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Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Les Misérables
Show Boat

Favorite Performer(s): Michael Ball
Jordan Bennett
Kelly Bishop
Jennifer Butt
Rebecca Caine
Michael Crawford
Anthony Crivello
Gina Ferrall
Sutton Foster
Randy Graff
Randall Keith
Dale Kristien
Angela Lansbury
Patti LuPone
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Frances Ruffelle
Lea Salonga
Andrew Varela
Anthony Warlow
Colm Wilkinson

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Vocal Dubbing in the Film Version of INTO THE WOODS  Sep 26 2016, 08:18:12 AM

    This thread is making me nuts. 

    What is it with sound that so many people are utterly clueless about? You can fool most people, placing a midi orchestra in place of the real deal and most would never know or even suspect. You got a well known actress belt a line and "Omg, it actually sounds good! So it must be a Broadway singer!!!"

    I am relieved that more than a handful of you consider the natural tendency we have all experienced of subconsciously mimicking a sing

  • Bette's Dolly Cast Uninspired?  Sep 26 2016, 07:43:26 AM

    They should have cast me as Dolly. I am an eccentric, though not as eccentric as Channing. I am a man and a man in a dress still sends many up in arms so that would x-out the "boring" problem. It would remedy the non-traditionalists wish for diversity, and it would ease the de-coloreds' guilt as I am a Latino man of golden brown.

    At any rate, that reminds me...when are we going to see Lea Salonga back on Broadway? Such talent shouldn't be limited to roles that match h

  • best revival on broadway?  Sep 26 2016, 05:12:35 AM

    Has the Lay Mess revival closed yet?

    Been waiting to crack open this champagne bottle.

  • Future of PHANTOM's 30th Anniversary Production Uncertain Following Theater Fire  Sep 26 2016, 04:35:53 AM

    This was to be the original production with direction by Hal Prince or the recent anniversary revival that has been touring the states recently?

    Either way, I'm sorry to hear such misfortune has occurred so close to opening. If this was to be ta replica of the original production designs, then the floor they are referring to is the stage deck that is a part of the Phantom set. I know the U.S. original touring productions always used their own stage deck as most theatres obviously d

  • Cats Previews  Jul 21 2016, 05:44:39 AM

    A Playbill is one thing but cast signed? That's not a big favor, that's a HUGE favor, lol. What you plan to do with it? Cherish it? Frame it? Sell it on eBay? Hehe.

    Good luck with that.

  • Doing Little Shop on the cheap  Nov 25 2013, 09:10:02 PM
    Talk to Cammack. Maybe there's use for that automated pig from his last show...whatchmacallit?
  • London Revival of Miss Saigon has its Kim  Nov 25 2013, 09:03:59 PM
    That would be for people who aren't pleased with anything.

    I was pleased with Saigon, Phantom, and Les Mis once upon a time. =)
  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Nov 25 2013, 08:57:58 PM
    I saw Terra in the 3rd national tour back in 2006 and it's nice to know she is still with the show. Her's is one of the reasons I remember that performance fondly.

    That...and the sweet elderly gentleman I sat next to who was so excited to see the show and called me "lad" even though I was 28 at the time, lol.
  • London Revival of Miss Saigon has its Kim  Nov 25 2013, 07:59:34 PM
    Right you are, EricMontreal


    Sir Cameron, is that you??? XD

    "Exploitation of success." Couldn't have said it better myself!
  • Interesting blog post about the death of production contract tours...  Nov 25 2013, 07:07:23 PM
    My oh my, that was a whole lotta scatterbrain to wade through. I wanna wade through more!

    It helps to get the bazillion references, which is why I think I wanna wade through more of it, but also it confirms that I'm not an insane twit and that the light on the road has indeed been getting dimmer and dimmer, like the audiences who pay top price to see non-Equity standards in Equity tours of 25th anniversary Les Mises. OK, so maybe they're not so much dim and maybe they're just except
  • CAROUSEL on Live At Lincoln Center Tonight at 9PM!!  May 4 2013, 11:46:05 PM
    It's hard to envision anything as superior to the absolutely perfect Reprise! production I saw in Los Angeles a few years ago. I'm a picky mofo, and was completely mesmerized by that production at the Freud Playhouse.

    It was a semi-concert styled production, with the orchestra partially visible behind the action, spare but imaginative scenery and direction, suggestive lighting, simple costume designs it seemed at first but the way they completed each character was anything but, and a re
  • Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway Previews!)  Apr 14 2013, 03:22:00 PM
    I had a similar opinion to all the Negative Nancys on here, just based on photographs and the badly produced new cast recording.

    "Cheap" being the most common opinion here, it's exactly the impression that made me rant about this months ago without having seen it.

    Sometimes cheap doesn't need to be seen live in order to know it's, well, cheap. Not that I expect every production to be a 15 million dollar version with enough bells and whistles to fill 28 semi-tractor trailers lik
  • Are new cast recordings  Apr 14 2013, 01:55:30 PM
    I've unloaded lots on this topic before and have found I only confuse people with all the jargon, so I will give an example of a cast recording I adore for its engineering and overall sound, then a brief (OK, OK, not so brief) explanation will follow.

    Showboat - 1993 Canadian Revival

    Yes, the sound is up close and personal but the singers have room to breathe and it doesn't sound dry (no reverb at all) or too wet (copious amounts of echoey reverb). It also doesn't attemp
  • Would I ruffle feathers if I posted comment about Jeremy Jordan and Smash?  Apr 14 2013, 01:23:19 PM
    I haven't watched Smash since the pilot episode.

    But I will butt in here anyway and say it's entertaining to me to see people tip-toe their way into discussion on a discussion board, worried about ruffling feathers.

    Just post away as if nobody is reading your posts. That's what I do!!
  • How important is BroadwayWorld to Broadway?  Apr 14 2013, 01:01:45 PM
    Meh. My philosophy has always been to say what the eff I want on here (and other message boards) if it makes me feel better or brings me joy regardless of what anyone says. I immensely enjoy talking theatre and how theatre art works. Certain shows I babble on and on about because I have a lot to say on them. One thing I don't do is try to entertain or engage in attention whoring, despite past accusations that that's all I am about. I'm no one's court jester, thankyouverymuch. Unfortunately, I re
  • What's So Great About Eponine?  Jan 23 2013, 06:15:42 PM
    B*tch gets to sing to this as a friggin backdrop:

    I can only imagine what that feels like live in the theatre and onstage.

    Well, not anymore. Not with new Tom n' Jerry Saturday morning cartoon orchestration. *middle finger*
  • Non Equity Tours 2013-2014  Jan 22 2013, 03:25:09 AM
    JohnyBroadway, I tried locating that clip for you to see, but wasn't successful.

    There are several very high quality promo clips, which I'm sure most of you have seen, of the recent non-equity tour. And unless you're unfamiliar with the Broadway revival cast recording, you will think I'm nuts because the orchestra sounds every bit as good on those clips as it does on the revival recording.

    But see, non-equity tours have non-equity tour advertising techniques, and those promo cl
  • Les Mis set to be highest grossing movie musical of all time.  Jan 22 2013, 03:09:58 AM
    Now if only the success of the film would knock some sense into ol' Cammack's noggin and he'll restore the brilliant original production around the world and chuck the non-equity style 25th ann. uncelebration lackluster production currently shouting its way across the country, complete with projected movie slide shows and blue super-speaker.

    Fat chance. It kills me to think that now during the musical's most widespread appeal, the number of those being deprived of seeing what the lucky
  • Les Miserables variant lyrics  Jan 22 2013, 02:45:34 AM
    I prefer "in love," too, but I can't recall it ever being "with love." But that's my experience. I don't doubt you've heard different actors do variations of that bit.

    That reminds me, and it's sort of off-topic so sorry, but it kills me every time someone says that Eponine's appearance at the end of the stage version makes no sense and they always use Valjean's non-relationship with Eponine as rationale. Some of the more loopy conspiracy theorists claim it's an evil detail strategicall
  • Les Cringerables  Jan 22 2013, 12:52:34 AM
    Yet ANOTHER Les Mis flash mob? I didn't even bother.