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  • The Last Five Years Movie Screening At Toronto Film Festival  Jul 22 2014, 11:27:40 AM
    It's included in today's line-up announcement
  • The Last Ship - Chicago  Jun 11 2014, 04:49:25 PM
    I grew up in the North East, I come from a family wo grew up around ship building, from what I've heard of the music it's got a slight Northumbrian lilt to it, Northumbrian pipes etc.. I'd be interested to find out how much that carries through to the full show.
    It's more than just doing a British accent, it's doing a Geordie accent and it's quite difficult, they have some Geordie's in the show anyway but it's way more than just doing a nice clipped English accent, tho I suppose you're all
  • Live Blog The Live Sound Of Music  Dec 6 2013, 07:43:47 AM
    It was certainly no where near as bad as I had anticipated and while Audra and Laura Benanti clearly owned it, I found myself liking Stephen Moyer and I warmed to Carrie. It seemed like they all, Underwood mostly, took a little while to settle into it but it got better and I found myself really quite enjoying it. The sets were great and it felt like it moved really quite fluidly.
    You sort of have to admire NBC's ambition in doing this, it wasn't perfect but kudos for them for even considerin
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Aug 8 2013, 12:03:16 PM
    I personally feel predisposed to question most of Rob Marshall's directing decisions after sitting through the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
  • FIRST DATE - Previews  Jul 10 2013, 01:24:00 PM
    I didn't say that, I'm not suggesting everyone should fawn over everything they see, come here, and gush unnecessarily. Not at all. Criticism is fine, when it's constructive or insightful but I get the feeling that sometimes people decide to go after something and hammer every nail they can into that coffin regardless for whatever reason. It doesn't just apply to this show or this board either!

    I haven't seen the show yet, and I will assuming it's still open when I'm in town, maybe it's
  • FIRST DATE - Previews  Jul 10 2013, 01:06:07 PM
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having an opinion and expressing it but it wasn't until reading the last few pages of this thread that I remembered just how "supportive" people in the arts can be of their peers and their community. It truly is a delight.

  • JGJ retuning to Bway  Jul 4 2013, 11:53:48 AM
    As much as I'd love to see John Gallagher Jr (see no initials!)back on stage, he's fantastic in The Newsroom which more than makes up for those appearances in Jonah Hex and Whatever Works!

    The career success rate for previous Spring Awakening cast members actually seems to be quite high, the majority have gone on to do really well (Skylar Astin as well, who seems to be building quite the career). And not just in the US but the UK cast are doing really well too, particularly Iwan Rheon w
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Jul 4 2013, 11:45:42 AM
    ^ That's my take on it too. It wasn't so long ago that the movie musical was an obscurity, now studios are back to pouring money into them and some less commercial ones at that. And I don't know whether there has been a direct link, but if one of these movies, encourages someone to go to the theatre for the first time or more often then it's only a good things. It also seems to have been a long time since screen 'stars' were triple threats (many were but it wasn't used) so it's great to see that
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Jun 16 2013, 05:50:19 PM
    I don't think Kristen Bell would be very available would she? Combination of baby and the Veronica Mars movie should keep her tied up for a while.

    I think Emily Blunts casting is a huge indicator of the direction they're going with the casting the female roles. I'm yet to hear anything that doesn't involve a relatively famous name being thrown about for any role. Like Les Mis, it's just asking to be over-packed with star names.
  • Which Rodgers & Hammerstein Classic do you love the most?  Jun 8 2013, 04:21:30 PM
    South Pacific then Oklahoma. I've found over time I've sort of fallen out of love with The Sound of Music, I blame the film for that, I'm not enamored of it.
  • Movie musicals to be released next year?  Jun 8 2013, 08:00:35 AM
    It seems like the Miss Saigon movie has been hanging about for forever. I had hoped the success of Les Mis would push that into motion.
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Jun 6 2013, 09:55:56 AM
    I have it in my head it will look a bit like Terry Gilliam's Brothers Grimm movie. And Disney are doing these huge live-action films like the Pirates films and The Lone Ranger so the potential for it ending up a little more 'grown-up' and with plenty of scope is certainly there. It's an interesting one for sure.
  • Shaiman's article  May 27 2013, 08:49:48 AM
    It was a 'fun' two hours, they wrapped everything up neatly, got Jack Davenport to sing a few lines of Queen, gave Megan Hilty a genuinely nice speech. The song at the end seemed very knowing.

    Of everything to do with Smash this shouldn't be something I can come up with but I think someone mentioned it a few pages back so, Karen's Tony dress is Reem Acra, the same one Olivia Wilde wore to the Golden Globes a few years ago.

  • Tony Awards Dress Code for Girls  May 26 2013, 03:48:25 AM
    I've just finished styling people in Cannes and it's not the same thing, I know but black tie is black tie. You need either a gown or mid-length cocktail dress. You would be able to get away with a jumpsuit if it were significantly 'dressy' enough. Heels or maybe dress flats (sandals, ballet pumps)are a must though and a small evening bag with only essentials. Likelihood is there will be some sort of security check so make it easy for them. And yeah, the underwear thing.
  • Everybody's Talking About Kinky Boots  May 18 2013, 06:29:31 PM
    I get the feeling Matilda has somewhat believed it's own hype coming over from London and may have gone into awards season a little nonchalant. Meanwhile, Kinky Boots has come out swinging so hard you'd think Eileen Rand was behind it.

    I'd love to see Cyndi Lauper win, I had no idea she'd be the first woman to win for score on her own.
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  May 18 2013, 06:21:53 PM
    If Depp is the wolf they are going to have to be a little bit careful about Little Red's age. I've never thought of her as really young.

    Side note, I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe has been approached about Jack. Maybe?
  • SMASH  May 5 2013, 05:16:58 AM
    That was a really uncomfortable watch. I kept thinking 'oh they're not actually going to..oh they are.' Something felt quite inappropriate about it and especially with two original Rent cast members on the show.

    They'd mentioned Johnathan Larson in an earlier episode and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there some kind of Rent poster in Jesse's office? So it even exists in Smash land. I just found the whole thing a little baffling on all levels.
  • SMASH  May 1 2013, 06:32:14 AM
    On the plus side,rare as they are, they're actually letting Christian Borle sing again.
  • Two Songs From Love's Labour's Lost  May 1 2013, 05:59:52 AM
    I didn't see a thread for this, apologies if there is one, but the Public have released two songs from Love Labour's Lost (you've never have guessed from the title of this thread.)
  • Rant about the 2013 TONY nominations here  Apr 30 2013, 09:56:10 AM
    Like everyone the Alan Cumming/Macbeth shut out is baffling. I'm pleased for Stark Sands, not a chance of winning but Kinky Boots has just been the Billy Porter show (and I know he's good) but it's great they've realised there's two of them up there.

    Bombshell had one of the best scores of the season, can't believe they got shut out