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Message Board Updates - December 2018
Started By: Moderator
06,98412/11/18 2:41pm
New 'Report Abuse' Links + Updated Suspension Policy
Started By: Moderator
020,7723/10/16 7:03pm
Disney+ developing Once on this Island film adaptation
Started By: RW3
512,2541/6/21 11:24am
Wicked Previews
Started By: IAmAnIslander2
44151/6/21 12:32am
Soundtrack to ABC WWoD Cinderella?
Started By: Joviedamian
206401/6/21 12:19am
Changes in shows?
Started By: Joshua Rosenthal
491,4851/5/21 11:14pm
Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House”
Started By: Jordan Catalano
29828,6971/5/21 4:00pm
Catch Me If You Can questions
Started By: David10086
237391/5/21 3:07pm
Do you think the Phantom film should have been made earlier?
Started By: Globefan
582,9951/5/21 2:29pm
Broadway 2021: What To Expect When New York Turns The Lights Back On
Started By: Mr. Wormwood
802,6031/5/21 2:29pm
Seeking: Fun Home playbill (preferably Broadway Pride edition)
Started By: cjmclaughlin10
0201/5/21 7:51am
help me remember the musical's name
Started By: eleventhwwjudy
103851/5/21 12:20am
Oculus Rift for Theatre
Started By: macbeth
31231/4/21 9:35pm
Plays set in a subway?
Started By: aces25
174851/4/21 8:31pm
"Broadway Remembers" : 2020 in memoriam tribute
Started By: David10086
0401/4/21 6:56pm
74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall
Started By: jacobsnchz14
24916,3111/4/21 3:30pm
Something's Afoot - 2020 Studio Recording
Started By: MrsSallyAdams
41651/4/21 2:58pm
Year End Theater Quiz: A Look Back at 2020
Started By: NewYorkTheater
4881/4/21 9:06am
Laura Osnes & Aaron Tveit sing 'Winter Wonderland' to promote their new Hallmark 'Holiday' movie on Oct. 31
Started By: Wayman_Wong
787,0301/3/21 11:43pm
Best versions of Rent and Les Miz to screen?
Started By: Seperite
164441/3/21 8:31pm
Who is this cast?
Started By: Joshua Rosenthal
32031/3/21 3:00pm
Best Productions of Seussical
Started By: rougeduck
52101/3/21 2:33pm
Public Domain Day 2021: "Gatsby" goes free-use
Started By: darquegk
84461/3/21 1:44pm
It Shoulda Been You Previews
Started By: Phillypinto
209179,0351/2/21 1:40pm
RIP Dawn Wells
Started By: SmoothLover
185111/2/21 10:11am
Todd Michael Smith RIP
Started By: rosscoe(au)
45101/2/21 9:47am
Favorite West Side Story song?
Started By: Globefan
319161/2/21 9:32am
The Mountaintop 2011 - Set Design
Started By: GuyfromGermany
42351/1/21 2:11pm
Sheila HanC, Lesley Manville, and Toby Jones receive Royal Honors
Started By: JBroadway
0161/1/21 12:14pm
Adaptations You Would Like To See?
Started By: DoTheDood
766,2091/1/21 3:03am
Joshua Rosenthal
Artificial Intelligence wrote a new Hamilton song
Started By: macbeth
428112/31/20 10:40pm
Casting rumors that never happened, but you wish did
Started By: Call_me_jorge
7714,01812/31/20 2:10pm
Frankenstein 1981
Started By: rosscoe(au)
29212/31/20 10:39am
Kate Winslet question
Started By: cinemarco2
1258012/31/20 5:55am
Whoopi - "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom".
Started By: jvoom
771912/31/20 5:27am
The MILLIE Effect
Started By: WigWerk
1468012/31/20 12:32am
92Y: Lyrics & Lyricists: Preludes
Started By: VintageSnarker
1049512/30/20 7:30pm
Need song choices!
Started By: bound4bway
01112/30/20 1:08pm
PARTY with stars from Hamilton, Mean Girls, Evan Hansen, Waitress
Started By: Debteeski
08412/30/20 10:42am
What Happened to the Playbill App?
Started By: Joshua Rosenthal
216712/30/20 4:22am
Home for the Holidays - Streaming Event
Started By: blaxx
17812/29/20 5:29pm
if you have to
Cabaret Libretto
Started By: fashionguru_23
1129,91212/29/20 4:47pm
Did Meryl see THE PROM on Broadway?
Started By: WigWerk
121,09212/29/20 2:27pm
Best address for a fan letter to Andrew Rannells?
Started By: broadwayloversinceiwasborn
05112/29/20 1:32pm
Philip Bosco in Lend Me a Tenor
Started By: NameGreg
420012/29/20 1:16pm
Stephen Schwartz's WORKING for the Covid Era
Started By: macbeth
420212/29/20 7:06am
John Adams
Sutton Foster, Frances Ruffelle, or Lea Salonga; Who is THE Eponine?
Started By: artist_in_waiting
9269,58112/28/20 4:31pm
Favorite Shows of 2020
Started By: BroadwayGuy12
1348312/28/20 2:58pm
Started By: Jorge21
03812/28/20 1:28pm
Best Broadway Wigs
Started By: WigWerk
06912/28/20 2:48am

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