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Member Name: Popeye and Cloudy
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Profile: Popeye and Cloudy (Fred Jones and Paul Marino alternating all roles) does not have a website! And don't bother telling us to get one! We have an email, and yes we have a card, which we give out to selectively (card are pricey!), mostly to pretty girls. Jk. The fleeting nature of our appearance gives audiences a special experience, that fees our passion to perform so much. We hope to see you soon!

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  • Shakespeare on the subway?  Feb 23 2011, 06:48:03 PM
    We do the 2/3 between 42nd and 72nd quite a bit. it's a solid 3 minutes uninterrupted, but we have done the 1. see you sooner ot later!
  • Shakespeare on the subway?  Feb 23 2011, 03:56:20 PM
    Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all the love. We were psyched to dig this thread up on the web. We go by Popeye and Cloudy and are a two-man collaborative. We do mostly Shakespeare, yes. We haven't got to Henry V yet, but so far run three scenes, including an original comedy and two Shakespeare scenes, one from Hamlet and the other from Julius Caesar. Both Fred (Jones) and I (Paul Marino) switch characters, so that we each play up to 6 roles in a given hour, a number that is growing. We don't