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  • HOLIDAY INN Being Released On Blu-Ray  Aug 22 2017, 02:59:12 PM

    Neal, the back cover lists the Broadway show being in 1080 so it will be blu ray.

  • HOLIDAY INN Being Released On Blu-Ray  Aug 22 2017, 02:49:25 PM

    This is wonderful news! Also a great excuse to update to the blu ray version of the film.

  • What's the problem with Little Mermaid??  Aug 20 2017, 10:42:05 AM

    Disney already made a Finding Nemo musical at the Animal Kingdom park utilizing puppets with songs by Robert and Kristen-Anderson Lopez.

  • Did Charlie ATCF get any better??  Aug 20 2017, 02:15:18 AM

    Pretty sure the squirrels still tear off Veruca's limbs. That hasn't been cut.

  • What's the problem with Little Mermaid??  Aug 20 2017, 01:22:35 AM

    I haven't seen a design concept that truly works for the mermaids. I will say I liked the heelys better than the current tour stringing Ariel up on a wire in a long flowing skirt. It doesn't look like a tail and it doesn't afford her the fluidity of movement comparable to the way the mermaids swim about in the film. Also I liked "I Want the Good Times Back" much more than "Daddy's Little Angel." The revisions and reordering of scenes and song

  • FROZEN to Officially Hit Broadway  Aug 19 2017, 12:56:28 PM

    There was a video posted of the quick change, not the full show. That's what got removed. Funny that the pictures remain.

  • FROZEN to Officially Hit Broadway  Aug 19 2017, 10:56:35 AM

    They'll use the exact same Olaf puppet from DCA but not the staircase? Okay.

  • Love Never Dies US Tour casting  Aug 16 2017, 11:46:43 AM

    I'm honestly curious if this will even still be open when it's supposed to hit my city. I don't plan on seeing it, but I did plan on seeing Whistle Down the Wind and was disappointed when that tour closed early.

  • Falsettos on BroadwayHD  Aug 14 2017, 04:25:41 PM

    Any word on when Holiday Inn will be back on BroadwayHD?

  • Hal Prince's EVITA Aims for Broadway?  Aug 12 2017, 02:49:58 AM

    This might be a dumb question, but is Hal Prince actually going to direct this? Is he going to be in the room or will it be restaged by an associate? 

  • JERSEY BOYS Will Return to NY for Off-Bway Run  Aug 10 2017, 01:40:31 PM

    This is mostly for the tourists who won't even understand that they're not seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway. And they'll still advertise it as the Tony winning production even though it's Off-Broadway just like Avenue Q does.

  • Crazy For You(Pre-Bway Run) is final CTG/Ahmanson Show  Aug 9 2017, 03:27:06 PM

    It is odd that they're calling it Pre-Broadway and it's closing out of town March 18th. They must be planning to bring it in the following season either fall 2018 or spring 2019. I have to assume there would be no time to preview and open on Broadway that late before the Tony cut off.

  • The Fix is finally coming to NYC....  Aug 1 2017, 11:17:07 AM

    Could there be a more appropriate time?

  • Thoughts on Joy Behar as Dolly?  Jul 26 2017, 05:07:42 PM

    She's a comedian and television host. Has she ever acted or sung before ever?

  • Unsinkable Molly Brown with Beth Malone  Jul 23 2017, 10:30:27 PM

    That's a great idea. Roundabout would be a good fit for something like this.

  • Terrence Mann as Inspector Javert  Jul 16 2017, 04:50:34 AM

    Has he ever commented on this video in an interview?

  • John Davidson joins NEVERLAND tour  Jul 9 2017, 01:16:40 PM

    He's incapable of delivering a convincing performance as a hog farmer simply because he thinks he doesn't look like one? 

  • PLAYBILL Covers of the 2017-2018 Season  Jul 5 2017, 12:08:27 AM


  • PLAYBILL Covers of the 2017-2018 Season  Jul 4 2017, 11:31:15 PM

    VintageSnarker said: "That new Waitress cover is gosh darned adorable. Her hands are a little weird but I don't think there's a graceful way to hold the pie tin like that. But does that mean they've switched back to black and white?"

    It is a little odd. If the pie is supposed to be hot from the oven as the added steam implies, why is she holding it from the bottom at all? Does anyone pull out pies from the oven with their bare hands?

  • Sherry! Studio Cast?  Jun 26 2017, 06:51:12 PM

    Mmm... the cast is great!