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Message Board Updates - December 2018
Started By: Moderator
06,93812/11/18 2:41pm
New 'Report Abuse' Links + Updated Suspension Policy
Started By: Moderator
020,7163/10/16 7:03pm
Jason Robert Brown is Working on a Musical Adaptation of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN!
Started By: Jeffrey Karasarides
7540,0847/28/20 2:22pm
Alex Kulak2
Gender swapped Tell Me On A Sunday
Started By: CATSNYrevival
261,5927/28/20 1:02pm
Anyone Know This Musical?
Started By: StageLight
55437/28/20 10:47am
Irish Rep: The Weir
Started By: ggersten
95997/27/20 9:33pm
Jordan Catalano
RIP Olivia de Havilland
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
89177/27/20 6:07pm
Back to the Future - The Musical - West End Transfer
Started By: Shaun Tossell
121,2027/27/20 4:17pm
Great and (dare I say) important Audra interview
Started By: HogansHero
35517/27/20 12:56pm
Central Park on Apple TV
Started By: macbeth
172,3267/26/20 10:49pm
Best outdoor production you've seen?
Started By: aces25
198557/26/20 9:08pm
Someone in a Tree2
Aurora Spiderwoman!?!?
Started By: Frumious Bandersnatch
92,0037/26/20 8:41pm
Michael Riedel's next book –– "Singular Sensation: The Triumph of Broadway" –– out November 2020
Started By: ErmengardeStopSniveling
211,5857/26/20 6:45pm
Mr Roxy
Reminder - Christina Bianco Livestream Concert Today 3pm
Started By: macbeth
21937/26/20 11:45am
MTV Video Music Awards Aug in NYC
Started By: SouthernCakes
65497/26/20 10:11am
Socially distanced ONCE ON THIS ISLAND stream
Started By: Fan123
07047/26/20 12:18am
Apple Music vs Spotify for Broadway
Started By: makeanomelette
276,2197/26/20 12:02am
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - One Part?
Started By: The Ferryman Himself
492,7177/25/20 11:11pm
How do I find full videos of the Jimmys
Started By: aperl943
11807/25/20 10:35pm
Side Show Reunion- Quarantine, Cabaret, Cocktails
Started By: Theatrestan1
01837/25/20 8:17pm
What Are Great Musical Roles That Don’t Sing Much
Started By: Hot Pants
352,3397/25/20 5:21pm
Leaf Coneybear
Will COVID End The Broadway Chorus?
Started By: Alex Kulak2
141,9737/25/20 3:49pm
What happened to Jordan Roth?
Started By: Moosicals4Life
302,8357/25/20 12:22pm
Kaye Ballard Documentary
Started By: Deena Jones
56307/25/20 10:15am
The Muppets HAMILTON
Started By: Owen22
121,6977/25/20 2:18am
Scotland PA Previews
Started By: Relevance81491
396,1947/25/20 1:19am
Bull in a China Shop
Started By: cglaid
21,1947/24/20 11:19pm
IATSE Releases COVID Safety Guidelines For Broadway Return
Started By: Huss417
272,0387/24/20 9:32pm
Rosie/Gaga lead Funny Girl to reopen the Palace!
Started By: nativenewyorker2
13317,6387/24/20 7:34pm
George in DC
Julia Murney, Lilli Cooper, Eden Espinosa AND MORE in Elphaba Interviews series
Started By: TiMurray
02737/24/20 6:34pm
2020-2021 Touring Season
Started By: MTH85
64185,0037/24/20 6:31pm
Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House”
Started By: Jordan Catalano
23021,0947/24/20 6:08pm
Once - 2012 Tonys Question!
Started By: BCfitasafiddle
117817/24/20 4:42pm
No stage door now how will people get an autograph
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
391,9037/24/20 4:36pm
Sutton Ross
FOLLIES Film, Helmed by Dominic Cooke, Has Been Greenlit
Started By: PianoMann
453,1347/24/20 3:40am
Obtaining Small Rights for Dancing to Song?
Started By: Dave Premack
43567/23/20 4:46pm
Follies 1971 - Official Movie
Started By: 1971FolliesFan
3722,8277/23/20 4:06pm
Opening Spoilers Not Working?
Started By: MaddieBB12
53807/23/20 11:27am
Shows that bring up special guests from the audience?
Started By: rjm516
159497/23/20 10:03am
Theatre in a Box—Musical Theatre Board Game Kickstarter
Started By: araminta18
14477/23/20 5:54am
West Side Story trailer?
Started By: Globefan
91,0597/23/20 12:47am
Black Plays Are Knocking on Broadway's Door
Started By: macbeth
25547/22/20 7:15pm
Alex Kulak2
Favorite Christine Daae
Started By: Globefan
392,2037/22/20 7:02pm
I have a idea of a musical based on the anime Beastars
Started By: jameson2005
32137/22/20 3:12pm
2021 Broadway Season
Started By: chrishuyen
213,9207/22/20 1:31pm
Sutton Ross
Why don’t producers inform cast and crew before press releases go out?
Started By: Call_me_jorge
51,4387/22/20 10:24am
Ellen's Stardust Diner Closing?
Started By: dianamorales
273,2687/22/20 10:19am
MATILDA Playbill - Dec. 2013
Started By: Bwayfan12092
13057/22/20 8:27am
What Would Be Good Roles for Brittain Ashford
Started By: Hot Pants
34427/22/20 12:34am
Broadway on TikTok
Started By: macbeth
45107/21/20 10:25pm

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