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The King and I 1996  Aug 6 2020, 11:22:37 AM
Hayley Mills headlined the tour of this. It was something!

Applause Revival Due  Aug 2 2020, 10:23:27 AM

I wish Shaiman & Wittman were doing All About Eve instead of Some Like It Hot!

Greatest Song of All Time From a Musical  Jul 30 2020, 01:21:33 PM

There are a lot of true classics with longevity that are still recorded today with crossover success and I think that is my primary criteria for my decision.

If I had to choose of all-time, I'd say There's No Business Like Show Business. It's the perfect self-referential industry song with a bit of sweetness and a wink of sour to balance it out. I might suggest Send In The Clowns for a modern choice because that has crossed over multiple times and is also widely known.

Gender swapped Tell Me On A Sunday  Jul 21 2020, 12:13:45 AM
Somebody call Andrew Rannells and Robbie Fairchild!

Disney's ALADDIN filmed for release  Jul 19 2020, 02:12:52 AM

rattleNwoolypenguin said: "The Jerk is a classic film. That’s what most people know her from "

Don’t forget about HEARTBEEPS!!!

Favorite Christine Daae  Jul 1 2020, 03:20:48 PM

Oh, has anyone mentioned Rebecca Luker? She was pretty outstanding as well. She opened the 1st national tour in Chicago and I believe went to B'way shortly thereafter.

re: re: re: re: re: Ann Miller Stories?  Jun 29 2020, 08:39:30 PM
My local BBQ joint has a signed photo from Ann on their celebrity wall and I always request to be seated by her. It’s good luck! I’ve asked about the photo, but no one remembers. But it’s all good, I just imagine her arriving like Dolly and tapping all over with the waiters.

Favorite Christine Daae  Jun 29 2020, 08:33:31 PM
Dale Kristien in LA with Crawford. I believe she’s still the only actress to not have an alternate. Such a strong actress and an equally talented singer. And to leave such a lasting memory in Crawford’s shadow says it all. I also give props to Michael Piontek, one of the stronger Raoul’s I’ve seen. That cast was pretty special.

Liza Minnelli’s New Orleans Concert on Amazon  Jun 5 2020, 10:37:42 PM
This concert is incredible! Dare I say I prefer it to Liza With A Z or will that get me banned?

1987 Tony Awards on You Tube  May 28 2020, 08:19:47 PM

Someone in a Tree2 said: "As someone who actually DRAFTED on the STARLIGHT EXPRESS set that went into the Gershwin, I feel uniquely equipped to put in my two cents on the merits of John Napier's set."

THANK YOU so much for responding! I loved reading your thoughts. And I do admit that the set in London was superior (and I had forgotten about all those tourist signs in NYC)! I’ll admit my youthful affinity for the show does keep me defensive of Starlight. LO

Jekyll & Hyde 1995 Tour vs. Broadway Production  May 28 2020, 08:14:15 PM
Yeah, this show was the most anticipated of my annual NYC trip one year and it was the biggest letdown of my showgoing life.

How you could take that brilliant concept album and then let it evolve into what was at the Plymouth was shocking.

And getting rid of BOTM and the Women of the Night song (that Brenda Russell TORE up on the concept album) were some VERY large mistakes.

1987 Tony Awards on You Tube  May 27 2020, 11:12:54 AM

Did anyone actually SEE Starlight Express on Broadway to judge the set in the context of the show? It's easy to hate it and talk smack (the show is flimsy at best), but the design was pretty damn incredible and effective for what the set purpose was supposed to be - a huge spectacle intended to tour stadiums. Les Miz was great for what it needed to do as well and was certainly the better show, but the technical precision, craft, and creativity that went into the Starlight set was rem

1987 Tony Awards on You Tube  May 26 2020, 05:42:39 PM

wiggum2 said: "greensgreens said: "1987 is my favorite. STARLIGHT EXPRESS and John Napier's award speech! Need I say more???


what did he say? Was his award for Les Mis televised? He references his previous win in his award for Starlight express around 23:40

Napier wins production for Les Miz but was nominated for Starlight as well. He says they rightly awarded him but for the wrong show. It’s pretty ba

1987 Tony Awards on You Tube  May 26 2020, 12:27:12 PM

1987 is my favorite. STARLIGHT EXPRESS and John Napier's award speech! Need I say more???


What musical is said to be unpopular and obscure, but actually isn't?  May 26 2020, 12:24:25 PM

rattleNwoolypenguin said: "
Let’s be real all Sondheim is obscure to people outside of theatre"

So false. Sure, not everyone can repeat the lyrics to Passion or Road Show verbatim, but EVERYONE knows Sweeney Todd - even the most non-theatre people in the heart of the Midwest. In large part to the Burton film, but that's Sondheim's work. And TONS of people know Into The Woods, thanks again to the film, but this one is incredibly popular wi

Shows You've Discovered (or Rediscovered) While in Quarantine  May 19 2020, 02:47:48 PM

I've gotten back into Sunset Boulevard. I re-ripped all the various cast recordings and singles from this and I put 'em on random and just listen for hours. So fun to hear the different takes on the same material.

Why didn’t Kelsey Grammar switch over and play Albin as originally promoted?  May 14 2020, 08:24:36 PM

Sieber was awesome in both parts - as he was a little bit out of the mold. The age gap with Fierstein as Albin being older was fascinating and added to Albin's insecurities. He also played Georges with a lighter approach, which was nice. In general, I found the Sieber/Fierstein pairing to be the most HILARIOUS and loving one. Kelsey & Doug were great showmen, but I never for one minute believed either one of them was truly in love.

On tour, Sieber just ran away with the da

Phantom & Christine Doubles  Apr 26 2020, 04:56:03 PM
Dale Kristien is still the only Christine that lobbied to do the 8 show a week schedule and was approved by ALW himself. I was lucky enough to catch her with Michael Crawford in LA and was spellbound. Great acting choices and a beautiful voice almost equally matched. I think she’s still my favorite.

Candide 1997 Broadway revival  Apr 15 2020, 09:21:10 PM
I was lucky enough to catch this. I remember liking it a fair deal, mostly due to the cast. If Kristin had played Cundegonde, it would’ve been quite something. But Daniely, Dale, Martin & Barrett were impressive. Some of the production stretched out into the audience, but I have heard that the earlier Prince production (wasn’t this 97 production a revival of an earlier Prince staging?) was MUCH more environmental and I was a bit let down as I was hoping for that. I remember many talking about st

Addams Family... Ten Years Later  Apr 10 2020, 12:00:47 AM
Paul Rudnick and Marc Shaiman should’ve expanded their work on Addams Family Values. And Charles Busch should’ve reprised his role (Tramp)! Or, they could’ve done a new story entirely, but they both nailed the macabre humor and offbeat perspectives of the whole family and how they interacted with “normal” people.

The set for this and effects were incredibly impressive though! Thing remains one of my all-time favorite show openers! But my other memory is seeing several masters of their c

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