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  • Thoughts on The Will Rogers' Follies?  May 17 2012, 03:56:21 PM
    Still 1990-1991 was a great season for musicals: Will Rogers Follies, Miss Saigon, Once on this Island, The Secret Garden- a rare year where you could make a case for any of the nominees winning Best Musical. Also that was the year the craptastic Shogun: The Musical opened.
  • Delayed movie musicals... or ones that never happened  May 17 2012, 03:42:44 PM
    ^Yup. And I think it was going to be during the height of Beatlemania. Totally didn't sound ridiculous and stupid. Efron singing a duet with his pimples? Genius! Hairspray 2, you get your Best Picture Oscar in advance!

  • Delayed movie musicals... or ones that never happened  May 17 2012, 03:29:21 PM
    Not a big fan of Beyonce, but I'd think she'd make a very good Aida. And Christina Aguilera would do a great job with "Strongest Suit." Neither of them are really strong actors, but Aida's fairly easy in that department. The show lends itself to a screen adaptation. It was a big hit on Broadway and would win over the tween set easily. I'm surprised they haven't made it into a movie yet.
  • What's Your Favorite Song from  May 17 2012, 11:50:44 AM
    Still one of the most wonderfully awkward promo posters I've seen. Their expressions (particularly Ellis and Dev's) are priceless. I'd love to know what was going through the minds of those actors as they were forced by the photographer to contort into those awkward poses.
  • Nicole Ari Parker in STREETCAR....  May 17 2012, 11:41:36 AM
    Wow. I'd think Jackson would make an incredible Martha. But I guess the presentation of the piece is vital to its success. And it seems Albee, strangely enough, just wasn't the right person to direct the show correctly. Maybe he was just too close to the play to know how to direct it properly. Sorry, that sounds unbelievably presumptuous of me to say that he wouldn't know how to direct his own play (and I'm not trying to come across that way), but some authors just can't direct.
  • Shortest  May 17 2012, 11:19:34 AM
    Regarding the question Zimmy brought up, I know Hallelujah, Baby! closed before the 1968 Tonys, but does anybody know if it closed before its nominations were announced or after?
    Now its run was nowhere near as short as Leap of Faith or Rags, but I think it only ran a few performances longer than Passion (currently the shortest running Best Musical winner).

  • What makes Fraulein Kost so significant in 'Cabaret'?  May 15 2012, 07:41:35 PM
    Anyone think Hal should have given in and let Minnelli originate the part? Or was he right in saying that she wasn't the right fit for Sally in his version of Cabaret? I know Flora wasn't a big success, but she did win the Tony (and some considerable critical praise) that year.
  • What makes Fraulein Kost so significant in 'Cabaret'?  May 15 2012, 07:00:08 PM
    It also helps whoever is playing the part to get recognition among the awards groups if Sally and Fräulein Schneider are placed in the leading category- a la the 1966 cast.
    Wait, Haworth wasn't even nominated for Sally- something I've always found odd. How can you NOT get nominated playing Sally Bowles?
  • Non-Singing Roles that Were Nominated for a Tony  May 15 2012, 07:28:06 AM
    Barry Nelson was nominated for a non-singing part for The Act in 1978. In fact, what did he do in that show?
  • Julianne Hough Wants to Play Elphaba in Wicked Film  May 14 2012, 11:10:23 PM
    Haven't they been through enough?!
    Oh, the humanity...
  • Julianne Hough Wants to Play Elphaba in Wicked Film  May 14 2012, 11:06:48 PM
    Actually I'm rather surprised that they haven't really begun making this film in earnest by now. The revival of Chicago had been running for a little over six years before its film version was made and the success of the film doesn't seem to have had any adverse affects on the show's box office. Quite the reverse in fact. By October of next year, Wicked will have run on Broadway for a decade. And I really don't think having a film version around will hinder the musical as a major money-maker. Yo
  • Julianne Hough Wants to Play Elphaba in Wicked Film  May 14 2012, 10:50:53 PM
    Girl can sing (and is certainly no slum in the acting department), but I've always thought of her as a Glinda rather than an Elphaba.
  • Julianne Hough Wants to Play Elphaba in Wicked Film  May 14 2012, 09:50:51 PM
    Like others have said, Julianne Hough better watch her back. Elphaba is Lea Michelle's role (at least in Michelle's mind anyway) and she will cut a b***h if she has to. She's already lost out on a chance to play Eponine on the screen, and it so far looks like the Funny Girl revival isn't going to happen. At least not yet and probably not with her. And if that's the case, she's not going to let anyone get in the way of her starring in Wicked. A lot of her work on Glee has basically been one long,
  • performers posting reviews that put down their co-stars  May 14 2012, 09:40:58 PM
    It'd be interesting to hear what her co-stars think of this!
  • How About a Secret Garden Revival??  May 14 2012, 06:23:31 PM
    The sets were glorious. And that's what I'd really want a revival to recapture: the set design. The original looked like a Victorian paper-doll theater with pop-out figures, really very stunning. Well deserved Tony award.
  • To all those who Bash Ghost...  May 14 2012, 01:07:03 AM
    Completely agree. It's been said before many times, but here it goes: each person has their own unique tastes and preferences. For instance, I hated Mamma Mia, but a lot of people (including some of my friends) love it. Others who did't straight outright adore it at least have an appreciation for the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a show.
    I too hate it when someone says that "such-and-such a show" should cloud simply because it goes against their personal taste. Yes YOU migh
  • To all those who Bash Ghost...  May 14 2012, 12:47:43 AM
    To Baskestcase: Good for you. The main thing is if YOU enjoyed your time at the theatre watching Ghost, the rest doesn't matter. Your opinion isn't any less valid than the critics, theater snobs, or myself. We all went to the theatre and (I hope) just reported what we saw and how we felt about the show. Really am glad you had a good time there even though I really can't say the same. Different strokes.

  • How will 'Smash' do at the Emmys (noms)?  May 14 2012, 12:43:03 AM
    They award Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series and Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama Series. Established stars do well in that category (re: Gwyneth Paltrow has one), so she very well might pick up a nomination.
  • Do we really need ANOTHER Into the Woods on Broadway...  May 14 2012, 12:35:22 AM
    Exactly, Kad. If people don't keep producing the mass-appeal stuff, what will we be able to complain about here on the great BWW? With all that fodder gone, this board will become a virtual Sahara. We MUST have SOMETHING to complain about. I think it's one of the laws of the hallowed message boards.

    And, as everybody knows, no one, I mean NO ONE, outside of those pesky (elitist?) theatre people cares, likes, or just plain enjoys Sondheim. Not one of his shows. Not one of his songs. Ever
  • To all those who Bash Ghost...  May 14 2012, 12:15:38 AM
    There is no hatred or bashing from this theatergoer. I saw Ghost not too long ago and as I left a friend asked me what I thought, and I realized that I couldn't conjure up much more feeling for the musical I'd just witnessed than "meh." I thought about it for awhile, weighed its pros and cons and realized my initial reaction was right. Not a bad show, but not a very good one either. Just Meh.