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Member Name: FranklinShepard-Inc.
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Birthday: 11 - 21
Gender: Male
Location: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Law Student (see above)
Profile: Law student (even though that sounds far too profane ...), fan of broadway musicals for a long time already, owning a collection of showtune cd's which is respectably large already (between 300-400 shows)but it is still growing. Also I am a forthcoming songwriter. Composers I like best: Strouse, Sondheim, Coleman, Herman, Kander/Ebb - or as I like to call them "the big five" (though they are six with Fred Ebb) and only 4 of them alive. I do NOT like too much: Rent for its very uninspired, unmelodic music along with sometimes really awkward lyrics. Considering the latest generation of Broadway songwriters I prefer Flaherty/Ahrens for writing melodic, yet clever songs and staying away from overly repetitive and ostinato-based tunes. Lately I have grown to like most of JR Brown's songs as well. I'm not too much into LaChiusa though I own all of his recordings. But as I mentioned I only dislike the music of Rent, still respecting the book of it which makes sense. Anything else is to be asked from me ;-)

Favorite Show(s): No Way to Treat a Lady

Favorite Performer(s): Norbert Leo Butz
Sutton Foster
John Lithgow
Marin Mazzie
Sherie Rene Scott

Currently Listening To: A Doll's Life

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • New Poll: Who Would You Like to See as 'Fanny Brice' in the Revival of FUNN  Jul 19 2011, 05:26:15 PM
    I agree about Lady Gaga, she would be just right for that role.
  • REBECCA to Open on Broadway April 2012; Blakemore, Zambello, Daniele Join T  Jul 13 2011, 05:57:12 AM
    Having seen the original production, this is gharstly news.
  • Rebecca aiming for Spring 2012  Jun 12 2011, 03:10:00 PM
    I hope the show stays where it belongs. On the dustbin of history.

    They are planning West End and Broadway transfers for many many years already. Let them stick to planning that for another twenty years.
  • The Best Is Yet to Come: Cy Coleman Songs  May 23 2011, 04:20:12 PM
    Though in most parts I tend to agree with Mr. Kimmel, it's news to me that The Life won Tony Awards for best musical, best score and best book against Titanic. My memory contains a slightly different Tony Awards ceremony

    What it did win however was a number of Drama Desks, and both featured actor and actress.
  • RIP Arthur Laurents  May 6 2011, 09:50:58 AM
    RIP, Arthur.
  • Will the Scottsboro Boys Return to Broadway?  May 4 2011, 07:16:17 PM
    They could however get it back to a smaller house off broadway possibly.
    Scottsboro Boys might actually win at least for score, especially facing the fact this might be the "good bye tony" for Kander & Ebb. And surely they'd deserve it.

    BoM is fine, but the score is so much less sophisticated than Scottsboro Boys. So I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    With this show winning a number of awards it would really be signal that shows like that still can in a way cope with items like Spider Man.
  • Broadway Song-Dialogue Lyrics GAME  Apr 27 2011, 04:38:38 PM
    "I love 'em all" from Bring Back Birdie

    "Hey look at me, look who's the winner,
    did I do good for a beginner?
    When they said "go", I know right away what should be done
    finished the race and in second place was...."
  • Breaking News: Strouse and Adams to take over Spiderman from BONO  Apr 1 2011, 04:23:39 PM

    I had to.

    And it would certainly be more fun! After all they did Superman in 1965.
  • re: Minsky's?  Sep 26 2008, 04:14:37 PM
    Nope, Strouse and Adams did for instance collaborate on "Marty" in 2004 and as far as I know they're in couple of projects together. It's just that Strouse wanted to do the Minsky's score as something totally new, he even left out the film's title song which is not part of the score. And he's collaborating on that show with Susan Birkenhead since the late 90s.
  • re: Ever write a musical?  Jul 20 2008, 11:03:12 AM

    and while they never turn out the way they were planned (not to mention trunk songs galore), they aren't bad either
  • re: jv92 reads 'Put on a Happy Face' by Charles Strouse  Jun 28 2008, 07:55:02 AM
    Agree about all, I'll buy it soon myself. Strouse is one of my favorite composers of all time.

    But, just one thing: Marty wasn't exactly a flop, it had fabulous box office sales, they just could get the transfer to NYC managed. So eventually they gave up on it.
  • re: Best Orchestrations!!!  Jun 14 2008, 05:31:36 PM
    There's only one who would deserve it and that's Tunick, no doubt. The score would be rather weak without his magical touch. And thanks to Tunick, it's overall nice to repeatedly listen to.

    Passing Strange winning would be a big fat joke. But who knows...
  • re: Young Frankenstein 6/13/08 Review  Jun 14 2008, 05:28:45 PM
    Cross my fingers for Chris.

    And I loved it as well, but Chris Fitzgerald is doing magic by himself. He'd absolutely deserve to win.
  • re: Why all the 'In the Heights' Love?  Jun 14 2008, 05:13:42 PM
    Well, what Emmcee says means it makes a good topic for a show. Yet, I don't really connect to the score of ITH and even less to the one of Passing Strange which has so ridiculously bland lyrics (the ones of ITH are a little better). Similary about the music. So unless the books are really strong...
    Then on the other hand, it's no strong season.
  • re: Why all the 'In the Heights' Love?  Jun 14 2008, 05:01:38 PM
    I just wish it were a little better. Same goes with Passing Strange.
  • Happy Birthday, Cy Coleman!  Jun 14 2008, 04:28:20 PM
    He would have been 79 today! RIP

    Anyone been at the concert performance of "Pamela's First Musical"?
  • re: Upcoming 08/09 Broadway Season  May 31 2008, 02:48:22 PM
    Let's hope and pray for "The Visit" after the very favorable reviews for the Signature Theatre production, that would be something!
  • re: Mel Brooks Shuts Down Film Company; Focuses on Broadway  May 31 2008, 02:42:31 PM
    Though I'm one of those who liked YF on stage, I'd so much prefer him to do an original musical and turn away from Blazing Saddles, possibly even something that is not a comedy. I have a feeling he could not only handle it but do some great stuff because he would have to do something where he doesn't do that stuff he's so used to do so he'd be more careful.
  • re: Best Musical: Who Will Win? Who Will Upset?  Apr 28 2008, 03:21:24 PM
    This is going to be an excting race

    And I agree with all who think YF will get more than most think now. It's just when YF got its mixed reviews everyone by then expected it to be the major hit. But since then most shows have gone the path of mixed (or worse) reviews as well.

    That said, I think the only show one can basically count out is Cry-Baby. But besides that, all have their merits, none having merits that are ver