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Message Board Updates - December 2018
Started By: Moderator
07,07012/11/18 2:41pm
New 'Report Abuse' Links + Updated Suspension Policy
Started By: Moderator
020,8643/10/16 7:03pm
Fired Color Purple actress sues for religious discrimination
Started By: qolbinau
908,7982/17/21 11:31am
Is a Toni Colette led MAME Revival Coming?
Started By: Jordan Catalano
699,5572/17/21 11:22am
Whoopi to play DELORIS in Sister Act London (confirmed - delayed to 2021)
Started By: qolbinau
1007,4792/17/21 11:13am
SWEENEY TODD lyric question
Started By: morosco
41,0102/17/21 8:54am
Will Funny Girl EVER have a Broadway revival?
Started By: MannLove
209992/16/21 11:58pm
Started By: CindersGolightly
52,0842/16/21 8:36am
A new THE KING AND I film
Started By: MichelleCraig
581,6242/16/21 3:00am
If You Could Give a Concert of Ten Theatre Songs, What is Your Set?
Started By: Lanie J
202,0112/16/21 2:59am
Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as Lucy and Desi?
Started By: macbeth
902,1552/15/21 6:15pm
Cuomo Announces NY PopsUp; Discusses Broadway's Reopening
Started By: BroadwayGuy12
882,8092/15/21 4:31pm
Sight and Sound Theater reopened?
Started By: MannPhan24601
44292/15/21 10:20am
Is there any new talk about the future of BEETLEJUICE?
Started By: aces25
879,4102/15/21 9:41am
Sierra Boggess/ Ramin Karimloo Phantom and Love Never Dies
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
87352/15/21 8:05am
Laura Osnes & Aaron Tveit sing 'Winter Wonderland' to promote their new Hallmark 'Holiday' movie on Oct. 31
Started By: Wayman_Wong
797,3462/14/21 3:46pm
Bridgerton the Musical
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
13852/14/21 12:13pm
New ALW Cinderella Song "I Know I Have A Heart"
Started By: macbeth
57022/14/21 9:17am
Sam Mendes Gypsy (2003)
Started By: qolbinau
424,7542/13/21 10:09pm
Theatre actors who won’t return to the theatre
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
282,1422/13/21 4:47pm
Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
1,8511,774,8122/13/21 12:41pm
Patti LuPone FANatic
Glinda backstage sprint
Started By: Megan12345
37182/13/21 8:24am
Alexander Lamar
Dr. Phillips Center to bring Broadway back in fall 2021
Started By: Robbie2
116552/12/21 11:16pm
Zadan/Meron: Next NBC Live Musical & ‘Some Like It Hot’ Broadway musical
Started By: jacobsnchz14
7212,0762/12/21 5:02pm
NT: National Theater at Home thoughts
Started By: Play Esq.
99432/12/21 4:30pm
Ann Reinking Tribute
Started By: Aaron Felske
32582/12/21 2:06pm
I'm ashamed to admit this.....
Started By: Dollypop
231,6862/12/21 9:05am
Wee Thomas2
R.I.P. Joe Allen
Started By: ajh
66362/12/21 8:59am
Wee Thomas2
'Jimmy' 1969 musical
Started By: Shamlet
56172/11/21 10:04pm
Fauci Now Says By April, Vaccines Will Be Available To Anyone Who Wants One
Started By: Jordan Catalano
369732/11/21 9:40pm
Who will Tell Your Story: FREE class with Hamilton Cast and Crew
Started By: deloverly
12222/11/21 8:00pm
Started By: RedAsARose
144022/11/21 7:54pm
Which Fiyero wore the pants best?
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
251,9432/11/21 7:37pm
Broadway shows for Jonathan Bailey
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
74272/11/21 7:19pm
Patti LuPone FANatic
Broadway with Social Distancing = 27% Capacity
Started By: macbeth
121,0792/11/21 5:32pm
New Virtual Musical (Last Month) MSM
Started By: BCfitasafiddle
01282/11/21 11:33am
A Wizard of Oz Remake? Boo!
Started By: macbeth
206802/10/21 9:25pm
2020-2021 Touring Season
Started By: MTH85
64586,9322/10/21 6:37pm
What roles should some celebrities do on Broadway?
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
371,2592/10/21 4:57pm
Whas has Nina Arianda been doing?
Started By: goodlead
191,5312/10/21 1:23pm
Comedically Misheard Lyrics
Started By: Mr. Nowack
5213,7692/9/21 10:45pm
Broadway Reunion Series
Started By: Robert Bannon
01552/9/21 9:17pm
Robert Bannon
The state of Broadway - February
Started By: unclevictor
211,0602/9/21 9:28am
under known composers
Started By: Tim Barstow
33432/9/21 4:49am
Did Anyone Here Watch MUSICALS: THE GREATEST SHOW Last Night
Started By: Jordan Catalano
33762/8/21 6:53pm
Sutton Ross
RIP Joe Allen
Started By: Jordan Levinson
01512/8/21 6:51pm
Jordan Levinson
Second Act Snacks
Started By: LinLover17000
43322/8/21 5:19pm
Sutton Ross
Carousel 1994
Started By: carousel94fan
131,1032/8/21 4:28pm
Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
Started By: A.J.
1838,7412/8/21 4:25pm
Sara Bareilles Voice Over Credit Re: Waitress
Started By: Call_me_jorge
168702/8/21 1:21pm

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