We've already seen how the average theatregoer is more willing to spend money on a commercialized product like Mean Girls instead of

Mean Girls- Principal Attendance  Jul 12 2018, 05:07:17 PM

Bumping as we are now a month out since the OP. As far as I know, Kerry is now the only principal to have not missed a performance. Figured I'd use this post to try to sort out which understudies have gone on for which roles.

CADY- As far as I have been told, Erika has only missed 1 (maybe 2) shows, and Tee went on for that(those) time(s). So Becca and Jonalyn have yet to play Cady.

REGINA- We know Taylor has only missed 2 shows thus far, but she has a vacation upcom

Mean Girls- Principal Attendance  Jun 20 2018, 10:16:06 AM

poisonivy2 said: "The music is loud, harsh, and unmemorable. The miking didn't help -- it was earsplittingly loud, to the point where I couldn't really make heads or tails of the song because all I heard was the shrill orchestrations.

I know Jeff Richmond is Tina's husband but I can't help but wonder how a collaboration with a more talented musical team might have worked out.

I’m still in the camp that enjoyed what Richmond tried to

Mean Girls- Principal Attendance  Jun 19 2018, 07:46:42 PM

poisonivy2 said: "Tonight both Taylor Lauderman and Ashley Park are out."

Do you know who is on for Gretchen? I figure Becca Petersen is on for Regina again, so I believe that means either Tee Boyich is on as Gretchen or Riza Takahashi is making her principal debut in the role.

'Dave' the musical (Kitt, Benjamin, Landau, Meehan)  Jun 19 2018, 01:47:25 PM

Dave28282 said: "Sounds like a great project!"

username checks out

Theater Talk  Jun 19 2018, 01:29:24 PM
I just watched their season finale, where Susan Haskins announced that the show would no longer be taped in the CUNYTV studios. Anyone know where they are moving to next year? Are they switching channels as well?

Regina understudy in Mean Girls  Jun 17 2018, 08:16:36 PM

Was anyone at today's show? Curious to hear reviews on Becca Petersen.

Getting Stuff Back from Ensemble Members  Jun 13 2018, 01:54:58 PM

Hey! I was just curious about something. I know there's a 13-year old thread regarding people sending things to principal cast members and getting stuff back. If I were to send a letter to a show asking for something to be signed by an ensemble member, are there likelier odds that it would be noticed/I would get something back?

DEH- Is Michael Park Okay?  Jun 13 2018, 12:59:04 PM

I've noticed that Michael Park's been out of the show a lot lately. I think Asa was on for him last night again. I know that Michael wasn't on the Tony telecast either. Anyone know if he's doing alright?

Mean Girls- Principal Attendance  Jun 13 2018, 12:20:09 AM

How well has the attendance been for the principals in Mean Girls? This is the one show where I haven't heard a whole lot regarding understudies going on for leads. I believe Nikhil Saboo has been on for Cheech Manohar once or twice. I also know Demarius Copes has been on for Grey at least once (as per Erika's vlog).

Have any of our leading ladies taken an off night since March or is this show gonna have DEH levels of principal attendance?

MEAN GIRLS "I Want" Song?  Jun 12 2018, 03:09:36 PM

I never heard "Wild Life", so perhaps that's the reason I seem to be the only one who likes "It Roars"? Yes, I agree that Cady could be better showcased here (Although I would argue that "I See Stars" was built to be Cady's big solo). Nonetheless, the song really helps to build Cady and illustrate the transition from Africa to Chicago, and I think it does that really well. Again, I haven't heard the other song, but I really like what they did with &qu

Off Broadway Shows Winning Tonys Trend Over?  Jun 11 2018, 11:02:20 PM

Elegance101 said: "ethan231h said: "I think the shows to watch right now off broadway is Be More Chill and This ain't no disco."

I'd be shocked if Be More Chill comes to Broadway, but stranger things have happened.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Iconis work towards a transfer if it sells well at Signature. It isn't exactly a secret that this show has an absurd cult following. If there's a producer out there who thinks

Best Best Revival of the Decade  Jun 11 2018, 10:29:11 PM

ScottyDoesn'tKnow2 said: "This award may turn into the "Most Improved" award (thanks for being only ok-to-good the first time around). I think executing a great classic production is underrated and underappreciated because people think it's easy to do when it's quite the opposite."

I do think it is quite difficult to do either. Most of the 9 productions that have received this honor this decade, regardless of whether or not it is a "rev

Band's Visit not worth 9 Tonys  Jun 11 2018, 09:44:22 PM

This is a very interesting topic. Here's my opinion.

The Band's Visit is an incredibly beautiful piece of art. People always talk about how they want to see pieces on Broadway that "change the game". This changed the game. This show proved that subtle can win awards that it previously could not win. As we have seen over the last three years or so, Broadway now has widened its doors to allow all kinds of original content on its stages. Orin Wolf, David Yazbek, and

Best Best Revival of the Decade  Jun 11 2018, 09:27:46 PM

The interesting thing about Best Revival is that not all revivals are the same. Some are just well-thought out productions, while others are total re-envisions of the material. I find the latter to be much, much more impressive than the former. Casting a great revival or coming up with a cool neat idea for a revival is awesome, but doing what John Doyle and Michael Arden have done with The Color Purple and Once on this Island is beyond awesome.

With that in mind,

Official Way Too Early 2019 Tony Predictions Thread  Jun 11 2018, 09:21:06 AM
Hot take: Hadestown ends up not transferring because it isn’t “commercial” enough. Moulin Rouge, despite mixed reviews, sweeps the Tonys because there aren’t any other decent new musicals. Aaron Tveit will undeservingly win his first Tony, and Kiss Me Kate will be conjoined with revived plays into a general “Best Revival” category thanks to the fact that they were the only musical revival.

For all of you saying “This past season was horrible, let’s move on.”, I don’t think the days of q

How Close Did Kelli O'Hara Come To Winning The Tony Before She Finally Won?  Jun 10 2018, 02:23:49 PM

Is it easy to argue that O'Hara should currently posess no awards? Sure. However, looking ahead to next season, I don't think she's going to have any competition in the Leading Actress category unless some more productions announce they're coming. People are gonna quote this comment and say "UMMMMMMMMMM DID YOU FORGET ABOUT STEPHANIE J. BLOCK?!?!?!" but let's be realistic. Unless we are completely blown away when we see her in this upcoming tryout, Kelli will bea

Melissa Benoist on Beautiful?  Jun 7 2018, 10:29:44 PM

Any reports from Melissa's first performance?

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