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Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 - Broadway Plans  Nov 26 2020, 09:45:35 AM
That “Jagged Little Pill” performance was...terrible.

THE PROM film soundtrack release details  Nov 20 2020, 09:02:31 AM
Wow. Not a single song from the Broadway run has been cut. When was the last time that happened?

Megan Mullally to star in Kathleen Marshall’s ANYTHING GOES in London  Nov 20 2020, 09:00:32 AM
I’m honestly sad I can’t see this. Cole Porter is just the right amount of camp for Mullally and she will go full in.

Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 - Broadway Plans  Nov 6 2020, 09:03:16 AM

ACL2006 said: "It'll likely be based off on who's available.Might just be some solo numbers. Adrienne Warren from TINA, Elizabeth Stanley from JAGGED, Aaron Tveit from MOULIN ROUGE. Or just B-roll footage from certain shows."

TINA performed last year, but given the dearth of possible new shows to advertise, they might perform again. Has any Broadway show every performed at more than one parade?

New York Musical - SNL  Nov 1 2020, 07:55:21 PM

MlleDaae said: "John Mulaney already wrote a musical with Seth Meyers called Co-Op: The Musical and it's fukcing amazing. Get out from under your rock and go watch it. It's an episode on the series Documentary Now on Netflix.

If you've seen the Merrily We Roll Along documentary Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened, you'll get the joke. Mulaney as Sondheim is my most favorite thing ever:

"When y

New York Musical - SNL  Nov 1 2020, 10:29:00 AM

Even if it wasn't the best in his musical canon (The fact he had to loop the underwear back into the narrative by saying "Remember how it all started with this?" was a tell), Mulaney still remains one hell of a sketch writer and the first Broadway musical he writes, I will throw my whole paycheck at and see multiple times. 

Side Note: If he hosts one more time, he will be the first SNL writer (past or present) to join the Five-Timers Club without ever havin

Henry Goodman as Max Bialystock!!! He was goooood!!!  Nov 1 2020, 10:02:24 AM

AC126748 said: "I saw Goodman in the role. He was good. He probably would have gotten even better if he'd been given time to grow into the role. As others have already said, Goodman wasn't going to give anyone a carbon copy of Nathan Lane's performance -- and that is what the production wanted. If Goodman had been a replacement several years into the show, it might not have been a big deal. But the people coming to see THE PRODUCERS wanted a Nathan Lane performance even i

“Hamilton”, “The Prom”, and “The Boys In The Band” during Awards Season  Oct 30 2020, 02:40:14 PM

Hey everyone,

I know this has been discussed in various, disparate threads, but I wanted to condense the conversation here.

Thinking about a tweet from Variety that predicts Leslie Odom Jr. would get a nod for Best Actor - Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical) at the Golden Globes, I thought that “Hamilton”s eligibility for “motion picture” awards (GG-Film and Oscars) was already declared against them and that they could compete in the Television categorie

Shuffle Along lawsuit- resolution?  Oct 23 2020, 12:59:49 PM

Tag said: "Alex Kulak2 said: "As long as I live I’ll never understand why they didn’t just replace McDonald. Obviously, she’s Audra Freaking McDonald, she’s irreplaceable, but they didn’t even try."

Yes they did. Rhiannon Giddens was announced and rehearsed - but then never performed.

On top of Rhiannon Giddens, Savion Glover was also slated to join the cast in a featured ensemble role

What The Constitution Means To Me is now on Prime  Oct 19 2020, 02:07:11 PM
I felt like I was right back in the theatre watching this for the very first time, and that alone is high praise in and of itself.

It’s so hard to grip the fact that this was primarily scripted and rehearsed and not just an extremely effective stream-of-consciousness.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:44:39 PM

Tag said: "The biggest loser today is Aaron. If he wins (which is obviously likely) he'll always carry the burden of winning the default Tony."

To me, that’s better than Chris McCarrell, who was shut out of a maximum two-man horse race. 

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:42:33 PM
To quote Harold from “The Boys in the Band”...”It’s mind boggling. It absolutely boggles the mind.”

Chalia La Tour for Featured Actress/Play was certainly an odd choice, and I would’ve given that slot to Ashley Park for Grand Horizons.

I’m a bit shocked that Kyle Soller didn’t sneak in Best Actor/Play over Tom Sturridge, but I’m THRILLED for Paul Hilton

Featured Actress/Musical has me a bit worried about Patten’s lock on it because of the three Jagged girls possibly s

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:33:58 PM

Theatrefanboy1 said: "I don’t understand why west side story and girl
From the north town weren’t nominated in any categories especially considering they had opened.

It’s been explained to death that both shows, though technically open, did not have enough time to allow nominators to see and judge their shows accordingly and the deadline for cutoff was moved back

What Is The Cheapest Broadway Musical Ever?  Oct 15 2020, 07:11:41 AM

blaxx said: "quizking101 said: "Probably COME FROM AWAY. Yes it’s is a sizeable cast and a small stage band, but the design is one backdrop and pretty much just all chairs."

You must be VERY young to think that lol

I’m 26 and was speculating a possible answer to the OP’s question based on the breadth of musicals I’ve seen. Kindly take your condescension and shove it up your lower orifice


What Is The Cheapest Broadway Musical Ever?  Oct 14 2020, 10:31:50 PM

Probably COME FROM AWAY. Yes it’s is a sizeable cast and a small stage band, but the design is one backdrop and pretty much just all chairs.

Tiny moments that have stuck with you  Oct 6 2020, 07:19:43 PM

- Billy Porter's Lola saying "It was nice to see you, Dad" after singing "Hold Me In Your Heart" in "Kinky Boots"

- Kerry Washington's screaming at the end of "American Son"

- Every ad-lib John Cameron Mitchell did in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch".


The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30  Sep 30 2020, 12:42:21 PM

I watched it from beginning to end this morning. (Please pardon if these is not entirely articulate - it’s very much my stream of consciousness thinking)

The important thing is to try to go in with an open mind and not play the comparison game with the 1970 version the entire time which, admittedly, is hard to do.

The TL;DR - It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but it’s still worth a watch, especially with the updates in dialogue and unique creative

The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30  Sep 4 2020, 07:06:53 PM

CarlosAlberto said: "I'm kinda sad Mart Crowley isn't alive to see the finished film."

Maybe not the complete film, but I’m sure it’s possible he might have seen a rough cut. If I’m not mistaken, he may have overseen the writing of the screenplay for this version, at least in terms of the alterations (I.e the flashback sequences).

Who Have You Gotten Stuff Back From?  Sep 4 2020, 07:02:03 PM
I’m surprised this thread has gone 7 months without an update (though Coronavirus definitely had a hand in that).

Today, I got a lovely surprise in the mail.

I had sent a fan letter to Kristin Chenoweth after her “For The Girls” concert at the Nederlander last year along with my Playbill for her to sign. Since I sent it 10 months ago, I had forgotten all about it and figured it got lost in the wind (as it sometimes) does.

Today, I got the Playbill back in the mail (ca

The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30  Sep 3 2020, 12:57:42 PM
Parsons’ acting in BITB seems like it was almost a primer for his role in “Hollywood” on Netflix - as if he used this role to cultivate that savage, ruthless bitchiness that covers over a lifetime of loneliness and misunderstanding

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