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Birthday: 5 - 16
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): 9 To 5: The Musical
9 to 5: The Musical
Side Show
Sister Act

Favorite Performer(s): Megan Hilty

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Hedwig Cast??  Jan 12 2014, 10:41:30 AM
    I also remember reading (on Tumblr perhaps) that Morgan James had a few callbacks. I'll see if I can find the post

    I've also heard about Jinkx Monsoon standing by for Hedwig. Is that a complete rumour or is there any truth to it? Honestly, I'd be surprised at the casting but then again, I wouldn't be disappointed if I had booked for Neil then ended up getting Jinkx. Perhaps a way to keep the audience statisfied should Neil be out?
  • Big Fish Preview Thread  Oct 2 2013, 04:32:24 PM
    Have they changed the Witch's number? I noticed on playbill vault a song listed call "The Witch". Did they just re-name I Know What You Want?
  • KINKY BOOTS to perform on The View tomorrow morning (6/5)  Jun 5 2013, 03:29:06 PM
    I believe Joey fell off the runway and injured his leg. He is back June 25th
  • Billy Porter's video blog  Jun 4 2013, 01:13:04 PM
    Has anyone else been watching these? This weeks episode, in which Widdi Bantour (Kyle Post) takes the camera, is pretty damn funny! On another note, how friggin' beautiful is Charlie Sutton?
  • Are the Matildas the most talented kids on stage this season?  May 26 2013, 04:59:24 AM
    On the topic of 2 performers sharing 1 award, if Side Show was to return to Broadway, would the actors playing Violet and Daisy be recognized as one performance, or would they be nominated separately?
  • Side Show revival at La Jolla  May 15 2013, 04:10:28 PM
    The new artwork for the production taken from the Kennedy Center website. I like it!
  • Big Fish Chicago previews  May 3 2013, 01:25:41 PM
    How is the Witch handled in the show? I heard she's no longer the old woman, but rather a more funky belting character. I've also heard her compared to Michelle Visage..
  • Can You Identify This Poster?  Feb 1 2013, 02:21:55 PM
    Finians Rainbow?
  • DROOD Audience Voting Result Chart  Nov 3 2012, 08:13:03 PM
    Here's hoping I dont sound too stupid but, can someone explain to me what/who a dathcery is?
  • Sister Act tour?  Sep 2 2012, 10:55:38 AM
    E. Clayton Cornelious is Eddie
  • Sara Ramirez Singing  Sep 2 2012, 04:39:41 AM
    "I'd like to see what she could do with Bells Are Ringing, Annie Get Your Gun, Once Upon a Mattress, and Kiss Me Kate"

    She's one of my dream Lilli/Kate's in Kiss Me Kate
  • BROADWAY HOTTIES  Sep 1 2012, 04:40:53 PM
    Monica Kapoor

    Alysha Deslorieux

    Emily Skinner & Kyle Dean Massey
  • Jekyll and Hyde Going into Richard Rodgers  Aug 27 2012, 11:06:50 AM
    Ah okay, thank you!
  • Jekyll and Hyde Going into Richard Rodgers  Aug 27 2012, 11:01:25 AM
    What is the BAT?
  • SISTER ACT's Last Show  Aug 26 2012, 07:52:44 PM
    I imagine it will be based off the UK tour which isn't too different from the Broadway set. There are no gates in the convent and scenes in Mother Superior's office and where Mary Robert sings Life I Never Led all take place in front of backdrops. There's also no revolve and the bar, police station and the bedroom set all come in on tracks rather than through a trap door. Other than that, I don't recall any major differences.
  • Will Ragtime in London be filmed like ITW?  Aug 25 2012, 01:28:02 PM
    I'd love to know how many people who are so against this production have actually been to see it?
  • Sister Act tour?  Aug 24 2012, 11:32:06 AM
    Correction: Blair covers Mary Robert, not Mary Patrick. Tricia Tanguy is a cover for Mary Patrick
  • Sister Act tour?  Aug 24 2012, 06:01:46 AM
    Kelly E. Waters is Mary Patrick
  • Who Have You Gotten Stuff Back From?  Aug 23 2012, 01:41:44 PM
    Does anybody have any experience sending to Emily Skinner? Also does anyone have an address to send fan mail for her to?
  • Preview GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES with Megan Hilty on Amazon  Aug 22 2012, 05:17:15 PM
    Megan sounds terrific! Can't wait for the release