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THE ROOM MUSICAL- Broadway  Feb 10 2019, 01:41:36 PM

(Some more flagrant self promotion)

Top 3 favorite and least favorite Broadway theatres?  Oct 26 2018, 11:39:51 PM
Least Favorite:
3. The Broadway- Of the Broadway barns, this is truly my least favorite. Easily the furthest away mezzanine seating in any theatre.
2. The Ethyl Barrymore- Of the jewel box theatres, I find this one to be the most un-intimate and oddly set.
1. The Lunt-Fontanne- The side mirrors mixed with the extended mezzanine overhang mixed with the terrible wing space easily makes this my least favorite.

Others: The Minskoff, The Cort, The Sondheim


THE ROOM MUSICAL- Broadway  Sep 21 2018, 08:09:58 PM
Please excuse some cross promotion, but after getting Patron's Pick in Orlando, we're heading up to Chicago for their Musical Theatre Festival this Winter. So, before Tommy Wiseau and his team of lawyers swoop down on us, we'd love to get your support:

Listen to our songs, watch our videos, and if you feel generous, donate to help us bring our little show to a bigger stage

THE ROOM MUSICAL- Broadway  Sep 21 2018, 05:29:33 PM

BroadwayBear2 said: "I cannot wait for the fabulous production number, I DIDN'T HIT HER"

No need to wait

The Room Parody Musical- "I Didn't Hit Her"

Moulin Rouge Officially Transferring to Broadway  Aug 20 2018, 04:50:45 PM

SomethingPeculiar said: "They're smart to work on it, whether it opens this spring or next fall. These producers know that they're going to need to run for a few years at least, otherwise this will go down as one of the biggest flops in Broadway history. That rave from the NYT/Brantley is nice insurance, butthey can't rest on their laurels yet.

(And just thinking down the road...if the spectacle of the show becomes the selling point, that's going to have to

Anyone have theatre ticket stub hub success before?  Jul 12 2018, 02:42:28 PM
Used StubHub to get last minute tickets to My Fair Lady this spring. Ended up saving $100 a ticket for prime Orchestra seating

BREAKING: Ivo van Hove Will Direct Broadway Revival of WEST SIDE STORY  Jul 12 2018, 01:58:03 PM
This is completely out of left field, but with the current state of politics, i wouldn't be surprised if this got very suddenly greenlit.

Also, I'd bet the farm that Rudin closes Carousel for this.

Potential Theatres for "Moulin Rouge"  Jul 11 2018, 10:44:26 AM
Someone mentioned the Shubert as a possibility once Mockingbird ends its limited run. THAT seems by far the most likely candidate.

ANGELS IN AMERICA Reviews  Jun 23 2018, 08:50:49 AM
^I agree. Lee Pace took the easiest character to despise and made him the one I cared about more than any other. I'd reckon to say he's the best Joe Pitt I've ever seen.

Two Similar Revivals Coming?  Jun 13 2018, 11:22:41 AM
Eh, they're dissimilar enough there shouldn't be too great of a confusion. People don't confuse Anastasia and Frozen.

That being said, anyone remember when An Act of God was the same season as Hand to God? Now THAT was confusing lol

MEAN GIRLS  Jun 12 2018, 04:02:32 PM
I don't know. Maybe I'm the only person who prefers "It Roars" to "Wildlife". And its the same "I want" as pretty much any Disney princess; some bigger "something" out there mixed with a desire for acceptance. Sondheim it isn't, but for a musical version of a teen comedy hit, it more than works.

Broadway Signed CDs/ Programs/ Memorabilia for Sale  Jun 11 2018, 04:23:42 PM

Final update with CDs and other items! If you're interested in anything above I encourage you to message me with whatever price you find to be fair! I'm more than willing to haggle!

Official Way Too Early 2019 Tony Predictions Thread  Jun 11 2018, 12:14:40 PM
Isn't Beetlejuice and Tootsie also slated for productions this season? With Santino Fontana and David Yazbeck attached to Tootsie, I wouldn't count it out.

Official Way Too Early 2019 Tony Predictions Thread  Jun 11 2018, 09:02:06 AM
I seriously think the above poster was right about Moulin Rouge and Hadestown battling it out.

Broadway Signed CDs/ Programs/ Memorabilia for Sale  Jun 7 2018, 03:16:50 PM

Bumping (again) for new posters (signed and unsigned)

Broadway Signed CDs/ Programs/ Memorabilia for Sale  Jun 6 2018, 10:30:31 AM

Bumping with new additions, from signed posters to signed playbills.

SpongeBob winning???  Jun 4 2018, 02:54:13 PM
I think this is just a tribute to how bizarre this season has been. The only sure bet (I feel) is that Frozen won't win. SpongeBob has won the precursor awards, but hasn't really lit up at the box office. A Best Musical win would certainly change that, and I feel road producers would be more wanting to tour it with that title.
Mean Girls has been the highest grossing new musical by far. I don't think it'll win, but its numbers are certainly a factor.
And then there's The Bands Visit. Ar

Broadway Signed CDs/ Programs/ Memorabilia for Sale  Jun 4 2018, 07:05:58 AM

Hey guys! The list below is updated with any items that are currently on hold for one buyer or another. Also I'm starting to add further items (mainly some playbills and unsigned CDs), but the first item I have up for grabs:

Hal Prince Signed "A Little Night Music" OBC  Playbill (Asking $100, OBO)

UPDATED Broadway Signed CDs/ Posters/ Playbills/ Memorabilia for Sale  Jun 3 2018, 04:37:26 PM

Hey guys! I'm hoping to alleviate some clutter and sell some of these items. They're all in pretty great condition, except wherever noted. I’ve notated who’s signed what to the best of my ability. If you have any questions about if a certain cast member signed, I’ll do my best to decipher the autographs and let you know!

I'm in New York the next two weeks to drop items off. Otherwise I'm able to ship anywhere in the continental U.S. Message me if you h

Can Great Comet work as a film and who would you want in it?  May 20 2018, 10:44:08 AM
It needs an avant garde approach, but I think it could work. What got lost in the transfer to Broadway was the intimacy: having these characters a foot away from you pouring their hearts out. Just think what a closeup could do to a song like "No One Else" or the Finale?
And the cast would need to come from all walks of entertainment. From indie rock to musical theatre. The cast should be a patchwork of insane yet peculiar vocal talents. Bo Burnham would be an excellent Dolokov. I'd also love

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