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The Official TDF Thread  Mar 12 2020, 04:55:00 PM
TDF is very good about issuing refunds when a performance is canceled. I’ve had it happen a few times in the past and it’s always automatically refunded back to my card. Don’t worry!

MRS. DOUBTFIRE Previews  Mar 10 2020, 12:29:52 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Last night it got out about 10:55."

Did they hold for anything or is the show just that long? 

The Official TDF Thread  Mar 4 2020, 03:16:52 PM
I’ve had a few TDF seats that were far left or right and some of the stage was obstructed, BUT the tickets are not technically partial view seats. They are for sale regularly at full price.
TDF won’t sell “partial view” seats that have been officially designated so by the production.

The Official TDF Thread  Feb 28 2020, 12:48:31 PM

Jagged Little Pill is up or next week 

The Official TDF Thread  Feb 27 2020, 01:16:01 PM

TDF has been very messy with new musicals season.  They seem to pop up, then are completly gone quickly, and then pop back up with the same dates like an hour or 2 later.  It not that people are holding the tickets in their carts.. it's that the entire listing disappears for some time.  very buggy 

The Official TDF Thread  Feb 27 2020, 12:07:42 PM

TJJ1296 said: "Those Company tickets went fast

Company is back up!  

The Official TDF Thread  Feb 27 2020, 11:33:42 AM

n2nbaby said: "Company is up for a few performances."

And now it's gone... That was FAST!!!  Glad I got mine right away. 

Next tenant for the Marquis?  Jan 7 2020, 09:50:18 AM

Almost Famous 

The Official TDF Thread  Oct 29 2019, 02:50:41 PM

Sorry was on the train and didn't scroll up.  Oh well, just doing my part. 

The Official TDF Thread  Oct 29 2019, 12:52:23 PM

Jagged Little Pill is up!!!!!  Wed matinees first few weeks. 

Down to One  Aug 1 2019, 02:43:12 PM

I will be there tonight.  Is the show really 3hrs including intermission? 

Moulin Rouge Previews  Jun 28 2019, 10:13:34 AM
Anyone go to the dress last night?

Secret Life of Bees - Previews  Jun 2 2019, 08:45:54 PM
I saw the show today and loved it! It’s in excellent shape and dare I say it’s better than a lot of recent Broadway shows.
The final song today was a reprise if the title song “The Secret Life of Bees” with the full company. Also, their wasn’t any song about a movie star. I really hope it gets good reviews and transfers.

NETworks is bringing back Hairspray tour in 2020  May 28 2019, 11:44:23 PM
Some of the cast members from the last non-eq tour of Hairspray are currently on Broadway, so don’t hate.

Final round of Tony Eligibility Announced  Apr 26 2019, 02:24:05 PM

So does this mean Hadestown is eligible for score?  I know there were rumblings that it might not be eligible because of the concept recording. 

BEETLEJUICE Previews  Apr 12 2019, 04:56:59 PM

Saw this last night and I have to admit... I liked it.  I don't understand why all the hate towards it.  Its big, crude, abrasive, and entertaining.  It's everything Beetlejuice should be.  The sets and lighting were awesome. Unfortunately, the sound was awful and I had to strain to understand what they were singing. 

Overall I saw A LOT worse this season... and last season too.  Dare I say I had more fun at Beetlejuice than I did at Toot

HADESTOWN Previews  Apr 1 2019, 10:22:48 PM
Has the show been re-orchestrated since the Public recording? The video clips I saw posted today sound much more “Pop” than what I hear on the recording.

Down to One  Mar 30 2019, 10:10:24 AM
NYC is not gonna happen.

Marquis Theater seating for Tootsie  Mar 16 2019, 01:52:54 PM
I sat extreme side Orchestra for 9-5 and missed half the side of the stage. I do not recommend it.

Discount Codes  Mar 15 2019, 12:22:43 PM

Thanks for the code!  But the discount code on Telecharge Offers actually makes the seats more expensive!  Crazy, right?  

I have both Telecharge and Telecharge Offers open on separate screens for the same seats and the regular $99 priced seats are $105 with the offer....Not including fees!  Aint that some ish.  LOL  Something isn't right here. 

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