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Two Free Tickets for Allegiance - A New Musical  Nov 6 2015, 05:22:22 PM

The tickets have been given away

Two Free Tickets for Allegiance - A New Musical  Nov 6 2015, 05:05:48 PM

I have two free extra tickets for Allegiance - A New Musical tonight. If anyone is interested, please let me know. They are in the Mezzanine but are not together. one is Row E and one is Row F

Flea Market Tickets  Sep 22 2014, 01:23:48 PM
I have a pair of tickets for Chicago on Sunday October 5th at 2:30. If anyone is interested in trading dates or trading for another show. I can't make it because I won Wicked tickets for the same date and time.

Patti LuPone As A Ghost in Long Lost Musical Set In A Laundromat (1984)  Jan 16 2014, 05:24:46 PM
I have this on DVD. I was expecting more, was disappointed.

Rude Patron Story At Cinderella  Oct 10 2013, 04:28:18 PM
When I saw Die Mommie Die! at New World Stages, it was a Plum Benefits Freebie. I was sitting the in the front row and this woman sitting next to me gets a phone call and took it. She must have been on at least 2 minutes and just kept saying she was at a play.

Ticket trades!  Sep 27 2011, 12:10:45 AM
Memphis is for October 26th and If I am not mistaken I think i might have gotten these from you by trading my Mamma Mia tickets.

Ticket trades!  Sep 26 2011, 05:53:06 PM
I have:

The Adam's Family
The Lion King

Free Ticket to Everyday Rapture  Apr 22 2010, 06:03:02 PM
someone has already claimed the ticket.

Free Ticket to Everyday Rapture  Apr 22 2010, 05:23:18 PM
I have an extra free ticket tonight 4/22/10 for Everyday Rapture if anyone is interested.

Looking for song about Angels and/or Devils  Apr 22 2010, 01:57:12 PM
How about somethign from "Phantom of the Paradise"

Half asleep I hear a voice
Is it only in my mind
Or is it someone calling me someone I failed and left behind

To work it out I let them in
All the good guys and the bad guys that I've been
All the devils that disturbed me and the angels that defeated them somehow
Come together in me now

Face to face I greet the cast
Set in silence we begin
Companions in an empty room I taste their

The New Broadway Merchandise Trade Thread  Apr 15 2010, 05:45:03 PM
I have original "Into the Woods" Sticker sheets that were sent out to promote the show. They feature the artwork of the characters that appeared in the cast recording liner notes.

re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?  Sep 28 2009, 04:02:29 PM
When we got there in the morning the line for autographs and pictures was so long it went down stairs to the main level. Not sure how the temperature was on the upper level but the main level was warm probably due to the crowd. Not as hot as the lower level but still warm. No big deal I will probably just give my friends at NWS a call and can probably meet her.

re: getting stuff backstage question  Sep 28 2009, 02:20:06 PM
I saw the Stephanie J. Block frame at the flea market. It was signed by the three leads. I would have bought it if Dolly had signed it as well. The girl who made it should be happy that Stephanie saw some value in it to donate it to charity and the frame will probably have a longer life this way. Who knows, if she is making these frames for all shows people might start collecting them at the flea markets every year.

re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?  Sep 28 2009, 01:37:03 PM
Diana was the only photo I wanted to get but I did not feel like standing in that line in that heat.

re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?  Sep 28 2009, 12:32:28 PM
The Who's Tommy 15th Anniversary Poster signed by cast
Rock of Ages Playbill signed by Current Cast
Rock of Ages Program was told signed by OBC but it is current cast
Rock of Ages Pint Glasses
Rock of Ages Drum Sticks
Various hats and magnets
Broadway Bares DVDs
Standing Ovations DVDs

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